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Source: mikey k/flickr

Source: mikey k/flickr

Chaos ensued when a 9-year-old girl was struck by a car Thursday on Avenue U near McDonald Avenue.

The girl – identified the New York Daily News as Katrina Wang - was walking with her grandmother at around 5:34pm, when she ran into the street, getting stuck by an eastbound 2010 Chevy Malibu, cops said. Wang crossed against the traffic light and was not in the crosswalk, according to police.

Witnesses told us they heard a loud noise, and turned to see the girl fly 20 feet into the air.

“It was hectic with the grandmother yelling and not speaking English. We had to get workers from nearby Chinese restaurant to come and translate,” said tipster Yury.

The traumatized driver remained on the scene and was not charged. The Daily News reports:

The girl’s tiny blue glove remained on the windshield of the car as police investigated the crash. Witnesses said the driver initially ran down the street, but returned in tears minutes later.

“He left the scene, he came back later and he was crying. I asked him if he wanted me to pray for him, he said ‘yes’. He was pale as a ghost,” said witness Stephanie Rios.

Wang was rushed to Lutheran Hospital, accompanied by her mother, where she is listed in critical but stable condition.

The roads were closed off from McDonald Ave to West Street on Avenue U Thursday evening and the B3 bus was re-routed.

Nostrand Ave and Ave W. (Source: Google Maps)

Nostrand Ave and Ave W. (Source: Google Maps)

I get it. New York City is a massive place with millions of people and drivers, so accidents are bound to happen. Still, it is upsetting to continually read about weekend car accidents that keep sending people to the hospital, sometimes killing them, especially when three accidents occur within a span of 90 minutes, sending four to hospitals across the city.

The New York Daily News reported on an accident that took place here in Sheepshead Bay this past Saturday night:

In the first incident, in Sheepshead Bay, a 43-year-old man was hit while crossing the intersection of Nostrand Ave. and Ave. W shortly after 10 p.m., authorities said. The man was unconscious when he was rushed by ambulance to Coney Island Hospital.

I write about these crashes all the time so perhaps my view on accidents, reckless driving and drunk driving is a bit jaded. I know that many accidents are just that and no one is really at fault. Still, is it possible for all motorists to take three seconds before they turn the keys of their automobiles and realize they are about to go hurtling through our city streets in 4,000-pound machines? Is it possible to just spend a moment contemplating your responsibility as a motorist to drive safely before you ruin your life and the lives of others when taking to the road?

I understand that there are a lot of pedestrians who jaywalk, especially on that stretch of Nostrand Avenue, and bicyclists who dart dangerously in front of traffic. But, still, those people aren’t behind the wheels of machines that could break every bone in your body and liquefy your internal organs. Maybe if we all took some time to realize the reality of operating a fast moving vehicle before we jet off to our jobs, next party, or mundane task, there might just be a few less accidents and a few more lives saved.

(UPDATE 1:20 p.m.):  The Daily News is reporting that the 43-year-old victim’s name was Jose Santiago and that he has died of his injuries at Coney Island Hospital. According to a poster on our Facebook page, the person who hit Santiago was allegedly talking on their phone at the time of the incident. Our condolences go out to the friends and family of Santiago.

Photo by Steven Volynets

Photo by Steven Volynets

A car crash in Midwood turned fatal when Zahurul Alam lost control of his Lexus and slammed into a tree early Sunday morning. The New York Daily News is reporting that Alam lost his life and injured his two friends who were along for the ride.

The accident happened at 2:45 a.m. Sunday, as Alam headed north on Ocean Parkway near Avenue J. Alam, who was 20 years old, died instantly, with witnesses saying that his body was barely visible in the wreckage.

“It was bad … You couldn’t even see the driver, he was killed right away … I don’t know if he was wearing a seatbelt,” witness Benny Uzilov told the Daily News.

Uzilov went on to describe the visible condition of the other passengers.

“The passenger in the back didn’t have a scratch. The guy in the front passenger seat was moving his legs a little but his head was back. (Responders) were talking to the guy in the back, but he was just looking around,” Uzilov said.

The friends of Alam were transferred to Lutheran Hospital in critical condition but have now been upgraded to stable.

Alam was believed to be speeding, according to reports.

Source: ABC 7

Approximately 100 people gathered Saturday night for a candlelight vigil to remember the three victims killed in a devastating car crash in Gravesend over the weekend, according to a report by ABC 7.

The accident, which also injured three others, occurred early Saturday morning when a black Acura smashed into a red Toyota Camry at the intersection of East 5th Street and Avenue U.

The ABC report identified the victims and the circumstances that led to the deadly collision:

Both people in the Toyota were killed: 24-year-old Leonora Lavaud and 26-year-old Andre Capers-Jones.

The driver of the Acura also died in the crash.

He has been identified as 21-year-old Jonathan Ishan-Sade.

Three passengers in his car were injured.

Police say Ishan-Sade was travelling east on Avenue U at a high rate of speed, went through a steady red light and smashed into the Toyota.

Lavaud, a Brooklyn College student and waitress, was described as being very active in her sorority.

Capers-Jones, a health administration major at New York Tech, had dreams of becoming of a special needs teacher.

The Linkedin account of Ishan-Sade, a graduate of Baruch College, lists him as having been a marketing and advertising executive manager, with a link to a personal Amway page. He was reported to be living here in Sheepshead Bay at 2626 Homecrest Avenue, according to CBS NY.

The crash has devastated the families of the young victims.

“He didn’t deserve that,” said Maurice Capers, Andre’s cousin, to ABC 7. “He was doing everything, everything.”

CBS New York provided details on the three injured passengers:

One of them was ejected and slid underneath the parked car behind the Acura.

That person was taken to Lutheran Medical Center in critical condition. People who saw him come into the hospital described him as unresponsive.

The other two were trapped inside and were pried out. They were also taken to Lutheran Medical Center, where their conditions were reported as stable.

Updates on the conditions of the injured passengers were not available Sunday.

A NY1 news report gives an update on the conditions of the victims:

“One of the girls, Rachel, she was getting surgery on her right leg. She had open fractures and closed fractures. And the other friend, Dimitry, he’s on life support. He has a breathing tube down his throat,” said Nick Castello, a friend of the injured victims. “When I went in there to check up on them, one of the nurses said Dimitry woke up and was trying to take the breathing tube out, so they sedated him.”

Authorities also said that a firefighter who responded to the scene suffered minor injuries as well.

Tipster Leonid V. sent in this photo of an accident that occurred at Corbin Place and Oriental Boulevard. He took the photo early this morning.

“It must have been overnight,” he says.

No word on the driver of the vehicle or the cause of the crash.