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Source: mikey k via flickr

Source: mikey k via flickr

A van struck a 12-year-old boy in Midwood Tuesday night, sending him to the hospital in critical condition. The Brooklyn Paper is reporting that the accident happened near Bedford Avenue and Avenue M in Midwood.

The Brooklyn Paper described the scene of the accident on Tuesday:

Police were called to the scene near Avenue M at 7:20 pm, where they found the young victim clinging to life.

The driver stayed at the scene and even spoke to witnesses, who described him as visibly shaken from the accident.

“He told me he was the driver,” said Sherman Kahn, who lives a block away on E. 26th Street. “He was shook up.”

Kahn also described long skid marks leading up to the accident, which he estimated were between 40 and 50 feet long.

The driver received two summonses following the accident — for speeding and driving with an expired license.

The report also noted that the Collision Investigation Squad was called to the scene to lead the investigation. The special unit usually investigates accidents where the victim is killed or close to death, reflecting the grave situation facing the child.

Interesection of McDonald Avenue and Avenue T (Source: Google Maps)

Intersection of McDonald Avenue and Avenue T (Source: Google Maps)

NYPD officers Eddie Wong and Annette Lancaster risked their lives to save two people caught in a burning car on July 4. According to a NY1 report, Wong and Lancaster were nearby when a car crashed into the elevated train platform’s stanchion, bursting into flames at the intersection of McDonald Avenue and Avenue T.

The officers first smashed the windows of the burning car to provide ventilation as the smoke and flames grew in intensity. With the help of onlookers, the officers managed to pry open the driver’s side door, which was damaged in the accident. They pulled out the male 27-year-old driver but had trouble helping the 55-year-old female passenger in the front seat. Wong fought the flames with a fire extinguisher provided by a local resident while the woman was taken out through the broken window.

The New York Post reported that both Wong and Lancaster were injured in the ordeal, suffering from smoke inhalation and other minor injuries. The officers were treated for their injuries at Maimonides Hospital while the occupants of the car were treated for minor injuries at Lutheran Hospital.

Photo by Steven Volynets

Photo by Steven Volynets

A car crash in Midwood turned fatal when Zahurul Alam lost control of his Lexus and slammed into a tree early Sunday morning. The New York Daily News is reporting that Alam lost his life and injured his two friends who were along for the ride.

The accident happened at 2:45 a.m. Sunday, as Alam headed north on Ocean Parkway near Avenue J. Alam, who was 20 years old, died instantly, with witnesses saying that his body was barely visible in the wreckage.

“It was bad … You couldn’t even see the driver, he was killed right away … I don’t know if he was wearing a seatbelt,” witness Benny Uzilov told the Daily News.

Uzilov went on to describe the visible condition of the other passengers.

“The passenger in the back didn’t have a scratch. The guy in the front passenger seat was moving his legs a little but his head was back. (Responders) were talking to the guy in the back, but he was just looking around,” Uzilov said.

The friends of Alam were transferred to Lutheran Hospital in critical condition but have now been upgraded to stable.

Alam was believed to be speeding, according to reports.

Source: freefotouk/Flickr

Tragedy struck the Midwood community when a 15-year-old girl was struck by a car and killed at East 7th Street and Avenue O yesterday afternoon, according to an article in the New York Daily News.

Sara Kischik was clipped by a 2006 Ford van after she stepped in the road from between two parked cars at E. Seventh St. and Ave. O in Midwood about 2:50 p.m., police sources said.

Emergency workers with Hatzalah, a Jewish ambulance service, took the injured girl to Maimonides Medical Center.

The teen, who was a student at Bais Yaakov on 13th Ave., died at the hospital.

“My heart goes out to family of 15 year old Bais Yaakov girl who died today while crossing street at Avenue O & East 7,” Councilman David Greenfield (D-Brooklyn) posted on his Twitter account.

Police were still investigating, but said the driver of the van remained at the scene and was not expected to be charged.

Source: ABC 7

Approximately 100 people gathered Saturday night for a candlelight vigil to remember the three victims killed in a devastating car crash in Gravesend over the weekend, according to a report by ABC 7.

The accident, which also injured three others, occurred early Saturday morning when a black Acura smashed into a red Toyota Camry at the intersection of East 5th Street and Avenue U.

The ABC report identified the victims and the circumstances that led to the deadly collision:

Both people in the Toyota were killed: 24-year-old Leonora Lavaud and 26-year-old Andre Capers-Jones.

The driver of the Acura also died in the crash.

He has been identified as 21-year-old Jonathan Ishan-Sade.

Three passengers in his car were injured.

Police say Ishan-Sade was travelling east on Avenue U at a high rate of speed, went through a steady red light and smashed into the Toyota.

Lavaud, a Brooklyn College student and waitress, was described as being very active in her sorority.

Capers-Jones, a health administration major at New York Tech, had dreams of becoming of a special needs teacher.

The Linkedin account of Ishan-Sade, a graduate of Baruch College, lists him as having been a marketing and advertising executive manager, with a link to a personal Amway page. He was reported to be living here in Sheepshead Bay at 2626 Homecrest Avenue, according to CBS NY.

The crash has devastated the families of the young victims.

“He didn’t deserve that,” said Maurice Capers, Andre’s cousin, to ABC 7. “He was doing everything, everything.”

CBS New York provided details on the three injured passengers:

One of them was ejected and slid underneath the parked car behind the Acura.

That person was taken to Lutheran Medical Center in critical condition. People who saw him come into the hospital described him as unresponsive.

The other two were trapped inside and were pried out. They were also taken to Lutheran Medical Center, where their conditions were reported as stable.

Updates on the conditions of the injured passengers were not available Sunday.

A NY1 news report gives an update on the conditions of the victims:

“One of the girls, Rachel, she was getting surgery on her right leg. She had open fractures and closed fractures. And the other friend, Dimitry, he’s on life support. He has a breathing tube down his throat,” said Nick Castello, a friend of the injured victims. “When I went in there to check up on them, one of the nurses said Dimitry woke up and was trying to take the breathing tube out, so they sedated him.”

Authorities also said that a firefighter who responded to the scene suffered minor injuries as well.

A reader just called in to tell us about an accident on Kings Highway and Coney Island Avenue, in which a man was struck by a truck and pinned underneath it.

Gothamist’s news map confirms that there is an incident there, stating:

Island Ave & Kings Hwy
Brooklyn, NY
5/21/2012 3:51 p.m.

That is all the information we have at this time. We’re heading to the scene now.

UPDATE (4:43 p.m.): The victim has been transported to Lutheran Hospital. The person’s condition is unknown, but an employee of the Chase on the corner said that after being struck, the victim stayed on the ground, immobile. The employee didn’t see the accident, only the aftermath, which she said included the presence of numerous emergency response vehicles. Traffic control officers were also posted on the scene.

By the time we showed up, there was little sign of an accident other than the truck (above) pulled to the side, an NYPD patrol car, and several sets of rubber gloves on the floor, presumably used by EMS workers before we arrived.

Correction (5:22 p.m.): The headline and first update, time-stamped 4:43 p.m., indicated that the victim is male. This was accidental. The gender of the victim is not known to Sheepshead Bites, though a reader on Facebook said the victim was female. This is unconfirmed, and we apologize for any confusion.

This is a breaking news story and may contain inaccuracies. We will update it as more information becomes available. If anyone has more information or additional photos, please send them to tips (at) sheepsheadbites (dot) com.

Avenue S and East 15th Street (Source: Google Maps)

UPDATE (1:29 p.m.): Flatbush Scoop is reporting that the victim was an elderly woman, and has passed away from her injuries.

Original post:

A pedestrian was struck by a vehicle on Avenue S and East 15th Street, leaving the victim in critical condition, according to police scanner reports that came over just minutes ago.

The pedestrian is still on scene, suffering from traumatic arrest. Traumatic arrest is a condition in which the heart has ceased to beat due to trauma to the chest area that involves the heart.

Emergency responders including NYPD Highway units are en route to the scene.

This is a breaking news story and may contain inaccuracies. We will update it as more information becomes available. If anyone has more information or additional photos, please send them to tips (at) sheepsheadbites (dot) com.

Correction (12:51 a.m.): Due to a lack of coffee, my brain somehow originally identified this as Midwood for whatever reason. The above post has been amended.

So this one’s not in our neighborhood, but no one has picked up on this video yet and it needs to be highlighted.

In a public display of true incompetence, a Department of Sanitation plow working in Brooklyn Heights ripped open the back of a Ford Explorer earlier today. The plow got stuck on a narrow street and another truck came by to pull him out. Obviously neither of the two geniuses operating the vehicles did very well in geometry, as they fail to see that the angle they’re pulling at is going to slam the plow into the back of a parked Ford Explorer nearby.

Luckily for us, a resident living above this mess foresaw it all happening and did what all good citizens do: pull out a video camera and let the action unfold, all while dishing out swear words and wearing nothing but underwear.

So, here’s your warning: there’s a lot of hilarious commentary cursing in this video. And you got a flash of this guy’s boxers.

Lest anyone worry about the owner of the Ford, it turns out that the owner is… well… you and me. According to the description on the YouTube video, it was a city-owned Department of Buildings vehicle. So taxpayers just funded the destruction of a vehicle paid for by taxpayers that will need to be replaced by taxpayers. And, of course, I bet the drivers got paid overtime.