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We always tried being optimistic about Cappuccino on the Bay. We hyped its reopening. We reviewed its new digs. We stopped by as often as we could stand to drink espresso. But in the end, Cappuccino on the Bay’s five-month existence at Avenue Z and East 17th Street passed like a numbing epilogue at the tail of a story many decades in the telling.

Cappuccino on the Bay shut down abruptly over the weekend. On Monday, the windows were covered in paper and a new tenant was already doing minor work inside. We can’t say whether or not the owner is looking for a third storefront in a little over a year – maybe some place with better foot traffic – but it’s unlikely. Our visits over the past few months saw the owner increasingly forlorn (or so it seemed), and our guess is he finally threw in the towel. A financial investment firm is moving into the location.

Cappuccino on the Bay moved to Avenue Z in July, after being forced out of it’s Emmons Avenue location when the property was sold a few months before. It sat on Emmons for generations, serving many bay residents their first espresso drinks. Fare thee well, Cap on the Bay. You’ll be missed.

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Pharmacy in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

Just a few years ago, the intersection at Avenue Z and East 17th Street was occupied by a gas station, a rather run-down garage, a parking lot, and a car wash/tobacconist. Just a block off of one of the area’s main stretches, it was a pretty dismal intersection. But now three low-rises have popped up, all with retail on the lower levels, and a much more interesting corner of Sheepshead Bay is taking shape.

Sure, the municpal parking lot is still there. And so are Platinum Car Wash and Brooklyn Cigars. But the last retail business tenant in the new constructions has announced itself: T&N Pharmacy is opening on the northwest corner. T&N joins Cappuccino on the Bay and Sylvan Learning Center in the low-rise. We revealed last month that the three floors of retail in the building on the opposite corner will be occupied by a group of local physicians. There are still a few openings in the low-rise down the block, on East 17th Street between Avenue Z and Jerome Avenue, but we’re confident they’ll fill up soon.

Whatever you think of development in Sheepshead Bay, and especially the appearance of these three low-rises, it’s still good to know that businesses are moving into the area and improving a previously blighted-appearing intersection.

cappuccino on the bay dessert case 1

The new Cappuccino on the Bay cafe at the corner of Avenue Z and East 17 Street was clean and dimly lit enough for a private after-dinner snack and pick-me-up.

cappuccino on the bay apple pie 1
cappuccino on the bay coffee dessert 1

The barista-in-chief stood at attention behind the counter, ready to take our order when we walked in. But he made his way to relax at one of the cozy tables as we gleefully perused the elegant dessert display packed with cheesecakes, tarts, and pies.

Both the cappuccino and the coffee were fresh and tasty, a rare find for a quiet, late-night cafe, where final brews can sit for hours. The cappuccino was lukewarm, but with the frothy milk cap, I warmed up to it. Our drinks were accompanied by a slice of blueberry crumb cake, which was just crumbly enough on top, with a moist, blueberry-interspersed cake on the bottom.

As a quiet spot where you can go for an after dinner chat, Cappuccino On The Bay satisfies. It’s even worth a stopover once you’re finished watching a movie at the UA Sheepshead Bay theater. You and your dessert partner will be glad you chose this place over the few other sweet choices available.

Cappuccino On The Bay is open 7 days a week from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. On the weekends, it usually stays open until about 12 a.m.

Looks like Cappuccino on the Bay has found a new home. While it’s not on the bay, anymore, it’s still in the bay. So, no need to change the name for one little preposition.

Keep on the lookout for the official opening of the street-level storefront at the new location in the Bay Manor Condominium building at the corner of E. 17 and Ave Z.

Cappuccino Not on the Bay

(Photo by Ray Johnson)

In May of this year, Ned Berke, wrote about Cappuccino on the Bay at 3031 Emmons Avenue and various lots near it being bought up for development. It is true that Cappuccino on the Bay is no longer operating on the bay, but there are still no “for sale” or “for lease” signs posted. I don’t remember seeing any on the building since late August, when I stopped by to get an after-dinner cappuccino and found the store closed. I tried calling the number a few times, only to hear the phone ringing. Is it possible that the owners are holding onto the number with hopes of re-opening at the same site or somewhere else?

While there are no signs stating whether the building is under contract for sale, sold, or being developed, there is a sign placed over the awning which obscures part of the cafe’s name. I thought that was a bit interesting, since it looks like that would have taken some amount of effort to secure it there.

Does anyone have any thoughts about why the sign might be obscured and, more importantly, what is going to happen to the space?

Ok, maybe not the most profound headline, but I think it captures the situation pretty well. Following my post on Best Western buying up adjacent properties on Emmons Ave., a commenter claiming to exclusively represent the seller on the sale of the four lots 3027-3033 Emmons Avenue which include the Cappuccino on the Bay building, wrote in saying that, while the properties had been sold, Best Western was not the owner. Well, Gene Berardelli of the Sheepshead Bay/Plumb Beach Civic Association has done some digging into the matter and, well, to quote from his findings: “The answer is yes… and no.”

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Best Western Buys the Block

A fuse is lit for a potentially explosive showdown between Sheepshead Bay/Plumb Beach Civic Association (SBPB) and the owners of the Best Western on Emmons Ave. and Nostrand. News broke on SBPB’s forum that Cappuccino on the Bay is being bought out by the hotel’s owners, as part of an unfolding initiative to purchase the entire strip along Emmons Ave. for further development.

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