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THE BITE: Cannoli filled to order are a rare thing in Sheepshead Bay. As the demographics in the neighborhood have changed over the last decade, the number of shops offering cannoli declined. But fear not, V & S Italian Kitchen and Pizzeria (1723 Emmons Avenue) still makes old-school cannoli for only $3.00 per piece.

Leave the gun. Take the cannoli. Feed it to Robert.

Finally fed up with Cuccio’s Bakery, I found myself saying the opposite of what the Godfather character Pete Clemenza told his partner in crime: “Leave the gun, take the cannoli.” Well, not the gun part, but definitely the cannoli.

Cuccio’s Bakery is practically a landmark, having been established as a family-owned Italian bakery in 1936. The place does have an old-style charm with the simple interior and framed black and white picture of the store’s owner in his delivery truck from the days of old. But, with miser-filled, small cannoli at 95 cents each, that’s where the old style charm ends.

It looks like, though, I won’t be giving Cuccio’s any more opportunities to prove itself. Every time I buy their cannoli, each and every one of them has turned out to be barely filled. The little bit of filling you see in the picture above is a just a ruse.

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