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A Marine Park man has been charged with brutally beating his 94-year-old mother, leaving her with serious injuries, Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson announced yesterday.

Mark Farrell, 65, allegedly left his mother with fractures and lacerations to her face and skull, and two broken ribs and fingers after beating her with a cane, authorities say.

“This brutal assault on a frail and defenseless 94-year woman will not go unpunished. We will hold the defendant accountable for such deplorable acts of violence,” said Thompson.

According to the indictment, police found Dorothy Farrell on Monday morning lying on the floor of her Burnett Street home, near Avenue R, bleeding from her wounds. Beside her was a bloody cane and pillow.

Farrell allegedly told cops he hit his mother with the cane, and covered her face with a pillow to silence her screams. His mother is hospitalized at Kings County Hospital in critical condition.

Farrell is charged with attempted murder in the second degree, three counts of assault, criminal obstruction of breathing and criminal possession of a weapon.

Burnett Street (Source: Google Maps)

A Marine Park apartment building that was emptied after the landlord failed to make timely mortgage payments was given permission to offer monthly leases to Hurricane Sandy victims.

The New York Post reports:

The 144-unit complex at 1865 Burnett St. lost half its tenants during a four-year foreclosure suit, but a judge’s recent order allowed more than 50 families to find a safe haven this month.

“It gives me back some sort of a life,” said Joy Walsh, 76, who moved into a one-bedroom apartment with her bulldog, Belle, after fleeing her burning Belle Harbor home in a kayak. “I’ve never been homeless before, and it’s a terrible thing to say.”

Walsh obtained FEMA assistance and signed a month-to-month lease because she vows to move back to Belle Harbor once the neighborhood is rebuilt.

The building sat empty after a federal court turned it over to GE Commercial Mortgage Co. in 2009 when landlord Victor Dedvukaj missed several monthly payments. But over the summer the property was turned back over to Dedvukaj after the court found the mortgage company had no standing to foreclose, and on November 7 the judge gave permission to the landlord to rent it out.

Marine Park resident Michael Sabo, 38, was sentenced to 20 years-to-life, after admitting to sexually abusing two children over the course of several years.

The plea deal came just as Sabo was to go to trial, and it spared the two kids the painful ordeal of having to relive the experience through testimony on the stand.

Here’s the Daily News’ take:

He could have faced an “almost incalculable” sentence of up to hundreds of years if convicted by a jury for nine sex abuse and 120 child pornography charges, Justice Vincent Del Giudice told him.

The father of four, who used to work as a registered nurse, then finally copped.

He pleaded guilty to molesting a 5-year-old boy for five years starting in 2001 and to repeatedly forcing a little girl to engage in sex acts when she was between the ages 6 and 9.

“I had her perform oral sex on me,” Sabo, speaking almost inaudibly and leaning on the defense table, told the judge.

“One can argue that he is a victim himself,” said defense lawyer Jeffrey Schwartz, arguing that Sabo was likely a victim of sex abuse as a child.

The sordid case came to light a number of years ago, when someone saw a picture of the boy victim – clothed but tied up – on a Russian porn site and shared it with a rabbi. It took the rabbi two years to locate the child’s family and they eventually identified the second victim, a source said.

In the photo, Sabo’s hand is visible as well as the background of his Marine Park home. A search warrant unearthed some 120 child pornography images, about half of them videos.

Sabo lived on Burnett Street, one block from two different yeshivas. When the story first broke and Sabo was released on bail, local Jewish publications expressed the community’s outrage. They also noted that Sabo had attended a Jewish school made infamous by the deeds of a pedophile teacher. They wrote:

Sabo attended Yeshiva Torah Temimah in Brooklyn. The school was made infamous when its owner, Lipa Margulies, deflected investigations of a longtime teacher, Yehuda Kolko, who last yearpleaded guilty to multiple counts of child endangerment and who is suspected of widespread sexual abuse. Sabo said he could not recall if he had been a victim of sexual abuse by Kolko.

“My therapist says it’s repressed, right now, but I don’t remember,” said Sabo.

A brush fire broke out around 1 p.m. at the southwest corner of Gerittsen Creek just off Burnett Street and Whitney Avenue. Several units of FDNY equipment and firefighters were still battling the widespread blaze at 2:30 p.m.

UPDATE (4:01 p.m.): FDNY is saying the fire is now under control.