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A new burger joint named My House is now serving up hot ground beef patties at 1650 Sheepshead Bay Road.

Signage for the store went up last week, and they opened the doors to the public this week. The owner, a partner in Yooberry Frozen Yogurt at 1501 Sheepshead Bay Road, said they’re still fixing up the storefront but were eager to get food in the hands of a hungry clientele.

“It’s almost done. We have to do a few more touch-ups, but because of the weather everyone has rescheduled. But right now it’s open to the public,” the owner said.

The storefront was most recently occupied by Ichiko Sushi, which opened in 2010 and never reopened after Superstorm Sandy. It’s also the first time in nearly two decades that the location will not be a sushi joint, having been home to the strip’s first sushi restaurant, Sakura, for many years.

Photo by Robert Fernandez

Oh. My. Goodness. Isn’t this America? We thought this was America. We believe it is, and, yet, in less than six months two fast food chains – McDonald’s and Burger King – have shuttered in Sheepshead Bay. It must be a tough economy…

We noticed it yesterday, but we’re told the 2481 Knapp Street location closed on Saturday. According to a worker who was there yesterday taking out kitchen equipment, the landlord refused to renew the lease.

The employee does not know what is planned for the property, which is now entirely stripped of all Burger King signage, except for the large sign on the pole in the parking lot.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this.

Top Brgr, the new burger joint we told you back in March was coming to 2267 Emmons Avenue, officially began welcoming customers and serving up delicious dead cows this past Friday.

With dozens of tables arranged outdoors, balloons lining the block, and an interior that was packed with prospective clientele and hustling employees, it looked like owners Steve Rakhmanov and Ron Raykin were having a successful first day – though they barely had time to talk to us.

Rakhmanov and Raykin are both Sheepshead Bay raised, and Raykin also co-owns OPM Lounge at 32o2 Emmons Avenue.

We had only one question for the duo: what do you think of these local-yokels who say the area needs a Five Guys Burgers And Fries? The answer? We’re classier than that.

“[Top Brgr is] better quality food. You could say we’re an upscale Five Guys,” Raykin said. “The class of people in this area is more in a Top Brgr range than a Five Guys range.”

I’m not one to judge classiness, but I will say this: Top Brgr offers caviar as a burger topping. Five Guys, you’re starting to look like the Old Navy of the burger industry.

maxs burger and steaks ave x sheepshead bay gravesend

Photo by Paul Kundel

Witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational burger station!”

That’s right, beef lovers — Max’s Burgers & Steaks is officially ready to serve you from the Avenue X and East 1st Street storefront. And it’s about time, too. This place, with its creepy sign featuring a plump toddler that we really don’t want to mentally associate with beef, first popped up in February and has been making our mouths water (for baby meat) since then.

Our tipster Paul Kundel notes that, while they didn’t have a menu in print, he “saw they were serving hot dogs, euro dogs (whatever that means), salads (Caesar), gyros, burgers, steaks etc.”

To show how giddy we are about the opening of an eatery dedicated to the comprehensive needs of the carnivore, here are some quotes about beef.

Top Burger Emmons Ave Sheepshead Bay

Photo by ShadowLock

You know times are tough when businesses are skimping on letters in their signage. But hopefully a new business opening implies the local economy is turning around.

Top Brgr is opening up at 2267 Emmons Avenue, the former site of Gayety Travel Service (GTS) Travel Agency, which recently moved locations. Little is known about the burger joint yet, and the phone number on the sign is not yet connected.

This means that the entire Emmons Avenue shopping center between Dooley Street and East 23rd Street is now entirely food businesses. With a large area for sidewalk seating, it will continue to draw nice crowds during the spring and summer seasons. We do have to wonder what this means for the Dessert Palace, though, which previously used the travel agency’s sidewalk space for food-goers in the evening.

Maybe they can make up the hit to their bottom line by leasing some vowels to the new business.

Thanks to ShadowLock and Marina K. for the tip.