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Councilman Chaim Deutsch has touted his “participatory governing” approach as an alternative to participatory budgeting, but his first attempt – a governing workshop held last week – provided the best argument yet for why we need an open, community-drive budgeting process. The Thursday, May 27 meeting, held at Cunningham Junior High School, was billed as an opportunity for…


I guess it’s not exactly the highest honor when they flash the Sheepshead Bay branch of the Brooklyn Public Library (2636 East 14th Street) when talking about how budget cuts have caused the system to suffer, but, then, it is arguably one of the most depressing exteriors in the system. But the video above, produced…


With the cost of renting out storefront property perpetually on the rise across the city, it comes as no surprise that many local politicians are having trouble meeting the budget limitations set for their respective headquarter bases. State senators based in New York City are allotted $40,000 a year for rental expenditures, but many have…


The third time’s the charm? New York City’s school administrators seem to hope so. For the third time in three years, the Department of Education has again set its sights on closing Sheepshead Bay High School (3000 Avenue X), including it in a list of 24 high schools slated for closure as early as the…


Taxpayers are forking over more money this year than any other year in recent memory, thanks to an increase in the number of special elections and primaries in New York State. The bill? $80 million – a $23 million bump over previous years, according to the Independent Budget Office. Here’s the explanation offered by the…

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