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It’s back. New York City’s original barbecue and grilling contest is back, and so is the chili!

Come on out to Grillin’ On The Bay and the Brooklyn Chili Smackdown.

Saturday, March 23, 2013, at 10:00 a.m., the gates will open and thousands of hungry Sheepshead Bay residents  to a score of barbecue teams working their meats. Once the teams have got our neighbors salivating, visitors will get to feast on the award-winning barbecue of Three Men And A Baby Back, who just happened to win first place in Grilling at the Jack Daniels Invitational World Championship 2012.

But we’re not stopping there – check out the amazing ribs from Brooklyn’s newest barbecue joint,  Fletcher’s Brooklyn Barbecue!

Still not satisfied?

Join in our People’s Choice Chili Smackdown. For only $10 you can sample and judge from some of the most outrageous chili every offered up in Brooklyn. You choose the winner of this contest!

Need something to wash it all down? What’s a barbecue without beer and bourbon?

Spend some time among the barbecue teams as they vie for cash, prizes, the New England Barbecue Society’s Team of the Year placement and the chance to compete at the world’s biggest and baddest barbecue contest, The World Food Championship in Las Vegas, Nevada! You may even spot a few people you’ve seen on the Food Network!

Don’t forget, Grillin’ On The Bay helps support St. Mark School in our own Sheepshead Bay.  Help one of our neighborhood’s oldest institutions recover after Superstorm Sandy! The event is free, but do a little shopping with our vendors and buy some food! And there will be many, many other surprises. Check it out.

Grillin’ On The Bay and the Brooklyn Chili Smackdown – Saturday, March 23, 2013 – Corner of Avenue Z and East 18th Street – rain or shine.

Photo: Crab and Brisket Burger by Smoke in da Eye

They tell me  you could smell the smoke from Grillin’ on the Bay at the train station on Saturday. I still smell like smoke; mixing and mingling with barbecue teams will do that to you. I like it.

Saturday’s Grillin’ on the Bay proved to be another great neighborhood event. About 1,500 people showed up to sample ribs, pulled pork parfaits, grilled burgers and hot dogs and imbibe some hops while cheering on the cooks.

Navigating the schoolyard with its vendors and teams proved to be an interesting experience. Three Men and a Baby Back were selling ribs,  pulled pork sandwiches, corn bread and soda. The school itself was selling hamburgers, hot dogs, pickles, snacks and soda. Befriend the teams and be in the right place at the right time and you could have eaten free. Timing is everything in life.

By mid-afternoon, the schoolyard was packed with teams and people poking around to taste the “left overs” as teams handed out tastes of their “rejects”, or the food not good enough to submit to the judges. One team, The Smoke’n Pit put out full trays of ribs and chicken wings for the public to sample. More than one person exclaimed in delight and wonderment, “If these are rejects, imagine what the judges are eating!”

Find out more about the event, and view the photo gallery of all the scrumptious foods!

Bayback Ribs - GOTB 2011 - Source: James Boo/

It’s back! On Saturday, March 24, NYC’s only BBQ contest, Grillin’ On The Bay returns to Sheepshead Bay. Twenty barbecue teams will fight for the title of NYC’s best barbecuer. Chili cooks will battle it out in the Brooklyn Chili Smack Down, a people’s choice event.

We heard your cry – THERE WILL BE BARBECUE FOR SALE!!! I’m being told that the award winning team of Three Men and a Babyback, (Babyback? Get it? Babybacks are a type of pork ribs), will be selling pork ribs, pulled pork sandwiches and returning with the pulled pork parfaits that were so popular last year. The three men will start serving at 11:00 am.

BBQ too heavy for you? The school will be grilling up hamburgers, hot dogs and maybe a few surprises.

The Brooklyn Chili Smack Down kicks off at 1:00 pm. Last year we had 25 different chili’s for you to try.  For only $10, you, yes you, the people of Brooklyn, get to try it all and choose the winner of the The Brooklyn Chili Smack Down.  This is democracy at its finest.

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Grillin' On The Bay

Sheepshead Bay’s warm weather events are kicking off this weekend with the Grillin’ On The Bay and Brooklyn Chili Smackdown at St. Mark’s! This means, not long after, the Cyclone will be open, Bayfest will be roaring, fishing boats will be departing (well, they never stopped — but now you’ll actually want to go on them!), and the block parties will be kicking. And we sure are ready for that warm weather, aren’t we?

Grillin’ On The Bay organizer Robert Fernandez sent this year’s lineup and some additional information. Don’t forget – this is an event that helps support St. Mark’s AND good meats in southern Brooklyn.

From Fernandez:

Grillin’ On The Bay and The Brooklyn Chili Smack Down takes place on April 4, 2009 in St. Mark’s Schoolyard on the corner of East 18th Street and Avenue Z. Gates open at 6:00 am, but the real fun starts around noon when the cooks begin turning in their food for judging.

Atom’s Ribs featuring the award winning barbecue of Matt Fisher will be selling food all day.

We also have a people’s choice chili contest where the public can sample all the chilies for only $10. That runs from 1:00 until 4:00.

This year’s Grillin On The Bay includes some very heavy hitters in the world of competitive barbecue and we have a fair amount of virgins; just look at this line up… [Ed.-after the jump.]
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(Steak: Because you like it.)

Robert Fernandez, the organizer of the annual Southern Brooklyn meatfest Grillin’ On The Bay, has asked that we let everyone know that the event is now seeking contestants for its two competitions. The activities take place April 4 on the corner of East 18th Street and Avenue Z (the St. Marks playground).

First up is the grilling competitions, with four categories (chicken, fish, pork and chef’s choice). Entry costs as little as $75, and all profits go to support St. Marks Catholic School – so all the little kids get to benefit from you filling your gullet with meat and booze. Mmm… helping the community has never tasted so good.

The pepper-fueled Brooklyn Chili Smackdown’s People’s Choice Chili Contest (say that 10 times fast. No… say it one time fast) is free to enter. All types of chili allowed. Winner gets $100, plus the right to be called the chiliest dude of Sheepshead Bay.

We here at Sheepshead Bites love the Grillin’ On The Bay events. Even if you don’t feel up to muster (mustard?) to compete, patrons can buy the right to eat all the chili they want for a measly $10, and then a little more for the grilled meats. Where else can you get a sampling of bangin’ burnin’ chili for so little greenbacks?

Details after the jump.
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