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News & Features Photo by Pavel Itskovskiy

The 20-foot whale that washed up on Brighton Beach yesterday afternoon most likely died after being struck by a ship’s propeller, said experts who examined the corpse. “Due to the presence of internal bruising, propeller slices, and lacerations of a mechanical nature, the cause of death is consistent with a ship strike,” said Rachel Bosworth,…

News & Features humpback-whale1

A deceased humpback whale washed up on Brighton Beach near Ocean Parkway this afternoon, and authorities are still in the process of removing the remains as of 2:20pm. Police confirmed that they received a call about a whale at approximately noon today, and said it was found dead. They had no further information as of…

Arts & Culture These poorly dressed people look like they just had the worst commute ever. (Source: 2015 Versace Jeans Look Book)

A gaggle of models are in Brighton Beach today, posing for photos for the upcoming Versace Jeans Look Book. The photo shoot is scheduled to go on outdoors all day today, ending around 7:00pm. They’ll be moving around from Brightwater Court between Brighton 2nd Street and Coney Island Avenue, Brighton 4th Street between Brighton Beach…

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Residents of the Amalgamated Warbasse Houses panicked last night when a power outage plunged all five buildings of the housing development into blackness for nearly two hours. Lights started dimming and flickering at approximately 9:16pm and by 9:30pm the complex, television screens, and computers all went eerily dark, according to residents. For some, the experience recalled…

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