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Photo by Allan Rosen

While it wouldn’t be out of the question that the FBI would conduct a raid in our area, that wasn’t what went down yesterday, despite a crowd of people wearing FBI jackets assembled on Brighton 6th Street.

Nope, no raid. It’s the filming of new police drama.

Filming was taking place on Brighton 6th Street near the boardwalk for the series called Taxi: Brooklyn South. The show, produced by a French company and spun off from Luc Besson’s Taxi franchise, hasn’t yet locked up a U.S. distributor, even though they started filming in the beginning of August.

Here’s a synopsis from

Taxi: Brooklyn South centers on Caitlyn Sullivan (Chyler Leigh), a brilliant investigator at the Brooklyn Police Station whose stubborn character and her recklessness behind the wheel have made her an outcast within the NYPD. She teams with Marseille-born Leo Romba, a happy New York Taxi driver full of energy and care for his clients, to form the most improbable and efficient partnership to solve crimes and mysteries around Brooklyn.

There’s also this Facebook post for a casting call that gives a little more insight to the taxi driver who will be one of the show’s main characters.

America just cannot get enough of police procedurals. And that’s quite fine by me.

Thanks to Allan Rosen for the tip and info.


Friends and family of a Sheepshead Bay man who was brutally stabbed to death in 2007 gathered for the sixth consecutive year, honoring him with a long softball Sunday.

The group gathered at Homecrest Playground (Homecrest Avenue and Williams Court) on August 4, bringing with them coolers, pizza and gear for the game. For more than six hours, the group of roughly 60 friends and family took turns at batting and fielding, and trading stories about their friend, Anthony Senisi Jr., who was a Yankees fanatic before his untimely death.

Senisi was on his way home from a grocery store on August 4, 2007, on Brighton 6th Street when he was stabbed in the back. He collapsed in front of his house in view of his son, and died in his father’s arms. Authorities believed Senisi was mistaken for someone else while buying milk for his Sunday morning ritual of coffee with his daughter.

In 2008, one year after his death, lifelong friends Howie Sosner, Billy Fallon, and Gary Friedman organized a softball game for Senisi’s friends and family to stay in touch and do something he would have enjoyed.

“This is what we all did as teenagers. We played every Sat and Sunday, we played from noon until it was pitch black outside,” Fallon said, rattling off the local parks and schoolyards where they played, including Homecrest Playground.

After establishing the event, it just kept growing as those touched by the 44-year-old plumber discovered it and came to honor his life.

“The first year was 40 [people]. Then my friend introduced me to Facebook and it grew and grew. The biggest year we had was over 100 people,” Fallon said.

Six years into the annual event, the organizers said they have no intention of stopping anytime soon.

“[We'll do it] ’til we can’t run no more,” Fallon said. (“Yeah, well, we might have the wheelchairs,” Sosner added.) “And then we’ll just find something else to do to remember him by.”

Check out photos from Anthony Senisi Jr.’s memorial softball game.

The Mazel School, located on the corner of Neptune Avenue and Brighton Sixth Street, was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. The storm ravaged the school’s structure, equipment, educational materials and religious artifacts.

Flooding wrecked the entire first floor, which houses administrative rooms and classes for grades K through 3. Computers were destroyed, books were lost, and windows were shattered. Also lost were irreplaceable drawings, paintings, and projects, which gave the school’s classrooms unique personalities.

The video above is a montage of photographs from the school’s devastation providing a link to donate funds in order to expedite the institution’s recovery. You can also donate by clicking here.


The following is a press release from the Mazel Day School:

Photo by Justin Santoro

For the fifth year in a row, dozens gathered in Homecrest Playground (Homecrest Avenue and Williams Court) to play softball in remembrance of Anthony Senisi Jr., a 44-year old father of two who was tragically murdered six years ago.

Senisi was on his way home from a grocery store on Brighton 6th Street when he was stabbed in the back. He collapsed in front of his house in view of his son, and died in his father’s arms.

Making the crime even more senseless, authorities believed Senisi was mistaken for someone else while buying milk for his Sunday morning ritual of coffee with his daughter.

Read how the softball game came about, and view more photos.

Tysha Jones was a junior at Norman Thomas High School and lived in a Harlem apartment with her mother, Cynthia, her brother and sister, according to friends.

Tysha Jones (Source: Twitter)

Police arrested a 19-year-old suspect named Iloune Driver in connection with Thursday’s bloody Brighton Beach shooting that left one dead and four wounded. Authorities say they’re still on the hunt for a second suspect.

Driver has been charged with second-degree murder and assault with intent to cause serious physical injury.

Tysha Jones, a 16-year-old bystander, was shot dead Thursday after a bullet struck her under the left arm. Four others were also injured as bullets flew wildly on the Riegelmann Boardwalk near Brighton 6th Street, including a patron at Tatiana Restaurant.

According to the New York Post:

Cops said there had been a scuffle in which one youth was hit over the head with a bottle and another was struck with a beach umbrella as hundreds of teens gathered.

As tempers cooled, one of the young men joined three friends — including Jones, of East Harlem — on a boardwalk railing. Two other pals stood nearby.

Two thugs then strode onto the boardwalk and opened fire. Cops said it was unclear whom they were aiming at.

Other media outlets say the person was hit with a bottle, not a beach umbrella. They’re also reporting that it is not believed to be gang related

Police recovered five .380-caliber shells at the scene of the shootout.

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