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Cops are looking for neighbors’ help identifying a teenage purse snatcher who robbed a 78-year-old woman in Brighton Beach last Monday.

The woman was in front of her home on Oceanview Avenue near Brighton 3rd Street when a teenage punk walked up to her at 12:40pm and ripped her purse out of her hand.

The purse contained just $50 in cash and, thankfully, he left the woman unharmed.

The suspect is described as a white male, approximately 16 years old and 5’8″. He was wearing a red baseball hat and white sneakers, as seen in a still photo captured from a nearby surveillance camera.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).  The public can also submit their tips by logging onto the Crime Stoppers website at WWW.NYPDCRIMESTOPPERS.COM or by texting their tips to 274637 (CRIMES) then enter TIP577.


Brighton Beach will be home to a new Dunkin’ Donuts in the near future, with construction set to wrap up soon at 361 Neptune Avenue, on the corner of Brighton 3rd Street.

The lot has been home to the shell of an old gas station and garage for quite a number of years, and it looks like plans for the franchise coffee and sweets shop have been in the works since late 2012, judging from Department of Buildings records. The plans were finally approved in January and work began thereafter.

It doesn’t look like they’ll have a drive-through operation, but there will be parking for as many as 13 cars in the lot – which has yet to be paved. It looks like they’re still working on the interior, too, and the cracked, weed-covered sidewalk around the perimeter will probably be redone as well.

What do you think – good place for a Dunkin’ Donuts?

The same lot in 2012. Source: Google Maps

The same lot in 2012. Source: Google Maps

Source: Google Maps

As if the financial burden of Sandy recovery to Zone A residents wasn’t enough, the Department of Transportation sought to pile on the bills for hard-hit Brighton Beach residents by increasing quarterly rates in municipal parking lots by a whopping $220.

Permit-holding residents, business owners and commuters were alarmed to receive a letter earlier this month from the Department of Transportation, notifying them that quarterly rates would jump from $330 to $550 for the Brighton Beach Municipal Parking Lot at Brightwater Court and Brighton 3rd Street beginning January 1. Payments were requested by December 14 – even though many of the permit holders are Hurricane Sandy victims still grappling with thousands of dollars in damages to their homes, possessions and businesses.

But the letter also claimed the rates were approved by the City Council, which never happened, according to Councilman Michael Nelson.

Nelson – who represents Brighton Beach – received a copy of the letter from outraged constituents. His staff got in touch with DOT, who responded that “no such action has been taken by the Council. In fact, the DOT does not need Council approval to enact rate increases, but needs only to send out 30-day notices to permit holders,” according to a release sent by Nelson.

Still, DOT has nixed the increase mentioned in the letter sent earlier this month, and are notifying permit-holders that the letter was sent by mistake, and rates will remain the same for the time being.

The rates were slated to increase the same amount in 2011, but community outrage similarly spurred the DOT to rescind the plan.

Nelson is also requesting that the DOT confer with the City Council before instituting and rate increases and municipal lots.

“Many people who use these municipal parking lots and garages are on a fixed income, and already pay a fair share to park their cars,” said Councilman Nelson. “It is never an appropriate time to discuss rate increases, especially when many who were hit hard by the hurricane expect the City to work for, not against, them in the recovery.”

Heroic Brighton Beach teen, Jhordan Caballero. Source: Brighton Neighborhood Association

Today is the last day Sheepshead Bites will be accepting donations on behalf of the BNA and Caballero family.

(Please note that donations made to the family or BNA through Sheepshead Bites are not tax-exempt as we are a for-profit business operating solely as a middleman.)

Following the tragic, fire-related death of young Brighton Beach hero Jhordan Caballero, and the incredible outpouring of support from our community — in particular, the Brighton Neighborhood Association, local firefighters, and Sheepshead Bites readers — Congressman Bob Turner has released a statement praising the efforts of the teen, the firefighters, and all who have reached out to his family by opening their hearts and their wallets:

“Jhordan proved himself a hero and was tragically taken too soon. He exemplifies the best of humanity. His selfless and courageous acts to save his younger brother, Renzo, and his 61-year-old neighbor, go above and beyond the call as both a brother and a Good Samaritan. We should all seek to give of ourselves, both every day and in times of great distress, as he did for the good of others.

“I would like to commend the Brighton Neighborhood Association, local firefighters of Engine 246 Ladder 169, and members of the community for their efforts to help the family of our native Brooklyn son and hero as they try to make arrangements for his funeral. These firefighters are a prime example of how seriously our first responders take their role. They not only came to this family’s rescue, but joined the efforts of the Brighton Neighborhood Association and other members of the community in their efforts to help this family honor their son and begin rebuilding their life. Your efforts to assist his family are a testament to his memory, and your willingness to lend a hand to a neighbor reminds others of the type of community that makes New York unique. May Jhordan’s memory be a blessing.”

St. Mark Roman Catholic Church hosted a mass for Jhordan Caballero.

Family and friends of Jhordan Caballero were joined by firefighters, community leaders and others at St. Mark Roman Catholic Church this morning, to give the 18-year-old a hero’s farewell.

St. Mark Roman Catholic Church offered the space and the service after hearing of the teen’s noble actions and tragic death, in which he saved his 8-year-old brother from their burning home, then rushed back into the blaze to attempt the rescue of an elderly neighbor before succumbing to the thick smoke last Friday.

After the mass, Caballero’s remains were transported to All Faiths Cemetery in Queens, where he will be buried. John J. Healey Funeral Home, Dignity Memorial held a viewing and memorial yesterday.

Sheepshead Bites readers, meanwhile, have also done this publication and this community proud. Those readers who donated through our PayPal link have sent the family nearly $1,000 to assist in their recovery, whole those who donated directly to the Brighton Neighborhood Association have contributed another $7,000.

That’s just a drop in the bucket for what this family will need to replace all their clothes, goods and furnishings in addition to finding a new home. A list of material goods they need can be found here. If you’d like to contribute financially, you can use the button below.

(Please note that donations made to the family or BNA through Sheepshead Bites are not tax-exempt as we are a for-profit business operating solely as a middleman.)

Donate now to help the Caballeros!

Local organizations, businesses and residents rallied to deliver some good news to grief-stricken Caballero family: their heroic son will receive a proper funeral without further financial burden to the family.

The Caballeros’ 18-year-old son Jhordan died Friday after saving his 8-year-old brother from their burning home, then rushed back into the blaze to attempt the rescue of an elderly neighbor before succumbing to the thick smoke.

The Brighton Neighborhood Association spent the weekend leading the charge to help the Caballeros, recent Peruvian immigrants who found themselves unable to pay the hefty fees for a proper burial. The BNA, with the help of several local businesses and the good will of neighbors, told Sheepshead Bites they’ve managed to cover the basics.

Sheepshead Bay’s own St. Mark Roman Catholic Church will dedicate a mass to Jhordan Caballero; his brother is a student at the church’s school. John J. Healey Funeral Home, Dignity Memorial, at 2005 West 6th Street will put on the viewing and memorial service, and has also worked with its partners to secure a casket, flowers and other essentials. All Faiths Cemetery at 67-29 Metropolitan Avenue, Queens, NY, 11379, is providing the plot where the heroic Caballero will finally lay at rest.

The viewing at Healey Funeral Home will take place Wednesday, February 29, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. The St. Mark mass will take place on March 1 at 10 a.m.

But all is not over for the Caballero family. The fire destroyed their home and all their possessions, and they’re in need of clothing and other items to get by.

According to the BNA, the Caballeros and their 8-year-old son need the following items:

  • Men’s pants, size 32 x 30
  • Men’s shirts, size medium, or 15 1/2 collar
  • Men’s shoes, size 9 1/2
  • Women’s tops, size XL
  • Women’s pants, size 14
  • Women’s shoes, size 7W
  • Children’s pants, size 14
  • Children’s shirts, size M
  • Children’s shoes, size 1

The family is also hunting for a new apartment on a modest budget. The BNA has pointed out that they have a history of on-time payments with their previous landlord. Once they find an apartment, they will need furniture, appliances, sheets, towels and other furnishings.

To meet that end, the BNA has already received hundreds of dollars from neighbors, including $500 from the FDNY Engine 246 Ladder 169, the same outfit that helped quell the flames.

If readers have any of the items above, or would like to make a financial contribution, they can contact the Brighton Neighborhood Association, 1002 Brighton Beach Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11235. You can call (718) 891-0800 or e-mail if you have additional questions.

Since the BNA does not have a PayPal account, Sheepshead Bites is offering to collect credit card and PayPal donations on their behalf. You can choose the amount and use the button below to make a donation in this manner:

(Please note that donations made to the family or BNA through Sheepshead Bites are not tax-exempt as we are a for-profit business operating solely as a middleman.)

Caballero (Source: BNA)

An 18-year-old Brighton Beach man died on Friday after rescuing his little brother from their burning home, then rushing back into the blaze to save an elderly neighbor. Now the family is struggling to pay for the teen’s funeral, and is turning to the community for help.

Jhordan Caballero lived up to his surname – Spanish for “knight” or “gentleman” – when he guided his 8-year-old brother Renzo out of their Brighton 3rd Street two-story home after a blaze erupted on the first floor, filling the home with thick smoke and scorching heat. Caballero then rushed back in to save a 61-year-old woman.

But Caballero, finding the woman stuck, rushed back upstairs to his apartment to call 911. He never made it back out of the house, succumbing instead to the smoke.

According to the Daily News:

He was unconscious when firefighters found him.

“The building was like an inferno,” said Olga Martynchuk, 39, a neighbor.

She said Caballero was covered in soot when he was pulled from the house.

“I couldn’t tell that it was him at first,” Martychuk said. “He was all black with smoke, you couldn’t see his eyes.”

She said firefighters fought hard to save him. But he died at Coney Island Hospital soon after.

“First one fireman and then another, and then a third and even a fourth they all took turns pumping his chest, but they could do nothing,” Martychuk said.

The younger brother and the neighbor, who was pulled out by firefighters, were treated for smoke inhalation at the same hospital, officials said.

Caballero was a Lincoln High School grad and Kingsborough Community College freshman whose family emigrated to Brooklyn from Peru four years ago.

Now his family, already grief-stricken from their loss, is hit with another burden: trying to pay for Caballero’s funeral bills.

“The boy was a hero,” said Pat Singer, executive director of the Brighton Neighborhood Association. “He gave up his life to save two lives. The family does not have the money to bury their son.”

The BNA has contacted Catholic Charities  and the Hebrew Free Fund, but to no avail. Now they’re asking the community to help give the teen the burial he has earned.

“If anyone wants to donate through the Brighton Neighborhood Association, we will be glad to give them our tax exemption number,” Singer said.

Readers can send checks to the Brighton Neighborhood Association, 1002 Brighton Beach Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11235. You can call (718) 891-0800 or e-mail if you have additional questions.

A lot of activity in Brighton Beach at 2:45 this afternoon on Brighton 3rd Street near Oceanview Avenue. Four firetrucks, two rescue trucks and two ambulances. No smoke, no fire, just a ladder extended to a second story window. No injuries were apparent.

UPDATE (6:25 p.m.): Gothamist Map is reporting this was an all-hands fire.

UPDATE (8:19 p.m.): A reader added the following to the comments section: “FALSE ALARM GUYS & Gals……..ladder and all the vehicles were because it was called in as an out of control fire, so says the bat 43 chiefs aid”

If anyone has information or photos/video, please send them to nberke [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com.

Thanks to Allan Rosen for the tip and photo.