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A man was crushed to death by a tow truck this morning outside of the Lyghthouse Inn on Brigham Street.

Emergency responders were called to the scene just after 8:00 a.m. for an unconscious patient. FDNY EMS arrived and declared the man dead-on-arrival.

Early reports indicate the victim was a homeless man, although the FDNY could not confirm that.

Tipsters who were at the scene, including Pavel Itskovskiy who submitted the photo above, said that the man was pinned under the wheel of the truck.

The NYPD’s Highway Collision Investigation Squad is investigating the incident.

UPDATE (4:30 p.m.): We just received the following information from the NYPD:

On Thursday, June 26, 2014 at approximately 0745 hours police responded to a 911 call of a pedestrian struck at Brigham Street and Emmons Avenue in the confines of the 61 Precinct. Upon arrival police discovered an unconscious and unresponsive male with severe trauma to the body. EMS responded to the scene and pronounced the unidentified male DOA. A preliminary investigation determined that a 2002 Flatliner tractor trailer while backing into a parking space did roll over the male with his driver’s side rear wheel. The driver did remain on scene. The New York City Police Department’s Highway Collision Investigation Squad also responded to the location and the investigation is ongoing.

This is a breaking news story and may contain inaccuracies. We will update it as more information becomes available. If anyone has more information or additional photos, please send them to tips (at) sheepsheadbites (dot) com.


ONLY ON SHEEPSHEAD BITES: After many years, proposals, battles and studies, the plans to begin work on Sheepshead Bay’s newest green space, Brigham Street Park, are finally unveiled.

The park will be sited at Brigham Street, sandwiched between Emmons Avenue and the waterfront. The current site is now a rubble-filled lot abutting the entrance to the bike path and greenway leading out to Plumb Beach. That entrance is about to get a whole lot more appealing with what looks like might be the new gem of Emmons Avenue’s eastern terminus.

The park will feature a playground, walking path, picnic tables and lots and lots of greenery.

Let’s take a closer look at the plans currently being circulated to local leaders by the Parks Department, and which will go for approval by the Public Design Commission later this month.

Check out the plans!

Who left their ugly RV on the beach?

We’ve received a lot of e-mails these last few days about what’s going on at Brigham Street, south of Emmons Avenue. The stretch of street that abuts the waterway was been closed off by police, and cranes, barges and construction equipment have taken up the space since Monday.

No, it ain’t the beginning of Brigham Street Park. You’ll have to wait a few more years for that one.

The answer lies in a post we did a few days ago where we updated about the new Brighton Beach and Coney Island bathrooms. In it, we also included the schedule of street closures that goes along with it. Among the closures:

Brigham Street South of Emmons Avenue from midnight Monday, May 6, to 6 a.m. Friday, May 10.

That’s because the new stations arrive in one piece. That’s right – huge, truck-sized structures – barreling through New York City’s streets. That, understandably, didn’t seem like such a good idea to local planners. So, instead, the structures arrive by barge, are lifted off it by a crane, placed onto a truck, taken to their location, lifted off the truck by a crane, and installed on the concrete piles already installed – much to the chagrin of local residents.

Brigham Street appears to be the area planners identified as the best, most accomodating option to make that first move from barge to truck. So that’s what all the commotion is about.

Oh, and the bathrooms have arrived. The one at the top of this post was placed on Brighton Beach this morning, and photographed by reader Ira Rubinsky. Nope, that’s not an abandoned RV on the beach…

Here’s the view of the crane at Brigham, as seen from the Breakers:

Photo by Albert

Source: colros / Flickr

More than 20 families will be joining forces to hold a garage sale with “something for everyone,” on two consecutive weekend days — September 22 and 29 — from 9:00 to 6:00 p.m. on Brigham Street between Avenue W and Avenue X.

The multi-family garage sale will feature household items, clothing, hardware, tools, toys, glassware, electronics and “computer stuff.”

So come on down and get your local bargains on!

FIshing 1973

DailyDOCUMERICA recently dug up this old photo of Plum Beach, taken in May 1973 by Coney Island native Arthur Tress. It looks to be a part of the same Tress series as the Plumb Beach photo we showed you – also from DailyDOCUMERICA – in early July.

Looks like they’re having fun, but considering they’re fishing from what appears to be the DEP outflow pump near Brigham Street – which was still active at the time – we really hope this couple decided not to eat any of the catches!

Bryan Eisenberg thought things were getting better after he brought the fight with his landlord online. After Sheepshead Bites’ report about his website and his tensions with his allegedly abusive landlord, other news outlets picked it up. Government agencies started paying a little more attention, and the landlord, NYPD officer Mehtab Malhi, was shamed into making improvements (though he did threaten a lawsuit).

The late-night banging and doorbell ringing at 2842 Brigham Street stopped for several days. The garbage was cleaned up and the roach problem eliminated. And the obstacles barricading their basement were removed.

But that didn’t last very long.

We checked in with Eisenberg, and he and his blog indicate that whatever strides they had made in their battle with the landlord have mostly been undone.

Eisenberg claims the Malhis have engaged in an illegal eviction, taking their property and throwing it outside. They’ve also bolted the second egress from the apartment, creating a fire hazard. And, last but not least, the ringing – oh the ringing! – has returned.

Just this morning, Eisenberg updated the blog detailing last night’s ringing. He wrote, “Between the bell ringing and their floor banging I’ve been up since 2am, my 2 year old has been up and fully awake from about 3am and my 10 year old is up as well.”

But this time he’s got a little bit more than just his word – which Malhi called into question in our last report. This time, Eisenberg caught the ringing on video. The video, above, was taken by a small camera that monitored the front door. Here’s Eisenberg’s narration:

 Pay attention right under the tree, in the white space is our house number and right below that is the bell. You’ll see twice the door on the left open, the the screen door opens just a bit and the hand creeps out to disturb our sleep. The first time is about 17 seconds into the recording.

The future site of Brigham Street Park

In the 1990’s, city officials made a promise to Sheepshead Bay residents that a park will be built south of Emmons Avenue at Brigham Street on city-owned parkland. Two decades later, that promise is closer to being kept with Councilman Lew Fidler, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and other public officials securing more than $3 million in new funds for the development of the park project at Brigham Street.

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2842 Brigham Street, as drawn by Eisenberg's 6-year-old.

A lesson for landlords: if you’re going to pick a fight with a tenant, don’t do it with a social media guru of international acclaim. They might just air your dirty laundry.

That’s the lesson being learned by the property owners of 2842 Brigham Street – an address that may well live on in infamy thanks to a new website bearing its name:

Founded by Sheepshead Bay resident Bryan Eisenberg, the newly-launched website chronicles his family’s battle with landlord Mehtab Malhi. Malhi bought the house in October and, according to Eisenberg, it’s been constant clashes since then. To top it all off, Eisenberg said Malhi has attempted to enforce his tyrannical rule by abusing his power as a police officer, calling in favors from colleagues.

But Eisenberg’s got a few friends of his own. A best-selling author of books about online marketing and social media, Eisenberg sought to harness the power of the web to bring attention to his cause. After launching the blog, he broadcast its posts to his network of thousands on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere.

“The number one reason I chose to bring this online is that there is little support online or anywhere for tenants who live in two-family homes,” said Eisenberg. “Sheepshead Bay is full of these, as you know. I want to create a resource for people who may go through this and don’t know what to do.”

Find out what Eisenberg said the issues are, what’s being done about it, and what the landlord said for himself.


The property at 3070 Avenue U, at the corner of Bragg Street, has been sold to a real estate investment trust for $11 million – but, local druggies, don’t fret; it’s likely to remain a Walgreens.

According to PropertyShark, the sale went through on June 30 for $11,015,385 to American Realty Capital, previously owned by “W 8 BROOKLYN AVENUE U, LLC” – a company believed to be owned by John Genovese (primarily since his name is on a few of the building permits). Genovese is the developer behind several of the area’s Walgreens, including the one on Coney Island Avenue and Avenue W.

And, boy, is business good for a Walgreens developer. Genovese bought the property in 2007 for a paltry $2.8 million, meaning this flip had quite a nice return.

Thanks to localbroker for the tip.

Courtesy of

Walgreens location #10064, also known as Bragg Street Walgreens (on Avenue U), is finally prepping to open their doors to clients.

Management told us back in February that they were set for a March opening. But after weeks of setbacks due to construction and specific retail permits, management delayed. And delayed. And delays… until now.

The store is slated to open the week of May 9, right after the Mother’s Day rush.

According to a Walgreens representative, the store should be receiving their merchandise and expense some time next week. The Bragg Street location has parking for 27 cars.

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