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Councilman Lew Fidler let the rage fly when it came to addressing the executives behind the Time/Warner CBS dispute at a recent City Council hearing.  A Huffington Post editorial addressing the dispute, which resulted in the blacking out of CBS and Showtime for millions of New Yorkers, highlighted Fidler’s fiery hammering of executives only concerned…


“Hey Ned, when are you going to start a site to cover Bensonhurst?” Today! Check out Bensonhurst Bean: Bensonhurst’s Premiere News Blog. Believe it or not, we got asked that question a lot. Many of our readers live there, following Sheepshead Bites because it’s the closest place they can turn to for online coverage of…


In the following screed, Brian Hedden argues for reclaiming the term “South Brooklyn” for the part of Brooklyn that’s actually… you know… south. The post was originally published on his blog BK Southie. Short and to the point, I think it’s something all “Southern Brooklynites” ought to read. Streetsblog commenter “kapes” on a bicycling thread last…