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Photo Curtesy of Katherine V.

When it snows every year, we LOVE when our readers send us pictures of the neighborhood covered in all that fun white fluffy stuff. Well, last weekend it snowed, barely, and the lovely Katherine V. was the only one who sent in a picture documenting the unforgettable events of “Blizzard ’13.”

I love this scrappy little snowman. He is filled with all the emotion that Mother Nature’s recent light dusting was capable of mustering. The only thing he needs is a name…any ideas?

Pictured (L-R): Assemblyman Cymbrowitz, Esther Tashker, JCCGCI’s Director of Home Delivered Meals, Michael Shabayev, Roman Gershtorin and JCCGCI’s Executive Director Rabbi Moshe Wiener.

Amidst all the moaning and groaning after the December 26 blizzard paralyzed the city, one heroic story fell under the media’s radar. Two men working for the Jewish Community Council of Greater Coney Island as deliverymen of meals to homebound seniors saved a client’s life.

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Just a reminder: The Manhattan Beach Community Group, in collaboration with several other Southern Brooklyn civic associations, will be hosting a town hall meeting tomorrow at 8 p.m. at P.S. 195 (131 Irwin Street). The group is bringing together residents, local politicians and representatives from several relevant agencies to discuss the problems Southern Brooklyn faced during the December 26 blizzard, and seeking solutions to ensure that our area will not be neglected in the future.

Though most residential neighborhoods across all five boroughs faced challenges, Sheepshead Bay and Southern Brooklyn communities were hit the hardest and left for the longest. This meeting, open to the public, is your opportunity to be heard by local authorities. Residents will be permitted to make statements about their experiences.

Also, the Brooklyn Delegation of City Council meetings will be holding a hearing earlier in the day at Brooklyn Borough Hall. Residents can provide feedback on the city’s management of the blizzard. It is one of six public borough-based hearings over the next two weeks. The meeting kicks off at 6 p.m. at 209 Joralemon Street at Court Street.

The second – and last – Brooklyn-based City Council meeting on the blizzard will be hosted in Southern Brooklyn, at I.S. 278 (Marine Park Junior High School) at 1925 Stuart Street.

A slew of community groups are taking aim at officials that they consider responsible for the city’s bungled cleanup efforts after the blizzard, hoping to hold their feet to the fire.

The Manhattan Beach Community Group has cobbled together a coalition of Southern Brooklyn neighborhood associations and is inviting local officials to a forum on January 19. The groups are demanding explanations for why buses and trains were out of commission and streets were not plowed in the days after the blizzard.

The groups mean business: if a citywide official fails to attend or send a representative, an empty chair will be placed on the stage with a sign bearing the official’s name.

“We’re going to have the empty chairs because enough is enough. They get to park wherever they want, they get cars, they get cell phones. But when you need them, they’re nowhere to be found,” said MBCG President Ira Zalcman.

Keep reading about the forum, and find out who will – and won’t – be there.

MTA Chairman Jay Walder says he's preparing a full accounting of the problems with the blizzard.

That's such a mean photo for the Daily News to run. (Source:

After the December 26 blizzard, I doubted blame some put on the MTA regarding the non-existent bus service. I blamed it all on the Sanitation Department and the uncleared snow. Apparently, that was incorrect; there is enough guilt to go around.

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Unlike the rest of us cowardly souls who parked ourselves on the couch during last week’s blizzard, Max Sitnikov braved the cold outdoors. The 22-year-old photographer and filmmaker was rewarded with a stunning set of photos that captures the beauty of the snowfall in our coastal community before it turned to brown muck.

Sitnikov received his degree in film from Pratt Institute just last year, but he’s been making videos for eight years. He’s currently working on the release of Brighton 2, a comedic action thriller focusing on the subject of Eastern European gang crime in New York City and mostly shot in our neck of the woods. An earlier film of Sitnikov’s, a remake of SNL’s Lazy Sunday music video, garnered nearly 4 million views on YouTube.

Originally born in Belarus, Sitnikov emigrated to Sheepshead Bay in 1996. He attended P.S. 209 and James Madison High School. For more info, check out his IMDB profile.

View Sitnikov’s Sheepshead Bay blizzard photos

shopping cart stuck in snow storm december 2009 brooklyn

This past weekend, someone dragged me here in front of the P.S. 254 playground and just abandoned me during the blizzard. I tried pleading with the person, but to no avail. They just coldheartedly left me in the cold, while the snow was coming down. By Sunday morning, when I got my picture snapped, I was trapped in 13 inches of snow.

I just hope the snow melts soon. I wanna roll outta here before the parking enforcers come by and ticket me for being too close to the hydrant, ‘cuz I really don’t have $115 to pay the city – especially now that I’ve, most likely, lost my job at the supermarket.

Holiday Blizzard 2009

blizzard snow covers hydrant dec 2009

Yesterday, there was a blizzard that brought in high winds, bitter cold, and lots of snow. This morning, there were sounds of shovels hitting the concrete and asphalt, as homeowners were up early cleaning the snow.

In front of P.S. 254, the custodial staff was out with their snow blower. The picture above shows the snow cleaned off into a wall-like fortress and a hydrant tower sticking out.

Enjoy the white stuff while it’s still a little soft, Sheepshead Bay — because, by tomorrow it will either be brown and slushy or frozen ice.

This is an update on the Bay Improvement Group’s 19th Annual Holiday Caroling & Toy Drive that was originally scheduled for Sunday, December 20, 2009 from 5-7 p.m. at St. Mark’s School:

Weather update…BIG Celebrity/Toy Drive featuring Vanilla Fudge’s Vince Martell and other friends is RESCHEDULED FOR Sunday January 3, 2010!