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My favorite photo of 2010. In just 10 hours, the year is as over as this fish.

With 2011 just hours away, it’s time for Sheepshead Bites’ Top 10 list. It’s been a huge year, too. We had mosques, garbage, plows and concerts. Television shows and meeting videos and movie theater shutdowns (not to mention bed bugs!). It was the year of dead bodies found floating in the Bay, disastrous storms and douchebag eyeglass retailers.

It was also the year Sheepshead Bites was named Best Local Blog in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and was put on a list of most promising local news initiatives nationwide.

It’s been a good year.

We’ve gone through the site’s statistics for 2010 and discovered that these 10 stories snagged the most eyes from those in the neighborhood and beyond.

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