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You might know Willie Simpson as a Sheepshead Bites contributor, but you probably didn’t know he’s also a songwriter.

And now he’s produced his first full-length music video for his song “Memory Lane,” and he didn’t even bother telling his closest friends and part-time employers about it. They had to read about it on Facebook.

Like, really, one of your best friends publishes a website all about Sheepshead Bay and frequently features music and video about Sheepshead Bay and you don’t bother telling him you made a video chock full o’ Sheepshead Bay.

What can I say – Willie’s no ladder climber.

But he’s got good friends that help him out anyway. Check out the video above, and follow Willie’s musical musings at and on Facebook.

He told me his next single will be called the “The Oshi Anna Poos,” a bluesy folk piece about a news blogger kidnapped mid-squat on a public john and lynched as a warning to anyone who dares have a sense of humor. It’ll be his “Straight Outta Compton,” I’m sure.

Source: NYC Preservation Commission

Source: NYC Preservation Commission

A blow came to Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz as Community Board 13 voted against the plan to convert the historic Childs Restaurant at West 21st Street into an amphitheater. The New York Daily News is reporting that board members voted against the project after fielding complaints from residents that the new facility would invite increased traffic and noise to the area.

As we’ve previously reported, the $53 million amphitheater is the pet project of the departing borough president. The new facility, which is set to transform the historic Childs Restaurant into a 5,000-seat concert hall that will host musical acts, restaurants and other concessions, is expected to be completed in 2015.

The Board held a meeting and voted 14-to-7 against the plan, stunning Markowitz and other developers who were moving full steam ahead with the project:

The surprising denial came after the board’as own Zoning and Land Use Committee overwhelmingly voted 10-1 to approve the plan earlier this month.

“It’s hard to understand what happened,” admitted Community Board 13 district manager Chuck Reichenthal, referring to the Monday night vote.

Markowitz said he was “disappointed” by the vote.
“This project… will generate jobs, economic development and joy for Coney Island and all of Brooklyn for generations to come.”…

Howard Weiss, the lawyer for star Financial, defended the plan.

“Any concerns about noise and traffic have been fully addressed,” Weiss said Wednesday.

Weiss pointed out that a special tent covering the concert area would help reduce the noise of the summertime shows.

Besides noise and traffic, local community members also expressed frustration that the fast pace of construction might endanger the community garden, as some proposals call for the garden to be paved over to provide for more parking. Local resident Carol DeMartino told News 12 that before construction proceeds, community members should have the opportunity to be more involved in the process.

“I’m hoping that all the people that show up will at least put a halt on it until the whole community is given the information, can process it. Stop rushing it, the whole thing is rushed,” DeMartino said.

While the Board’s vote comes as a blow to the development of the project, it does not represent a death knell as it is merely an advisory ruling. The Daily News reported that the City Planning Commission will likely give a further go-ahead next month before sending the project to the City Council for the final say. Still, the rejection by the Board tampers the enthusiasm of the project, long trumpeted by Markowitz, and sets the stage for more confrontation between developers and local residents.

Woohoo! Tonight is the Sheepshead Bites Fourth Birthday Party, celebrating four years of coverage and community-building that we’re quite proud of.

But before the party kicks off, here are a few things you should know:

  • Music and festivities begin at 8:00 p.m. Doors open at 7:30 p.m.
  • The venue’s location is 3000 Emmons Avenue, at the intersection of Nostrand Avenue. We are not using the main entrance; there is a walkway on the side of the building that leads to the bar and pier entrance.
  • There is very limited parking, so we advise that you either walk, take public transportation or use car service.
  • We have a suggested donation of $10 that helps cover our event costs, with the remainder put aside for our freelance writer budget. This ensures we can produce more original stories about our neighborhood. If you’re broke, we get it. No one will be turned away. However, if you read and enjoy Sheepshead Bites, we urge you to help keep our mission alive and give generously beyond the $10 suggestion.
  • Do not come hungry. While there is free food at this event, it is not a “foodie” event and is not meant to replace a meal. Bassett’s Caterers has generously provided a limited number of sandwiches and salads, and food will only be available while it lasts. On this note, we will also have someone giving out the food – not the free-for-all we had last year.
  • We apologize to those who cannot make it because of the Sabbath. Unfortunately, it was the only date available to us. We hope you can join us at a future event.
  • New York City is currently under a heat advisory. It will be in the mid-80s when our party is in full swing. Water will be available throughout the night, and the bar itself is air conditioned. Please stay hydrated.
  • We can’t wait to see you! If we’ve never met before, don’t hesitate to come up and introduce yourself to any member of the team.

Tomorrow’s the night, folks. All of us swinging hep cats are going to take over the pier at the Baron de Kalb – Knights of Columbus (3000 Emmons Avenue) for Sheepshead Bites’ Fourth Birthday Party! There will be cheap beer, cheap booze and free food while it lasts. The party starts at 8:00 p.m. and goes until the Knights kick us out.

After an intense search, we’ve secured two very different bands to fill the night with music. Both will get your feet a tapping to both originals and covers of your favorites songs. Tomorrow night Curbside Hustle and Melting Point will dominate the music scene of Sheepshead Bay!

Find out more about the bands after the break.

Chicks with guitars are hot. Expect to see this and more at Jamsterdam. Photo courtesy of Circadian Clock

We let organizer Samantha LoSapio tell you all about Jamsterdam yesterday. But for those not paying attention, Samantha put together an extraordinary showdown of local bands to rock the outdoor venue of Asser-Levy Seaside Park tomorrow. The festival kicks off at noon, and we got the entire schedule of bands here.

Remember – this is a benefit concert to raise awareness of autism, supported by Autism Speaks. It’s a great cause, and all the bands deserve to be recognized for coming together for this purpose (not to mention Samantha, who put it together against all odds).

Full schedule, with band links, after the jump.