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Bally’s Total Fitness at 1720-1728 Sheepshead Bay Road is undergoing renovations. A gym-goer sent us this photo of the Bally’s announcement.

This means that parts of the gym will be closed for repair. Hopefully, they’ll finally clean up that pool. Oh, please let them dredge that pool, or at least use that net thing on it to remove the floating pubes unmentionables.

“Bullet Points” is our new format for Community Board 15 meeting coverage, providing takeaways we think are important. Information in Bullet Points is meant only to be a quick summary, and some issues may be more deeply explored in future articles.

Boardmembers push to beautify Manhattan Beach, oppose aesthetic improvements at Knapp Street sewage plant: Parks Department’s Brooklyn Chief of Staff Martin Maher came before the Board last night to provide the community with updates on ongoing projects in the district – including at Bill Brown Park, Galapo Playground, Brigham Street Park and Emmons Avenue – but the presentation quickly turned to Manhattan Beach as members barraged Maher with questions and complaints (video above).

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We’ve been peppered with questions these last few months about that empty NYPD scooter on Sheepshead Bay Road, in front of the Bally’s Total Fitness (1720 Sheepshead Bay Road). Everyone wants to know why it’s there.

Well, we finally got around to asking officials about the so-called “dummy” scooter. A police source tells Sheepshead Bites that the gym has seen a spate of grand larceny incidents throughout 2010. Someone, the source said, has been breaking into lockers and stealing wallets and other personal property.

To combat the threat, officers parked the empty scooter in front of the gym several months ago as a deterrent, and, in combination with a few other things they’re doing, it seems the sneaky stealer has gone into hiding; the incident rate has gone down.

That’s one mystery solved. Go Sheepshead Bites!

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I’ve never set foot in the Bally’s Total Fitness at 1720 Sheepshead Bay Road (and it’s probably fairly obvious from my squishy disposition). But I thought it was a pretty popular place and must be doing well financially.

So I was shocked to hear from a reader about the conditions in there. The reader wrote:

to begin with there is no AC at 90F outside, no paper towels, no hand dryers, disgustingly dirty and barely cleaned restrooms and showers, most of the machines are not working, water fountain w warm water and 1 out of 3 of them is not working; manager ignores requests from members and usual excuse is they are working on it, it been like this for about 4-5 months already; conditions are unbearable and unhealthy… i’m not even going to describe their pool

I wasn’t sure if the reader’s experience was just a lark or if he had an ax to grind, so I turned to Yelp and Citysearch. On both sites, the Bally’s Sheepshead Bay location has low ranking (1.5 of 5 starts on Yelp; 1 of 5 starts on Citysearch).

The complaints? Dirty, smelly, hot and constantly filled with ugly, old naked people – according to the critics. One Yelper wrote “that my poor little lock seemed to have disappeared into the crevice of” an “older Russian lady.” She abandoned her lock, bag and everything. Just up and walked out and never returned.

Some, though, stood up for the facility, pointing out that it’s cheaper than others and you get what you pay for. And even some of the critics praised the staff.

But what say ye, Sheepshaed Bay? Ever been to Bally’s Total Fitness in our area? Is it as bad as it sounds?