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Opinion Bus bunching

THE COMMUTE: Last Thursday, I had an appointment near the Kings Highway train station on the Brighton line. I either take the B1 or B49 to the train. At around 11am, three buses arrived, all three not in service. Shortly thereafter a B1 did not stop and only had about 15 passengers. Then I boarded…

Opinion Photo by Patrick Cashin / MTA

THE COMMUTE: That is what blogger Ben Kabak requested last week in Second Avenue Sagas. What prompted his article was something I wrote, in which I suggested that the proposed Woodhaven Cross Bay Select Bus Service (SBS) could delay Phase 2 of the Second Avenue Subway (SAS). Both projects are competing for the same federal funds.…


A B44 bus was taken out of service last Monday after a rider claimed to spot bedbugs on a fellow passenger. According to the Daily News: The bus was sent back to the depot so it could be “treated” by the MTA’s pest-control contractor, but no bedbugs were found in the vehicle, said MTA spokesman Kevin…

Police & Fire

Police are turning to the public in their search for a man they say exposed himself to a woman on the B44 bus. According to cops, the man pictured above was riding the bus down Nostrand Avenue on July 8. At approximately 7:30 a.m., as the bus approached Avenue X, the suspect unzipped his pants…


In a not so-scientific analysis, DNAinfo found that the new Select Bus Service B44 causes a massive amount of traffic whenever it comes tumbling along Nostrand Avenue. The new bus service began operations on November 17, 2013, and in the time since then the community has shown just how intensely they feel towards all things…


THE COMMUTE: On Friday, Mayor Bloomberg and the press took a ride on the 7 extension to 34th Street, although the line is still six months away from completion. He was hoping to have it finished before he left office. He failed, but received the press coverage he desired. The M42 bus branch to 34th Street…

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