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THE COMMUTE: For the third consecutive year, the MTA released the results of its satisfaction surveys for each mode of travel / agency, using a 1 through 10 rating system, on September 24th. An earlier format, using letter grades A through F for buses in 2009 and subways in 2006 and 2007, was abandoned because a C- response for many questions was not to the Authority’s liking. Those surveys used larger samples and some responses were broken down by line for comparison.

Using a 1 through 10 scale provides results that appear to be more favorable, since a 50 percent satisfaction level is considered a passing grade, which would be failing under a letter grade system. In the end it really doesn’t matter since the survey results are mostly meaningless, as I will explain later.

A summary of results appears in the MTA general press release and states categories, which show subway satisfaction increases and that bus satisfaction remained stable. It directs you to attached press releases by specific agency for more details. However, the only one available on the website is for Metro-North (MNR). Ned provided me with the New York City Transit press release, which makes no mention of a decrease in the perception of subway personal security and is not as glowing as the MNR press release.

The press release only states for buses that satisfaction levels are stable and that 13 percent of subway riders switched from local bus to subway: 10 percent in the past five years and seven percent in the past year. Half said they switched because bus service was too slow. The survey does not state how many switched due to service cutbacks or if that was a choice. Off-peak riders were 11 percent more satisfied than peak riders.

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THE COMMUTE: Last week I criticized the MTA for referring to the proposed service restorations announced last month as “service investments.” Although 17 out of the 32 proposals are restorations and 15 are new services, these numbers are misleading because most of the proposed new services are minor in nature, such as adding overnight service on a route when buses usually operate hourly. On the basis of cost, the vast majority of the proposals are service restorations and only one-third of what was cut is being returned. Further, none of the new services proposed (click on New York City Transit) serves southern Brooklyn.

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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle reports that the petitions and protests to stop reduction of B2 and B31 bus service is spreading. At this time, there are 276 signatures at the online petition.

According to the same report in the February 5, 2009 article, Theresa Scavo of Community Board 15 is urging us to support District 46 NYC Council Member Councilman Lewis Fidler’s proposal that calls for a .0033 percent payroll tax for businesses. For those of us who may not be familiar with the proposal, you can get in contact with the Councilman at his office or check the NYC government office website (see contact information below).

There’s also a very interesting set of articles dealing with Mr. Fidler on Room Eight New York – Politics blog, Dishonor Roll: The 29 City Councilmembers Against Democracy blog, and the Why is the Press So in Love with Lew Fidler? WHEN blog (suddenly, Sheepshead Bites seems like such a short name).

NYC Councilman Lewis A. Fidler District Office
1402 East 64th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11234

District Office Phone: 718-241-9330
District Office Fax: 718-241-9316

Legislative Office Address
250 Broadway, 18th Floor
New York, NY 10007

Legislative Office Phone: 212-788-7286
Legislative Office Fax: 212-227-3176
E-mail: Lewis A. Fidler

(Bus schedules altered to show proposed cuts)

This is our third post within a week about issues affecting South Brooklyn commuters. The MTA is planning to disconnect residents of Sheepshead Bay, Gerritsen Beach, and Marine Park from access to subway during the weekend and at night with a plan to:

-increase the cost of Express bus service to $7.50 from $5,
-discontinue B2 weekend bus service, and
-discontinue B31 overnight bus service.

Read more about how the proposed changes will affect service at and tell the MTA what you think of these cuts by signing the online petition. Forward the petition link to all of your friends and make sure the MTA knows that we’re part of New York City and need this bus service.

THe MTA surveys and data, based on Metrocard swipes, say ridership is too low at these times to justify running the service. You can read the 74-page official report about the proposed cuts and budgeting for the next year, then tell us what you think.

You might also like to join NYPIRG’s Straphangers campaign readers’ diaries and political discussion thread about the MTA cuts.