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THE COMMUTE: Last week I described my harrowing trip home from a Broadway play due to detours and inadequate road signage. This week I had a similar experience returning from a play on the Upper East Side of Manhattan using the subway.


THE COMMUTE: I have often been critical of MTA route planning. Last week I asked what faulty methodology resulted in truncating the B4 at Coney Island Hospital on weekends, middays and evenings when service was cutback in 2010. The original plan was to truncate the line at all times until I provided data showing that…

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Everyone here at the Sheepshead Bites offices has been staring at this hypnotic video we found of a simulated B Train running express from Prospect Park to Brighton Beach in a virtual environment. For those wondering what you’re looking at, it’s not footage of a hijacked subway via some Grand Theft Auto-type video game. Rather, it’s…

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Otherwise known as “The Good, The Bad And The Inconvenient,” here are the service changes on the B and Q lines for this week, as well as a heads up on Q line service changes for next week. This week’s changes are in effect for today through Friday. You’ve been duly warned. B-LINE From 10:00…

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THE COMMUTE: If you do not have an unlimited pass and there are insufficient funds on your MetroCard, do not attempt to pay your bus fare by combining two cards. The MTA will deduct the remaining amount from the first card and a full fare from the second card, not just the amount you are…

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THE COMMUTE: When the MTA severely cut bus service in June 2010, they did so to help close a budget gap. Their official line was that they were cutting service to improve efficiency and to inconvenience as few customers as possible. Based on a methodology that was never fully disclosed, which I disputed in detail, connections…

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Today’s special edition of The Commute is a follow-up on yesterday’s column on suggestions and critiques of the planned Select Bus Service (SBS) route on Nostrand Avenue, which will replace the B44 Limited. THE COMMUTE: Last week I made a slight error by stating that the average SBS passenger making a 2.3-mile trip will save an…


THE COMMUTE: No one is getting married, but if you want the MTA to make any changes to the proposed Select Bus Service (SBS) route on Nostrand Avenue and Rogers Avenue planned for early 2013, now is the time to let them know and they will listen to you. At least that is what they told…

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UPDATE: (3:25 p.m.): From Notify NYC: All regular service has resumed on the B, D and Q trains after this morning’s derailment of a work train just north of the Dekalb Avenue station in Brooklyn. Expect residual delays. UPDATE (9:38 a.m.): Downtown [Q] train service has resumed its regular route. At around 6:00 a.m. this morning, a work…