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A married Manhattan woman, looking to collect on her husband’s life insurance policy, plotted to have him killed in Sheepshead Bay by contract killers. The New York Post is reporting that the woman’s scheme ended when it turned out that her conspirators were undercover cops.

The woman was identified as Elena Adams, 57, and is a native of Romania. Interestingly, the Post reported that Adams and her husband live in the same Manhattan apartment building as Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. Apparently, Adams’ husband, Irving, had been unemployed for some time, so Mrs. Adams sought to plan a staged hit-and-run accident to cash in on her husband’s’ life insurance policy. After using jewelry and a $60,000 stamp collection as collateral, the Post described how Adams got caught by undercover cops:

[T]he “hit man” she allegedly hired was actually an undercover investigator with the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, and Elena, 57, was charged with conspiracy and criminal solicitation after meeting with him.

Sources said Elena, a native of Romania, spends time in Sheepshead Bay, where she told a fellow immigrant several months ago, “I need you to help me kill my husband.”

The friend ratted her out to cops in the 61st Precinct, who got the Brooklyn DA’s Office to send out an investigator skilled in posing as a hit man.

Yesterday, Elena rode around in the investigator’s car and gave him a photo of her husband, along with the jewelry and a bunch of rare German stamps, cops said.

The plan, which sources said was caught on tape, was for Elena to have lunch with Irving at a restaurant at Avenue Z and East 11th Street, after which he would be run down while crossing the intersection, cops said.

It is worth noting that there is no restaurant at Avenue Z and East 11th Street, but okay.

A neighbor, who lives in the same building as the Adams couple, stated the obvious to the Post.

“There was no love in that marriage,” the neighbor said.

The NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit and Bomb Squad were called to a residential property on Bedford Avenue and Voorhies Avenue more than an hour ago, shutting down nearby streets to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic as they search for explosives in a home.

An officer at the scene told a neighbor that grenades had been found in a home, and they continue to search for “additional incendiary devices,” although we have not received confirmation from the NYPD.

Residents of Bedford Avenue trying to get home were initially restricted from accessing the block, although we’ve now heard conflicting reports about access being granted. Bedford Avenue is shut down between Shore Parkway and Avenue Z to automobile traffic. Shore Parkway is also closed to traffic, as is, presumably, Voorhies Avenue and Avenue Z.

The above video was sent in by another reader who lives on the block. Residents are being told to stay in their homes.

This is a breaking news story and may contain inaccuracies. We will update it as more information becomes available. If anyone has more information or additional photos, please send them to tips (at) sheepsheadbites (dot) com.

Avenue Z between E. 7 St and Coney Island Avenue (Source

Avenue Z between East 7 Street and Coney Island Avenue (Photo via Allan Shweky)

Sheepshead Bites reader and Friends of Ocean Parkway blogger Allan Shweky sent us this photo of Avenue Z between East 7 Street and Coney Island Avenue with the following message:

Here’s a pic that I shot using my new telephoto lens. Sign congestion.  There are over 30 signs of every type, shape and size on both sides of Avenue Z between E. 7 St and Coney Island Avenue. Feel safer crossing CIA?

Good question Allan.

Stop Feeding the Birds, Please

Stop feeding the birds, and stop littering, you disgusting creep.

To be fair, I haven’t walked under an underpass that wasn’t covered in bird shit. I also haven’t walked under an underpass that wasn’t littered with bread crumbs and discarded rolls. Despite this, ever since I officially moved to Sheepshead Bay last month, the condition of the underpass beneath the B and Q line (East 15th Street between Z and Sheepshead Bay Road) has particularly disgusted me.

It is impossible that I am the only one revolted by the condition of the underpass outside the train station. Yesterday, I took the picture shown above at 5:30 p.m. when hundreds of people were filing off the B train after a long day of work. It was a hot and rainy day and dozens of people like me were hurriedly trying to cross Sheepshead Bay Road as they exited the station.

I felt the frustration of a few people walking in my path when I stopped quickly to take a picture of the bread crumbs, bird shit and garbage lining the underpass across the street from the Dunkin’ Donuts. There is little room to navigate on the street when a good 30 percent of it is littered with horrifying, rat-attracting trash.

Here is my question, which one of you jerks feels the obligation to feed the pigeons under the train? Don’t you understand that there is plenty of random garbage and food bits in the entire tri-state area just lying around for the birds to feed off of? These birds have survived thousands of years before there ever was a city and they do not need your help. They have wings, they can fly all day until they find a more appropriate feeding ground.

The underpass is sickening. I’ve seen dead pigeons lying in a pool of bread crumbs mixed with garbage at least five times under that bridge. Five times! In roughly six months!

I’m not sure if they died of natural causes or from overeating but the image is enough to stir the worst fears of total urban decay.

Come on, people. When you litter you lower the quality of life for everyone in the neighborhood. You encourage others, especially young people, to disrespect the neighborhood and perpetuate the cycle.

If you want to feed birds, go to the Bay or an open public park and toss a few bread crumbs within reason. Do not, for the love of God, toss whole rolls under train bridges that thousands of people walk by every day. It is disgusting and you should know better.

Photo by Robert Fernandez

Photo by Robert Fernandez

SOS Pharmacy, a pharmacy and natural health store, will soon open at 1201 Avenue Z, the former location of Chicken Masters.

We first reported that a pharmacy would open at the location in March 2012, when the building sold for $1.2 million. Chicken Masters remained open at the time, and finally closed up shop in September. Owner Vinnie Mazzone said he threw in the towel after 30 years because the city had made it too difficult to operate a small business due to excessive fines and regulations.

The pharmacy now has signage and a “Coming Soon” announcement in the window. Looking through the glass, one can also see what appears to be a rather swanky, upscale storefront.

Welcome to the neighborhood, SOS Pharmacy.

Towne Cafe’s editable ad

Sheepshead Bites is proud to introduce a new advertising option that gives our business supporters an immediate, effective way to keep our readers informed: dynamic ads that businesses can update by simply sending a text message, Facebook post or Twitter update.

The Towne Cafe, Sheepshead Bay’s oldest bar at 1418 Avenue Z, became the first business to use the technology, launching their ad this past Friday.

Towne is under new management, and co-owner Lee Morgan is looking to turn the bar around and make it a landmark destination for the community. To that end, Morgan and Towne Cafe now host daily events, with live music, karaoke and DJs almost every night of the week. Morgan, a long-time patron of the pub who wanted to bring back some of the bar’s old charm, will use our new editable ads to tell readers about events, specials and future developments at the business.

We had a great time showing Morgan how simple the tech is to use. All we did was save a phone number into his phone to which he sends a text message, and the text of the ad automatically changes. During the demo, an excited Morgan took our iPad and showed off the new ad to some of the bar’s patrons.

“This is incredible. It’s like magic,” said Morgan.

The text of the ad can also be changed by picking up on a businesses’ Facebook or Twitter updates (and even narrowed down, using a hashtag), or automatically from an RSS feed for businesses with a blog. It can also be configured to automatically update photos within an ad.

The technology has a small monthly charge, and advertisers can update their ads as frequently as they like.

Readers: keep an eye on the ads in our sidebar to learn about events and promotions from local businesses using this technology!

Advertisers: if you’d like to sign up to use this new feature, just e-mail advertising [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com or call (347) 985-0633.

Bennett Castello. Source: New York State Division of Criminal Justice via

A man suspected of attempting to rape a 13-year-old girl in a Gravesend elevator last week has been arrested. According to a report by NBC NY, the police arrested 40-year-old Bennett Castello, a registered sex offender.

According to authorities, on April 30 at a Gravesend building located on Avenue Z and West 2nd Street, Castello was riding down an elevator with the victim when he allegedly pulled a pair of scissors and attempted to rape her. When the elevator door opened, he ran off and the girl was unharmed.

Castello was charged with criminal possession of a weapon, burglary and rape.

In 1998, Castello was convicted of sex crimes against a victim who was over 21. As a result of his conviction, he was classified as a violent sex offender.

Look at what some hate-filled clown did. A reader sent this photo in this morning. It happened on Avenue Z and Haring Street, an area where many of the community’s Muslim residents live.

We’re waiting to hear if this was reported to police, and if it’s being investigated as a hate crime.

Update (10:45 a.m.): Reader Vadym S. confirms that police are investigating. We’re still waiting to hear from NYPD whether or not it’s being referred to the Hate Crimes Unit.

Update (12:45 p.m.): Public Advocate Bill de Blasio has weighed in, with a statement condemning the vandalism.

This revolting act of prejudice was meant to intimidate New Yorkers on their streets and in their homes – but because of our unity and our strength, it’s not going to work. We won’t stand for anti-Muslim bigotry – not in Sheepshead Bay, not in Brooklyn, not anywhere in our city. Anyone with information on these perpetrators should come forward right away by calling 1-800-577-TIPS.

Update (2:28 p.m.): District Leader Ari Kagan, a candidate for City Council, also weighed in:

I was deeply saddened and troubled to learn of yesterday’s hate crime, targeting Muslims, in Sheepshead Bay. Southern Brooklyn is a vibrant, diverse community, home to families from all across the world. There is absolutely no place for such hateful behavior in our communities. We must stand with our District Attorney to ensure these perpetrators are brought to justice. Our neighbors will, of course, assist the NYPD with their investigation. I encourage any one with information on this crime to step forward.

Kagan, it’s worth noting, is against the Voorhies Avenue mosque, protests over which some say has made this kind of anti-Muslim sentiment publicly acceptable.

It seems like every spring there’s a new thing going on over at the 1307 Avenue Z Puff Caffe storefront. Back in 2011, they renovated and introduced cheese and chocolate fondue to their lineup. In 2012, they closed for renovations.

Now, in 2013, they’re switching gears altogether and are going full-steam-ahead on a true cafe concept – and with a tweaked name, Puff Cafe & Coffee. There’s counter-service for coffee, tea and espresso beverages from Italian coffee maker Lavazza, pastries, comfortable seating and free wi-fi. There’s a whole new menu, and I’m assuming the signage will change soon to reflect that it’s more of a cafe than a hookah and fondue lounge.

One very important change is that they’ve opened up the front of the store to natural light with a glass storefront – making the whole place a lot more welcoming.

They haven’t changed their website yet ( – not cafe!), so we can all still enjoy the boo-bee-boo-bop dance beat that starts playing on every single load of every single page without a way to turn it off. We’ll miss that.

After 38 years in the same location, Abe’s Frame Shoppe is leaving its 2606 East 16th Street location for new digs.

Erica Sherman spotted the hand-written note on the sign the other day and snapped the above photo. The note said the business has moved and offers up a telephone number but not an address.

We called the number to find out the new address, but were greeted by an answering machine informing us that all work is temporarily being done in a new location that’s not open to the public, and that they’re looking for a new storefront from which to serve customers. They’re keeping the (718) 648-9090 number.

The building itself, on the corner of Avenue Z, is now entirely vacant. It used to house the Sheepshead Bay Gourmet Market, Learning Wheel and others, but, one by one, each business vanished. The landlord, Waldorf Realty Co., is renovating the property, and told us back in 2010 that they were not renewing some of the business’ leases so that they could market the property as one large space.

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