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Business la-trattoria

La Trattoria, a staple of Italian dining on Avenue U, has served its last meal after more than a quarter of a century in business. A “For Rent” sign appeared in the restaurant’s 2811 Avenue U window earlier this month, as seen in the above photo by tipster Bruce Brodinsky. The restaurant’s phone has been disconnected. The landlord…

News & Features The are affected by today's outage.

Update (11:54am): Con Edison informed Sheepshead Bites that all power has been restored. Original post: More than 800 households near the Marine Park – Sheepshead Bay border are currently without power, as Con Edison investigates the cause and works to make repairs. A transformer in the affected area blew at approximately 9:25am, according to a spokesperson. Approximately 825…

Education scarf-flier

Brrr! It sure is getting cold out there! While the rest of us bundle up, not all of the neediest in the city’s school system have the means to get a helpful hat or a solid pair of gloves. To help them out, Councilman Chaim Deutsch has launched a hat, scarf and glove drive to…

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