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Arts & Music Marissa Tomei (Source: Murrow High School yearbook)

Edward R. Murrow High School (1600 Avenue L) will celebrate 40 years in the community this Saturday, when more than 700 former students and their families will return to the school grounds. Opened under the visionary leadership of Saul Bruckner in 1974, the school seized upon an an unconventional curriculum, giving students more college-like freedom and scheduling…

Police & Fire Photo By Erica Sherman

Edward R. Murrow High School at 1600 Avenue L in Midwood has been under a full lock down since approximately 12:30pm after at least one unauthorized person gained entry to the building, Sheepshead Bites has learned. [Update (2:49pm): The lock down has been lifted.] Teachers were ordered to shelter in their classrooms, locking the doors and…

Police & Fire

Goldy Monges, 15, went missing on Saturday, January 11, spurring the police to turn to the community to help in the search. Monges went missing at approximately 7:00 p.m., last seen at a residence on East 7th Street between Avenue L and Avenue M, near the Washington Cemetery. She’s described as 5-foot-2-inches, with blond hair…


Back in November we reported that a 78-year-old Midwood woman was punched in the head on Avenue L and East 5th Street by a  teenager playing a “knockout” game. The police have arrested a suspect in connection with this and six other assaults in Brooklyn. According to police reports in a CBS story, the 78-year-old…

Police & Fire

Police apprehended four individuals last night believed to be the assailants in a second “knockout game” assault in Midwood, according to Councilman David Greenfield, who is calling on the district attorney to make an example out of the suspects. During the second attack, which happened at approximately 2:00 a.m. last night near 18th Avenue and…


It might be the worst thing President Barack Obama has ever done. The commander-in-chief is neglecting to make time for teenagers from Edward R. Murrow High School (1600 Avenue L), who were crowned national student chess champions, winning the title for the eighth time this April. While Barry Obama has made time for the San…

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