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After Fighting For Freedom From False Arrest, Sheepshead Man Battles To...

John Hockenjos successfully won his freedom after fighting a false arrest in 2011, but he remains mired in a legal battle that threatens to...

Cop Charged With Lying In False Arrest Of Sheepshead Bay Man

http://player.ooyala.com/player.js?height=435&embedCode=M4ZmpoMzrqaX3HF-BdYoT_OPgkP04IRl&video_pcode=twZWQ6S37y9LvtgiLHQv56JeyH7s&deepLinkEmbedCode=M4ZmpoMzrqaX3HF-BdYoT_OPgkP04IRl&width=580 A grand jury indicted Officer Diego Palacios - formerly of the 61st Precinct - on felony charges for locking up an apparently innocent Sheepshead Bay...