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Work to convert the historic Childs Restaurant in Coney Island into a 5,099-seat amphitheater and restaurant began last week. Construction workers were seen filling trash bags at the site, located at West 21st Street on the Riegelmann Boardwalk, and one wall has been partially bulldozed, reports the Coney Island blog. Dubbed Seaside Park and Community Arts Center, the…

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This funhouse is proof that money can’t buy taste. The Gravesend three-bedroom has been on the market for over three months. The Barbie pink exterior might have almost worked if the owners had considered sticking to one theme, but unfortunately, the inside is nothing short of an aesthetic nightmare. From the velour-covered kitchen stools to the checkered floors…


The homeowners living in the Victorian Flatbush section of Brooklyn who now seek to have their area designated as a historic district to preserve the large, beautiful 100-year-old homes has a new ally on their side: Councilman Jumaane Williams. Williams sent out a press release this morning announcing that he joined advocates and community leaders…

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Anyone who has ever had a Christmas tree knows that without decorations, all you’ve got is a chopped down pine tree in your living room. Tinsel and lights may add something but ornaments are what really brings cheer and raises everyone’s holiday spirit. Architecture of the Victorian era was no different. Ornaments added a twist…


Cool picture, right? I thought so, too. The United Methodist Church of Sheepshead Bay (3087 Ocean Avenue), as previously reported, has swapped contractors and gone forward with a temporarily plan to stabilize the steeples. They began putting in the supports on April 29, and now a series of steel wires sprout out of the steeple,…

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If architect Frank Gehry took a dump from the top of the ugly tree, then that dump hit every branch on the way down, and then a naked mole rat ate the dump, vomited it up, ate the vomit, got diarrhea from it – the condo above would be the architectural equivalent of the resulting…

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A reader recently told me she moved out of Sheepshead Bay to New Jersey (shudder) because the neighborhood didn’t have any yards and white picket fences. Consider this my rebuttal. East 19th Street between Voorhies Avenue and Jerome Avenue.

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Brighton Beach and Sheepshead Bay share a lot of things. A huge Eastern European population. A beautiful waterfront. And a screwed up history of poorly planned development. The last bit got highlighted in Brighton Beach by urban photographer Nathan Kensinger. He turned his lens to Brighton’s abandoned bungalows and condos, and through photos and text…

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