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Well, that was fast. Less than five months after opening, Xing Hui Fashion at 1222 Avenue U is now closed.

We spotted the “For rent” signs this morning. It was only in March that we announced the business was set to open, selling jewelry, handbags, clothing, shoes and accessories.

Hopefully the location fills up faster than its previous vacancy. It sat empty for at least a year following the closure of a formal attire retailer and tailor.


The long-lived Sysut Computers Computer Service Center – one of the neighborhood’s first tech stores at 2021 Avenue U - has moved. In its place comes Premium Style, a new clothing store set to open soon. Apparently it will focus on European fashion.

As for Sysut, a Yelp reviewer notes that they’ve moved to Nostrand Avenue and Avenue P. Now a repair and parts shop, Sysut holds a special place in my heart. Back in the early 90s it was the only local place to buy Apple IIGS games long after they became irrelevant. Really, it was probably irresponsible to sell Leisure Suit Larry to a kid my age, but I turned out okay.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Premium Style. And good luck in your new location, Sysut.


Avenue U is home to a new clothing store, Xing Hui Fashion, selling jewelry, handbags, clothing, shoes and accessories, according to the sign.

The business opened at 1222 Avenue U, a storefront that’s been empty for at least a year. It previously was a formal attire retailer and tailor.

We also noticed that the dry cleaner’s next door, previously POM Dry Cleaners, has rebranded as Red Apple Dry Cleaners. Exciting stuff, eh?

Welcome to the neighborhood, Xing Hui Fashion.


Prom Outfitters, a new formal wear shop, has opened at 2417 Coney Island Ave, just south of Avenue U.

According to an employee at the store, they’ve been up and running for about two weeks. It’s the second location for the business. The original store still serves customers at 1001 Flatbush Avenue.

The new Coney Island location replaces one of the many storefronts once occupied by Lester’s clothing store, a Sheepshead Bay staple that has been shrinking its retail footprint over the past year.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Prom Outfitters!


A new shop recently opened at 1730 Sheepshead Bay Road called Women’s Fantasy, a clothing and lingerie shop for plus-sized women.

Women’s Fantasy opened its doors to customers in late November, but did not install a sign until the temporary one photographed above went up in the last week or two. It’s actually not a new business; Women’s Fantasy has been serving customers for more than a decade, with a storefront in Bensonhurst.

Women’s Fantasy replaces Pelame Top Design, a fur and leather retailer who closed up shop in June 2012, barely a year after opening.

Krausz at 718 Kings Highway is like a store from another time. It sold mostly women’s clothing, but other dry goods occasionally made their way onto the shelves as well.

Sad to see you go, Krausz.

Potpourri Women's Sportswear Leaves Smelly Sheepshead Bay Rd

Due to an offensive smell — and an even more offensive rental rate — the Potpourri Women’s Sportswear store will be closing its Sheepshead Bay doors for the final time, tomorrow.

Standing in her store nearly emptied of its stock, one of the owners, Elsa McGlone, said:

After so many years, we are very sorry that we are leaving. Our regular customers already know we are leaving. It’s because of the smell. They [the landlords] are not doing anything about that smell and nobody wants to shop, here, with that smell. That’s not for a clothing store. It’s coming from the two stores next door. On one side, there is a fish smell, and on the other there is a sewage problem. Sheepshead Bay is not like it used to be.

In truth, the horrendous stink could be detected even by passersby on the sidewalk. One woman, who stopped to look at the clothing in the foyer area window display, said just before she covered her nose and mouth, “Uggh, it smells like dead rats, over here, still after all this time. Even with 60 percent off, I’m not going in there.”

When asked if the sad demise of her store had anything to do with rental rates going as high as $3K a month, the owner balked, “Three thousand? Try eight thousand! Such rent is not for a women’s clothing store on Sheepshead Bay Road.” She added that her store is not going to shut down for good, since they are looking for a suitable place to relocate,  and promised to let us know as soon as they find a new spot.

The stock has left the building, but the stink remains.

Potpourri owners post sign thanking customers.