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Arts & Culture An American White Pelican lives the good life at Jamaica Bay. Source:

By Daniel Frazer We’re all familiar with pigeons, starlings, and house sparrows, and we all still smile when we see a particularly cute squirrel, but did you know that Southern Brooklyn is home to a vast array of seemingly exotic wildlife? Right above our heads, hawks and falcons fly! And right behind us, raccoons, muskrats,…

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Responding to a burglary call Monday morning, cops found eight puppies in an abandoned Gravesend home. The owner of the 1818 Ocean Parkway thought he heard strange noises coming from residence, suspected intruders or squatters had gotten in, and called 911 at 9:30am. But all cops found were the pooches in a third floor bedroom. Despite squatting in the vacated three-family…


Saint Edmund’s Roman Catholic Church is hosting a Blessing of the Animals and pet adoption event in honor of the Feast of Saint Francis, the patron and protector of animals. The pet adoption event is being done in coordination with Kensington’s Sean Casey Animal Rescue, who will have puppies, kittens, dogs and cats for adoption beginning…

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An elderly woman was arrested after she allegedly tossed it down the trash chute of her Batchelder Street building, causing injuries that led to its death. Cops were called to 2334 Batchelder Street in the Sheepshead – Nostrand Houses at around 5pm on Tuesday, after a neighbor heard the canine’s cries echoing up the shaft leading…

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Another day, another animal in the cross-hairs of the wildlife gestapo. In the wacky world of wildlife preservation, we’ve seen battles rage over swans and cats in the past few weeks, and now concerns are being revived about the annual plans to round up and euthanize Canada geese. The latest comes from GooseWatch NYC, an…

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You didn’t actually think we’d get through this story without a headline pun did you? The National Park Service (NPS) has agreed to give more time to cat enthusiasts to remove a sizable colony of feral cats from the Plumb Beach federal parkland, and is even considering offering manpower and assistance in their relocation. Doug Adamo, the…

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