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Months after the February rescue of 23 Shetland Sheepdogs from a duo of Sheepshead Bay animal hoarders, the canines can now be adopted.

Since the initial bust, the dogs have been held as evidence against the couple. The dogs have been housed at several Animal Care & Control shelters and foster residencies throughout the city. The cost for the care of the dogs at AC&C totals around $85,000.

The couple struck a deal with prosecuters, pleading guilty to a single count of abuse, as opposed to 23 counts. As per the deal, the couple will forfeit all of the dogs over to the state, seek therapy, and never possess another animal again.

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Our friends from Covenant Ballet Theatre (CBT) and Sean Casey Animal Rescue Project (SCARP) held their first “rescuethon” or dog walk-a-thon on Saturday, May 5, in Marine Park.

While the dancers danced and the dogs walked, the rain came down, but that didn’t dampen anyone’s  spirit. Even if the weather was gloomy, the event was anything but! There was a great turnout from both humans and canines.

Members from CBT’s Junior Company danced performing dances that were canine-related, such as “How much is that doggy in the window?” and “The puppy song.” Dogs from SCARP were available for adoption. A few even found new homes.

Artistic Director of CBT, Marla Hirokawa, planned this event to help raise money for the academy’s scholarship program and for the Sean Casey Animal Rescue Center.

The”rescuethon” was a success and CBT plans to have another walk next year…hopefully, with the sun joining in!

The following is from our friends at the YM-YWHA of Brighton-Manhattan Beach:


Come join our friends Covenant Ballet Theatre and the Sean Casey Animal Rescue Project for a great day in the park on Satuday, May 5. Walk your dogs and raise some cash for two local non-profits.

But sign up soon, registration ends on May 4. Register online at

Photo by nolastname.

Following complaints from neighbors that the home used by a dog hoarding couple busted by the city still stinks after several weeks, contractors were dispatched over the weekend to haul away hazardous garbage and trash that was crammed into the home.

The couple hoarded 23 dogs – mostly Shetland Sheepdogs – in two Sheepshead Bay dwellings. In addition to their primary residence at 4215 Bedford Avenue, the couple had a second home at 2713 Avenue Y that housed 10 of the pups without heat, electricity or running water.

When city officials entered the home on February 16 to recover the dogs, they said the home was filled with garbage and waste and deemed it hazardous. To ensure the authorities’ safety, firefighters had to access the roof to look down into the home and guide Animal Care & Control workers through the residence.

As of late last week when we checked in with the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, charges had not yet been filed against the couple and dogs remain in the city’s care for observation. Once their condition has been fully assessed, the DA will determine whether or not to charge the couple.

The Brooklyn District Attorney has not yet filed charges related to yesterday’s multi-agency rescue of 23 dogs living in squalor in a Sheepshead Bay couple’s two homes, though the city did issue a slew of health- and safety-related violations.

The DA’s office is still investigating the case, and the dogs are in the custody of Animal Care & Control.

“The dogs need to be evaluated to see what condition they’re in, and that can take up to two weeks,” said a spokesperson for the DA.

The city first needs to determine the severity of the treatment before it can raise animal cruelty charges, the spokesperson said.

Sheepshead Bites broke the story yesterday of the rescue of 23 dogs from a Bedford Avenue couple. The duo kept 13 dogs in their primary residence at 4215 Bedford Avenue and 10 dogs in a second home at 2713 Avenue Y that had no heat or running water.

An on-scene investigator mistakenly told us that the couple was facing 20 counts of animal cruelty. We have corrected the original report to reflect the latest update.

According to the Tri-State Shetland Sheepdog Rescue organization, which the DA noted was involved in bringing the case to their attention, the dogs were malnourished, anemic, flea-ridden and unvaccinated.

Apparently, the city agrees. The Department of Health gave the couple violations for owning dogs without rabies vaccine certificates.

At the Avenue Y address, the Department of Buildings has issued violations and ordered the couple to clean and make repairs within 30 days or face a vacate order. They also cited the couple for an illegal apartment in the Bedford Avenue home.

The FDNY issued violations for blocking exits at the Avenue Y house.

The owner attempts to get the dog back from an Animal Care & Control worker.

Authorities raided two Sheepshead Bay homes owned by one couple, leading to the rescue of 23 dogs living in deplorable conditions.

Officials from a slew of agencies – including Animal Care & Control, the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, FDNY, NYPD, Department of Buildings and Department of Health – descended first on 2713 Avenue Y this morning with a warrant, eventually bursting into the house to find clutter, garbage and 10 poorly cared for Shetland Sheepdogs.

Afterwards, authorities moved on to the pet owners’ primary residence at 4215 Bedford Avenue, where they pulled out 13 more dogs – mostly Shetlands.

According to a volunteer organization involved in the case, the dogs were underfed, anemic and flea-infested. They had also never seen a veterinarian to receive vaccinations or checkups.

The owners are being charged with at least 20 counts of cruelty to animals, according to a representative from the DA’s attorney on the scene. (CORRECTION [2/17/2012]: The DA has not yet filed charges against the couple.)

They were also given fines for various violations related to health and safety matters.

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