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The New York Police Department’s Crime Stoppers is now offering a reward of up to $2,500 for information about the man behind a brazen shooting on Emmons Avenue that left another man injured. The suspect was caught on camera running up to a parked car near Signature Restaurant, at 2007 Emmons Avenue, and firing into…

Police & Fire suspect
9 Police released dramatic new video and a new photo yesterday showing the early morning May 26 shooting on Emmons Avenue. The video shows the suspect running up to the victim’s car at approximately 1:40am, as it’s about to pull out of a parking spot near Signature Restaurant at 2007 Emmons Avenue. The gunman fires…

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A man was shot at several times while sitting in his car on Emmons Avenue early yesterday morning, leaving him wounded and sparking a manhunt for the gunman. The victim, a 21-year-old man, was sitting in his car across from Signature Restaurant at 2007 Emmons Avenue. At approximately 1:40am, the suspected walked up to the…


A New York court has ordered Faberge Lounge (2007 Emmons Avenue) to pay $25,000 and cease using its current name after the restaurant was successfully sued by Faberge Limited, the luxury European jeweler. The restaurant’s owners were also ordered to alter its storefront design, which the court determined was too similar to that used by Faberge…


Judging from the photo above, it’s probably fair to say that Faberge Lounge at 2007 Emmons Avenue isn’t doing well in its legal struggle with the Faberge jewelry company, who is suing them for trademark infringement. The restaurant covered up its signage some time last week, according to tipster Eleonora S. It follows the news that…


A new lounge named Fabergé is slated to open at 2011 Emmons Avenue in about two weeks, a worker told us. It replaces Fusion, which never reopened after Superstorm Sandy. The property has the same owner as Signature, the restaurant that opened next door, replacing Tzar. Thanks to BayResident for the tip.


From the first stroll down Emmons Avenue after Superstorm Sandy, it was pretty obvious that some of our beloved businesses were unlikely to make a return. It was only a week or so later that we confirmed the first casualty: Mambo Sushi at 2005 Emmons Avenue. Since then, we’re happy to say almost every single…


Above is the fourth of four videos, in which NYPD Community Affairs officers give tips to the community. In this video, officers give several crime prevention tips, including a rundown of several programs offered at all local precincts to help you protect your property. The videos come from a recent event in which NYPD officers from…

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