We received a report of a hit and run on Avenue Y and East 21st Street over the weekend. The reader previously sent us several reports of accidents at the intersection. He believes the area needs an All Way Stop sign. He writes:

It occurred at around 12:40 am on Saturday 12/04/10. I was sleeping and heard a loud boom. I looked out from my bedroom window and saw a white sedan backing up from the accident. Instead of stopping to assess the damage and perhaps leaving  a note on the victim’s car, it sped off as quickly as it could. I couldn’t get the license plate numb, but I saw two people across the street at the time who didn’t take any action either.

I took these pictures this morning and the owner came shortly after. She came because she noticed something funny with the way her cerar was parked. Unfortunately she only had liability coverage and thus she’s looking at about $400 of repair cost.

It’s Chanukah, and Christmas and Kwanzaa are just around the corner.

Personally, I’m a bit of a grinch. That fact aside, though, Sheepshead Bites wishes you a happy, healthy holiday season.

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MTA New York City Transit Adds Service for the Holidays

Source: MTA

The MTA is deploying its fleet of “nostalgia trains” and vintage buses for the holiday season, replacing lines including the B1 with vehicles from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

Other bus routes running the historic fleet are the B65 in Brooklyn; S61 in Staten Island; Q13 and Q46 in Queens; M34 and M42 in Manhattan and the Bx7 and Bx30 in the Bronx.

The nostalgia train – comprised of subway cars in service from 1932 to 1977 – runs along the M line between Queens and Lower Manhattan. Ceiling fans, padded seats and incandescent light bulbs were state-of-the-art when these cars were first placed in service.

The holiday “Nostalgia Train” will operate on Sundays only, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., from November 28to December 26.

Meanwhile, the MTA is giving commuters and shoppers a little more to be cheery about. Weekends throughout December will have increased subway service to keep up with the holiday demand. Q and F train service is scheduled to run every 7.5 minutes instead of every 10 minutes.

by Councilman Lew Fidler

It is a statistical fact that tonight 3,800 children WITHOUT their families will be homeless on the streets of NYC tonight. Over the past 9 years that I have chaired the Council’s Youth Services Committee, I have conducted over 18 hearings on the issues relating to Runaway and Homeless Youth. We have managed to increase the numbers of shelter beds and street outreach programs to find these youth—the most vulnerable of the vulnerable—to a point where the budget for RHY has reached $12 million. Yet HUNDREDS of these children remain on the street without shelter. For example, at the Ali Forney Center, over 100 kids are on the list for shelter without a bed available. Tonight. In the cold. Worse yet, of these 3,800 kids, a statistical study/survey that was recently conducted with the assistance of Columbia University will show that 185 of them will admit to having spent the prior night involved with some sort of sex work. That does not include those who will stay alive thru survival sex. We are talking about children as young as 13 or 14.

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Source: schools.nyc.gov

by Michèle De Meglio

Nearly 200 parents packed last night’s District 22 Community Education Council meeting to rally against the city’s plan to open a small high school in Marine Park J.H.S. (I.S. 278).

“Due to the outpouring of community opposition, it doesn’t look like there’s going to be a high school co-located in Marine Park Junior High School,” said Christopher Spinelli, president of District 22’s CEC.

The opposition surprised some, since the Department of Education was actually trying to make good on a 2009 promise to provide high school grades to Marine Park.

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VICTOR KOLTUN - Allegedly ordered killings.

Victor Koltun (Source: NYPost.com)

New York Post reports:

A Brooklyn rabbi was charged yesterday in the contract killing of a former suburban police officer and his nephew, authorities said.

Victor Koltun, 41 — whose rap sheet includes mortgage-fraud allegations — is accused of hiring two ex-cons to kill Frank Piscopo, 49, and Gerald Piscopo, 28, in Newburgh, Orange County.

Both Piscopos were found dead Nov. 4.

Frank had been a police sergeant in the Ulster County town of Lloyd before he quit in 1990 amid allegations he stole items from the department.

He had a criminal record that included arrests for theft and drug selling, the Times Herald-Record of Middletown reported.

Gerald had been deep in credit-card debt and emerged from personal bankruptcy in March. He had spent 2½ years in state prison from 2003 to 2005 on burglary charges.

Koltun, of Sheepshead Bay, already faces a possible 15-year prison term on separate charges that he pocketed proceeds of a $225,000 mortgage on several Brooklyn houses he did not own.

In addition to Koltun, police also arrested Frank Lewis, of Manhattan, and Craig Fennell, of Brooklyn, for allegedly murdering the Piscopos. They are both parolees with a history of violent crime.

When I was a kid sitting in the back seat of my old man’s car on a long road trip, every time we got stuck in traffic I thought of one thing. Wings.

Keep reading to find out where this is going, and what the heck happened to that car.

Councilman Michael Nelson is kicking off his annual donation drive for warm clothing to distribute to needy children this year, and is asking residents to contribute.

The councilman is seeking new hats, scarves and gloves to give to the children of P.S. 811K, a special school for children facing serious challenges.

Nelson has delivered approximately 500 items of clothing each year since he began it five years ago.

“In these cold winter months, it is critical for children of all ages to dress warmly,” said Nelson. “However, for many, that is simply not possible. Fortunately, due to the efforts of so many benevolent individuals in the community who so wholeheartedly will donate these clothing items and continue to do so every year, we will be able to provide the children with the necessities they need to stay warm and healthy this winter.”

Nelson’s office will be collecting the new hats, scarves and gloves until Thursday, December 16, and will deliver the items to the children at P.S. 811K on December 17. If you want to contribute, drop off the items at the councilman’s District Office at 1605 Voorhies Avenue, or call Mary Scarfogliero at (718) 368-9176.

CompStat reports are produced by the New York Police Department on a weekly basis. We summarize the week’s statistics for the 61st Precinct reports every Friday. The 61st Precinct is the police command responsible for Sheepshead Bay, Gravesend, Kings Highway, Homecrest, Madison, Manhattan Beach, and Gerritsen Beach.

Faculty and parents of Marine Park Junior High School will come before Community District Education Council 22 tonight to decry the city’s plan to insert a small high school within the same building that houses the junior high. The challenge echoes the enormous battle a little over a year ago to install a charter school in the same location, which parents successfully fought.

An executive boardmember of the Parents Association at Marine Park J.H.S. (I.S. 278) explained the city’s plan to the Madison-Marine-Homecrest Civic Association during its November 18 meeting, saying that the Department of Education will fill the 300 empty seats in the school with high school students.

The vagueness of the department’s plan appears to be the most contentious part.

“So where are these kids coming from?” asked Louise Quinlan, the parents association boardmember. “We don’t know. Are they kids that aged out? Are they kids that nobody else wants? We don’t know. But we have 300 seats and they want to fill them.”

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