State Senator Carl Kruger is the most prominent name on a list of political and public leaders to be indicted tomorrow morning on federal corruption charges, according to reports.

The state senator is expected to face charges related to a corruption investigation previously unknown to the public.

That means these new charges are completely unrelated to the existing FBI probe that involved Rasputin nightclub owner Michael Levitis. That probe, dating back to 2007, explored an alleged influence peddling scheme in which Levitis was recorded telling another restaurateur that the state senator would help him with state matters if he held a fundraiser and turned over thousands of dollars for the politician’s campaign. Levitis pleaded guilty to lying to investigators last week, and Kruger’s representatives told Courier-Life that it was evidence his hands were clean.

Not much is known about the current charges and a press conference is expected to be held by federal prosecutors tomorrow. An anonymous source told the Daily News that the charges may include allegations that Kruger used his influence in the Senate to push for approval of a merger of a now-defunct Queens hospital.

State Senator Kruger has been a longtime power-broker in his district, wrangling political support – and, more frequently, silence – by being a patron to many organizations through discretionary funding, grants and other means of financial disbursement for the programs of community groups, religious organizations and civic associations across the neighborhood. Regardless of the extent of the charges, the neighborhood is sure to be rattled by a potential loosened grasp for a political player that brought hundreds of thousands of dollars into the community.

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Reader Rita M. tipped us off to a new business opening in the neighborhood to be called Rotisserie Heaven. The rotisserie chicken joint will be located at 377 Avenue X, replacing Ciro’s Pizza. According to Rita, “Ave X seems to be the new hip area accompanied by Downhouse, Draft Barn and all these new cafe’s opening up!”

Looks like we’ll have to take a stroll down there when the weather picks up!

Shopping Cart In the Dumpster

Shopping carts in the dumpster

Here’s a little something for you long-time Sheepshead Bites readers:

You haven’t heard from us shopping carts for a while, but we’re still here, being used and abused, abandoned and tossed out. I promise you, I have all of my four wheels intact. But, why these heartless cleanup guys decided to throw me in the trash, I really don’t know.

As for my friend – sure, she’s not a supermarket cart like me, but she’s still a cart. Plus, she used to be bright red, but due to years of sitting out in the harsh elements, she’s a pretty pink. I can’t tell you if she still has all of her casters, but there is no way that you can come out to rescue me and leave my best friend in this dumpster.

Please, my Sheepshead Bay neighbors, if any of you are into some serious dumpster diving, please come and rescue us. We’re about to get dragged away and taken to some dump, somewhere. HEEELP!!

Evidence at the scene - two duffel bags, a bottle of Jack Daniels and a camera with pictures of a couple - suggests two people were at the beach.


The dead body of a man in his 20s was found in the Coney Island surf on Tuesday morning.

Though the incident is still under investigation, police believe the victim was a man who had gone for a late-night, alcohol-induced swim with a friend, according to the Daily News. Authorities found two duffel bags and a bottle of Jack Daniels in the sand when they arrived at the scene.

A search party began combing the waters for a second body, as police believed the friend also drowned. However, they later identified him and found him at home. The friend said that he had left the victim at the beach – alive – and returned home because he felt ill.

The body was discovered around 6:40 a.m., when a passerby saw it floating near West 19th Street.

This is just one of the many photos sent to Sheepshead Bites of cars with stolen tires. It was taken on February 20 by Sergey K. on Shore Parkway, a roadway frequently targeted by wheel/rim thieves.

Local car-owners feeling threatened by ongoing vandalism in the area, fear no more. Deputy Inspector Georgios Mastrokostas of the 61st Precinct recently launched a “Midnight Conditions Team” to catch criminals who steal or vandalize autos under the cover of darkness in the Sheepshead Bay area.

Keep reading to find out more about the Midnight Conditions Team.

Dine In Brooklyn 2011

With “Dine in Brooklyn” 2011, locals have a longer list of Southern Brooklyn restaurants to check out than in previous years, and we’re getting hungry just thinking about what’s available.

Sure, we previously whined about what appeared to be neglect on the borough president’s part towards Brooklyn’s lower half, but this year he did it right: the list includes 14 restaurants from Sheepshead Bay and the surrounding neighborhoods, a major improvement. And we are drooling in anticipation of getting in on the deal at some of our favorite restaurants for the event, which runs from March 21 to 31.

And what’s included in that deal? Dine in Brooklyn, currently in its eighth year and with more than 200 restaurants participating, serves up three-course dinner menus for just $25, three-course lunches for $20.11 (get it, for the year 2011?) and even some “two for the price of one” deals at select restaurants.

Brooklyn Restaurant Week 2011: Check out the list of participating Sheepshead Bay-area restaurants.

Photo by Mike Cipolla.

Got a photo you’d like to have considered for Morning Mug? Send it to nberke [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com.


Google Maps should pay for all the product placements today.

Police are investigating a double stabbing that occurred at 1111 Sheepshead Bay Road last night.

The stabbing, which took place in the spur of Sheepshead Bay Road between Avenue X and Avenue W, left two men in their 40s injured, according to News12. One of the men was stabbed in the eye, and the other in the stomach.

Both were taken to Lutheran Hospital, and their condition is unknown.

If you have any information, you can call (800) 577-TIPS (8477), text “TIP577″ (plus your message) to “CRIMES” (274637), or submit tips online.

The Brooklyn Public Library is now launching it’s third annual Support Our Shelves fundraiser, to try and reach its $500,000 goal to buy books and materials for its 60 libraries that are likely to undergo budget cuts.

According to a press release, Support Our Shelves is a four-month long campaign that runs from March 1 to June 30. The fundraiser will help buy books, DVDs, CDs, eBooks and other materials for the Brooklyn Public Library and is also designed to keep new books in the libraries.

There will also be a limited edition shirt on sale to raise even more money for the cause. “I Heart BPL” t-shirts will be available in March at all Brooklyn locations of Brooklyn Industries, as well as in their online store. Shirts are $20 each and all proceeds will benefit Support Our Shelves.

Donations can be made directly at local libraries, online or by phone at (718) 230-2738.


Our very own Pathmark at 3785 Nostrand Avenue came in at number 21 out of the “25 Most Fined Supermarkets in New York,” paying $3,060 in fines.

According to the New York Post, hundreds of supermarkets were nailed during a Department of Consumer Affairs sweep in 2010, with citations for not displaying prices, overcharging and use of faulty scales, among other violations.

Almost half of the 650 supermarkets inspected during the crackdown last year received at least one violation, surprising even the DCA. Officials at the agency can’t figure out if supermarkets are just lazy and incompetent or actually malicious.

“I do know that the industry is not taking the incredibly low compliance rate seriously,” Consumer Affairs Commissioner Jonathan Mintz said. “Whether they’re enjoying the rewards or simply have a high tolerance for error, you’d have to ask them.”

As for our own Pathmark, it’s certainly not something to be proud of. Maybe the upcoming supermarket shuffle – which will see Pathmark close and replaced with another supermarket - isn’t such a bad thing after all.

[via Gothamist]