The plan to repair and reopen the Manhattan Beach esplanade, a once-public waterside walkway running down the length of the peninsula, is getting some citywide press.

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We don’t dabble much with national issues around here, but when we got this quote from Congressman Anthony Weiner we felt it needed to be published.

President Barack Obama is spearheading an effort to draw Republican leadership to the table with a bipartisan meeting at the White House after months of pre-election obstructionism. But Congressman Wiener is reeling with skepticism that much will be accomplished.

“President Obama is meeting with leaders of the ‘Party of No’ in the hopes that they’ll finally agree to help get something done? Good luck with that.”

“John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have already made it clear that instead of putting the needs of the American public first, their primary goal over the next two years is to make sure President Obama isn’t reelected – that’s why this meeting will be a waste of time.”

With the latest salvo fired at the GOP, Wiener continues to look increasingly like a Democratic bulldog. He has previously blasted them for their blocking of health funds for 9/11 responders and other initiatives, and decries the Republican’s attempts to sabotage the president’s initiatives by demonizing him as a socialist.

Community Board 15 is holding its monthly meeting tonight at 7:00 p.m. in the Faculty Dining Room of Kingsborough Community College (2001 Oriental Boulevard).

There will be a public hearing on two zoning items for houses in Manhattan Beach and a land use item for Midwood.

Aside from that, the Community Board will hear questions and concerns about issues in the neighborhood. If you have a request for service or want to ask about an ongoing issue on your block, attend the meeting and bring it to the board’s attention.



We just received this press release from Councilman Nelson’s office. Read it, and see if you have the same concern I do.

(City Hall) – Council Member Michael C. Nelson proudly announces the installation of “Keep Intersection Clear” signs at Voorhies Avenue and East 18th Street. Councilman Nelson requested the installation of the signs on behalf of his constituents who had expressed the burden that many drivers endure when attempting to make a left or right turn from East 18th Street onto Voorhies Avenue. Having also personally been stuck in traffic in this area, Councilman Nelson immediately contacted the Department of Transportation to investigate this location.

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Moshe Berkowitz (Photo:

A 25-year-old yeshiva student died after his car was swiped by an apparent drunk driver yesterday.

Moshe Berkowitz was heading north on Ocean Avenue near Avenue N when a southbound Volkswagen Passat hit him just after 11:30 p.m.

Police believe the 23-year-old driver of the other vehicle was drunk and charges are pending. He and his female passenger were taken to Kings County Hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

Berkowitz, a student at Yeshiva Ohr Yitzchok in Flatbush, was pronounced dead at Maimonides Medical Center.

Tuesday Tips is a series of articles from local experts to help you save money, make better decisions and plan for a better future.

It’s hard enough for a couple, but for a single parent, the managing of the family, running the house, and holding down a job is next to impossible; but you do it. Dropping the kids at daycare, chauffeuring them to little league or dance, cooking up breakfast and dinner, helping with homework. I could not do it, but I’d like to make a few suggestions in the financial planning area which are also suggested by various CPA societies.

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Madison-Marine-Homecrest Civic Association collected scores of canned goods.

Fifiteen families in all received boxes brimming with Thanksgiving goodies, following a food drive by Madison-Marine-Homecrest Civic Association and King’s Chapel.

The recipients included seniors, unemployed and under-employed in Madison, Marine Park, Midwood and Flatbush. They got a slew of Thanksgiving-related canned and dried goods, as well as stuffing, vegetables, potatoes, yams, pies and frozen turkeys. To sweeten the deal, Jo Mart Chocolates on Avenue R threw in a score of their specialty chocolate bars.

Many of the frozen turkeys were donated by local politicans, including Councilman Lew Fidler and State Senator Marty Golden. Helene Weinstein sent gift cards for Key Food. The businesses that hosted the group’s donation bins also threw in generous donations.

Photo: SheepGuardingLlama via Flickr

Sheepshead Bay is home to cyber-bully number one, Vitaly Borker, a cut-throat online retailer exposed in a New York Times article over the weekend.

Borker, through his online eyeglass store DecorMyEyes, specializes in belittling customers and terrorizing them with not-so-thinly veiled threats of violence as part of his sales strategy.

And business is booming.

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UPDATE: It appears it was not an emotionally disturbed person, but an elderly driver who was in a minor accident, losing his side mirror. The man pulled over and was trying to recover the mirror. Police took him off the road.

Original post:

We just received word that an emotionally disturbed man is wandering in and out of traffic on the Belt Parkway.

The man is on the westbound side of the Belt Parkway on the Paerdegat Basin bridge. We’re told a construction worker involved in reconstructing the bridge called police.

This is a breaking story and we will update it as new information becomes available.

Brooklyn Streetcar Artists’ Group (BSAG) is currently sponsoring an exhibition of work by the students of Mark Twain Middle School and Abraham Lincoln High School in the gallery at Coney Island Hospital. The exhibition consists of 47 pieces, including watercolors, graphite sketches, ink drawings and photographs. True to its slogan, “Creating opportunities for artists and art lovers of all ages,” BSAG will be hanging student exhibitions between regular shows of its professional artists at the hospital. All schools with budding artists are welcome to participate.

The current crop of student artwork will come down later this week, when BSAG begins to hang works from their adult artists.

For more info, contact