Above is a map from the District Attorney’s office showing the reach of the sewage from leaking pipes along Knapp Street and Harkness Avenue.

The authorities used green dye to track the source of the leak and its reach.

Eight people and four businesses – including TGI Fridays and United Artists theater – were charged yesterday for allowing the abuse to go on since at least 2003.

Local cops are facing a resurgence of pickpocket-related thefts over the past few months, and buses appear to be the thugs’ preferred venue.

The revelation came during last night’s 61st Precinct Community Council meeting, when Deputy Inspector Georgios Mastrokostas said that a slew of career criminals are back on the streets and targeting mass transit users.

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Online jigsaw puzzles from JigsawSite.com

It used to be that if the loved one in your life wanted cheap toys or pool equipment (and who doesn’t?!), you’d head here. Last we checked, they still sold the pool equipment. Anyone know about the toys?

Photo by Erica Sherman.

The city has taken the option to close Sheepshead Bay High School and John Dewey High School off the table, opening the doors to hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal funds to turn the schools around, according to Courier-Life.

But the decision to keep the schools open – and charter free – comes with a cost. Major faculty changes are on the way that may include wiping out and replacing more than 50 percent of the staff.

Sheepshead Bay H.S. (3000 Avenue X) and Dewey H.S. (50 Avenue X) were both included in the city’s list of schools in need of a turnaround as part of the federal Race to the Top grant program. Municipalities given the award receive up to $500,000 for every school it attempts to reform.

But reform must be done following one of four methods – turnaround, transformation, restart and closure. For Sheepshead Bay and Dewey, the city has nixed closure from its list for the two schools, along with restart – in which the school is handed over to a charter operator.

That leaves turnaround and transformation. The transformation model requires that the city replace the principal and use a “rigorous and equitable evaluation system” for teachers and other administrators to separate the good and the bad. With the more aggressive turnaround model, the school replaces at least 50 percent of its faculty and administrators.

There is no word yet from the city or the schools on which direction they’re going.

The 61st Precinct Community Council is meeting tonight at 7:30 p.m. The meeting is hosted by the Bainbridge Center at 3093 Ocean Avenue, between Shore Parkway and Voorhies Avenue (across from Waldbaums).

Photo courtesy of Dan Cavanagh, GerritsenBeach.net

Officials arrested eight people and charged four businesses, including Regal Cinemas and TGI Friday’s, with dumping raw sewage and restaurant grease into Shell Bank Creek.

The charges were announced this morning by Kings County District Attorney Charles Hynes, who blasted the alleged polluters for their years of abuse.

“There is no excuse for the disgraceful pollution of our waterways and beaches,” said Hynes.

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You know how in zombie movies, before the massive zombie attack, there are always news reports in the background about smaller attacks and nobody’s paying attention? It’s pretty much the same thing with shopping carts.

Trafficked, abandoned, rejected, abused… shopping carts are working corners, lurking in alleys and hiding in yards. All alone, with nothing to do but think about their vengeance on the humans.

So when the above report came on about a small town mayor looking to halt the start of a cart-ocalypse by charging fines for stealing the vehicles, we bet you weren’t paying attention.

But you should have. For the most renowned prophet of shopping carts makes an appearance about halfway through, and you would be wise to heed her words.

Heed them!

Every time I try to snag a photo of the sign at Randazzo’s (2023 Emmons Avenue), I just can’t find an angle I like. So I’m happy to see BSH Shooter put this up on Flickr for all of us to see. Now I’m going to try and copy it.

Comptroller John Liu explained his ongoing battle against waste and “back door” taxes in city government in his second appearance this year before the Manhattan Beach Community Group.

The group invited Liu to its December 1 meeting to receive their annual “Friend of Manhattan Beach” award, honoring him for his “honesty, warmth and tireless work” on behalf of residents. Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz, last year’s honoree, presented the award.

After thanking the group, Liu discussed some of his office’s initiatives, and his continuing goal to ensure “government is never forgetful that we are here to serve the people. That means that there’s got to be full accountability.”

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“We are the WOW parish,” stated Father Joseph Grimaldi, after the dedication of this year’s “Adoration of the Christ Display” at Saint Mark Roman Catholic Church (2609 East 19th Street).

Over 300 parishioners and guests were indeed “wowed” at the Sunday event. The Adoration of the Christ Display is a 25-foot-tall Christmas tree adorned with angels and glowing candles, towering over a full creche depicting Matthew’s nativity story.

The tradition, now in its seventh year at the church, begins with a service of “Lessons and Carols,” where bible readings are followed by traditional Christmas Carols. Each reading tells of the prophesy of the coming King, and every consecutive story builds on the narrative until it reaches the climax of Christ’s birth or “nativity.” Lector Frank Danza read the nativity story.

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