For those who love music and don’t mind publicly picking through some crud, someone has dumped more than 100 records under the subway tracks at Avenue Y between East 15th Street and East 16th Street. We didn’t stop to see if there was anything good in the mix, but all of these sleeves appeared to have their records inside.

We hope someone gets over there and gives them a new home, because this block is a constant dumping ground for those looking to abandon goods and weeks can go buy before the garbage is ever removed. And if you do make some good finds in these stacks, let us know in the comments!

A new Dunkin’ Donuts opened up on the corner of Avenue U and Bedford Avenue this week, in the former location of a tuxedo, limo and flower shop. Another day, another chain?

Source: Golden's office

In an effort to eradicate the rising trend of child abuse through New York, State Senator Marty Golden is asking members of the State Legislature to help push forth legislation to provide greater protection for our city’s most vulnerable citizens.

Prompted by the shocking news that 17-month-old Kymell Oram is currently fighting for his life at Brookdale University Hospital after his foster mother’s boyfriend broke three of the boy’s ribs and shattered his spleen, Golden immediately introduced bill S. 2163, which will “establish a temporary commission to  study  child abuse prevention and make recommendations to the Governor and the Legislature for the implementation of child abuse prevention programs across New York State,” and is also sponsoring S. 1990, which “seeks to amend the State’s penal law so to make the murder of a child under the age of twelve a first degree offense, and at the same time, make the definition of torture to mean the intentional and depraved infliction of extreme physical pain.”

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The most awesome thing to happen to fashion since Hammer Pants.

Available at Grillin’ On The Bay this Saturday, where we’ll also be giving out free stickers and Swedish Sheepshead fish.

Grillin’ On The Bay – March 26, 2011 – 11 a.m. – Avenue Z and East 18th Street.

Councilman Lew Fidler will host a Home Owners Forum this Thursday, March 24 at 7 p.m. at the Glenwood Senior Center at 5701 Avenue H, between East 57th and East 58th Streets.

Representatives from the Department of Housing Preservation and Development will be in attendance and Councilman Jumaane Williams will also be guest speaking.

Some topics for discussion will include housing codes, building permits, water conservation, foreclosure prevention and other important issues.

The “We ♥ Japan” relief fundraiser of Gravesend held by the “Ice Cream Girl” came out to be a successful night bringing more than 100 residents to the event and raising $1,097 for Japan’s earthquake and tsunami relief efforts.

Maria “The Ice Cream Girl” Campanella collected donations for the American Red Cross as she served Gravesend residents and young kids ice cream sundays, and all that donated enjoyed plates filled of pasta donated by Queen Anne Ravioli.

Read our coverage of the event, learn how to donate through the Ice Cream Girl.

Source: Google Maps

Passover is on its way. This year, you can celebrate it at the Beth El Jewish Center of Flatbush, located at the corner of Homecrest Avenue and Avenue T.

The center will be hosting its communal Passover sederim on Monday, April 18, and Tuesday, April 19, at 8:30 p.m. The cost per person is $30.00 per evening. Each night is a traditional glatt kosher seder. The sederim will be jointly conducted by Rabbi Pinchas N. Pearl of the Beth El Jewish Center and Rabbi Zalman Drizin of Chabad.

Call the synagogue office to make reservations at (718) 375-0120.

With the fallout over State Senator Carl Kruger’s indictment, the media has been exploring his personal life a whole lot more than his financial connections.  But when your personal life is as weird as Kruger’s appears to be, it’s easy to see why. The New York Times is no exception, recently running a piece on his twisted relationship with Mill Basin’s Turano family.

The article gives a detailed history on how Kruger met the Turanos and explored how the family depended on Kruger financially. The Turano family consists of mother Dorothy, 73, her two sons Michael, 49, and Gerard, 47, two gynecologists. The article goes back in time to when Dorothy’s first marriage, and an ex-husband who said Kruger stole his family.

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It was just a month ago that a seal was spotted on the docks of Miramar Yacht Club, and now a reader said another one took to the shores of Brighton Beach on Sunday. Sure, it’s not the first time some under-dressed blubbery mammal covered in hair took in some rays on the sands of Brighton Beach, but this guy’s a lot cuter than most. Apparently, the unhealthy looking thing wedged in his back is a GPS device meant to track him. And when he showed up on the beach, reader Katerina M. said he looked ill, and calls to 911, 311 the aquarium and others yielded no real response. Katerina also claims some fishermen were catching fish with dynamite, possibly disorienting him, which we really hope is not true. Regardless, after four hours the seal took to the waters again.

[UPDATE via Gothamist]: Riverhead tells Gothamist, “This is a male, yearling, harp seal which was initially observed at Hither Hills, East Hampton on 2/24/11. The animal was assessed as healthy and determined to be a release candidate. He has been tracked offshore to Hudson canyon over the last three weeks and has moved along the NJ coast. It has recently been observed on the south shore of LI in Jamaica Bay. The Riverhead Foundation received a call about this animal on the beach (Breezy Point) but it returned to the water before our biologist arriving on scene. There were no indications of injury noted in the photographs.

These animals are protected under the marine mammal protection act and the public is required to stay at least 50 yards away from a marine mammal. If you see a seal, whale, dolphin or sea turtle please call our Hotline (631) 369-9829.”

Check out the account by Katerina, as well as more photos of the baby seal.

This guy knows how I feel. Photo by Vlad S.

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