Shards of glass and metal litter the sidewalk on East 16th Street near Sheepshead Bay Road, after an unlicensed driver lost control of his vehicle and plowed into the window of a Chase Bank.

Find out more and see photos from the accident.

We get a lot of e-mails about cars stripped by wheel and rim thieves, often stating that the resulting hulk of glass, steel and fiberglass sits there for weeks. Such is the case with the photo above, taken on Bedford Avenue between Avenue T and Avenue S. According to the reader, Igor L., this one’s been there for some time, and we’ve heard of others that were left for as much as two months.

Quite frankly, authorities can’t do much about it if they don’t know – and even then a little prodding couldn’t hurt. So we’re opening up this thread to ask if you know of any other cars like this that are still sitting on the streets. We’ll see if we can get the word out and have them removed.

Worried about the city’s budget priorities? Community Board 15 is holding their public hearing tonight on 2012′s preliminary budget. With input from board members and the community, they’ll be making recommendations to the Mayor through the Borough Board and Borough President about how to better prioritize services and cuts throughout the district.

There are also two public hearings related to building developers seeking special permits in the area. One of them is at 1810 Voorhies Avenue, a three-story office and retail building that’s been stalled for some time. Construction began moving again a few months ago, and it seems they’re now looking for permission to reduce the required parking for the project. The other project to be discussed at tonight’s meeting is a residence at 2255 East 2nd Street, whose owners would like to enlarge their home.

The meeting is tonight at 7:00 p.m. in Kingsborough Community College’s Faculty Dining Room (2001 Oriental Boulevard).

Tonight the Village Voice is hosting its annual Choice Eats tasting event at the 69th Armory on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan.

Choice Eats is the foodie United Nations, featuring more than 50 restaurants from across the city – literally – and food from more than 35 nations, including Vietnam, Italy, Uzbekistan, Brazil, Cambodia, Russia, Tunisia, Peru and Cajun/Creole cuisine.

And it all reflects the mobility of one of New York City’s finest gastronomes, Village Voice food critic Robert Sietsema, who escapes Manhattan and Northern Brooklyn’s over-rated restaurant circuit more than most. Choice Eats is Sietsema’s baby, and he hand picks each participant. This year he’s chosen three Sheepshead Bay restaurants for the event: Café Glechik, Coney Island Taste and Marmaris Restaurant.

Nice picks. All of them are unique and all represent Sheepshead Bay well. It’s about time that Sheepshead Bay restaurants get the respect they deserve.

You can still buy tickets to Choice Eats for $45 per person which gets you entry into the event and tastings from all 50-plus restaurants.

So now that Sheepshead Bay is on the “foodie” map, what restaurant do you think Sietsema and his followers should check out next? Let us know!

Do you know an awesome lady that is inspiring or has done marvelous things for our community? Now is the time to give her a shout out!

Senator Golden is inviting everyone to nominate friends, co-workers and neighborhood leaders whose outstanding work on behalf of our communities makes them deserving of special recognition to be honored by the State Senate. The Senate will honor distinguished women at an Albany reception on May 24. Each honoree’s photograph and biography will become part of an exhibit proclaiming their special contributions.

Women who live within the 22nd District are eligible for nomination. For more information or to nominate someone, please contact Senator Golden’s office via e-mail at or at (718) 238-6044. Nominations must be submitted by April 15, 2011.

Photo by nolastname.

New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio made an appearance before the Manhattan Beach Community Group at its March 16 meeting. The official spoke about his duties, and listened to community members’ grievances about the city. One of the top issues was lack of Department of Buildings enforcement of zoning regulations in the area, the neighborhood’s traffic safety, and quality of life issues.

On another note, you might have noticed that Sheepshead Bites is a little backed up on our videos. We’re playing catch up and hope to have our video coverage from other events up soon, including that of the Voorhies Avenue Islamic Center protests. Thanks for your patience.

THE COMMUTE: The hipsters are at it again. Ben Kabak of Second Avenue Sagas wonders publicly if everyone in the city should always have to pay for on-street parking. New York City now views free parking as a problem and is seeking to privatize it. And some sound giddy about the idea.

Check out Rosen’s analysis and weigh in on the issue.

This car had nothing to do with the accident. I found it online ( But if you wanted to know what a Mustang looks like, this is it. Hurray, internets!

The driver of a Mustang lost control of the muscle car and charged into a Hyundai Sonata near the corner of Emmons Avenue and Ford Street last Thursday afternoon, leaving two injured and six vehicles damaged.

As the Sonata was making a left turn from Ford Street at 12:40 p.m., the Mustang was speeding westbound. The Mustang slammed into the Sonata and spun into a beverage truck before sliding along a row of cars parked on Emmons Avenue, witnesses told the Post.

The Mustang lost a wheel before grinding to a halt, and the driver was unable to open his door. After firefighters freed the Mustang owner, he and the driver of the Sonata, a senior citizen, were taken immediately to the hospital for treatments. There were no arrests.


I met a troll at Grillin’ On The Bay.

He came up to me, told me how much he loved the site. I asked him if he commented much. He said he did, and reluctantly told me what name he uses.

One hundred percent troll, and he admitted it. I won’t say who it is, but, suffice to say, more than a few readers want to punch him in the face. Others, though, are big fans of his.

In fact, it surprised me how many people came to the booth on Saturday and told me about how they like this person or that person’s comments. The frequent posters to this site are little celebrities in their own right. Some are big fans of levp, and his “sensible” and “well-documented” arguments. Others enjoy Lisanne’s historical knowledge. Some get a kick out of local broker’s sarcasm.

But a number of people really seem to find the trolls a riot. Their provocations, senseless insults, over-the-top hatred… all insincere blathering to stir the pot.

Sometimes, I admit, I get a good laugh out of it. Most of the time, I get pissed off.

What’s your take on trolls?

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