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Sorry, lovers of greasy fried chicken and unconscionably decadent “sandwiches” – but our closest outlet to the Colonel’s special recipe is now shuttered.

Kentucky Fried Chicken at 2940 Avenue U (off the corner of Nostrand Avenue) closed for good yesterday. A banner hung from the establishment’s roof announcing that the location was permanently closed “due to lease expiration.”

This has us feeling a little bit like Kenny, but maybe a medicinal marijuana shop can open up and we’ll all bounce around on our hoppity-hop balls. Or maybe we’ll begin smuggling some into the neighborhood. Or maybe – well, more like “probably” – we’ll go to Chicken Masters and support a local business.

Yep. We just watched a whole bunch of South Park and got to call it “work.” Jealous much?

Photo by Tina H.

Photo by Lisanne Anderson. Shot on Homecrest Avenue, just north of Avenue U.

Some might consider this porn. Well, I wouldn't. But someone could, right? (Source: City Hall News)

State Senator Marty Golden doesn’t want you killing kittens with taxpayer dollars. Or making angels weep. And he certainly doesn’t want you going blind.

That’s why Golden is calling on the Brooklyn, Queens and New York Public Library systems to establish stronger policies to halt access to pornographic websites on public computers in library branches throughout the city.

“Allowing anyone to view pornographic materials on a public computer in one of our library branches here in Brooklyn, or anywhere else in New York City, is appalling,” Golden said in statement issued today. “Libraries are for the community to enrich their educational pursuits, not be a place to go so to download pornography. ”

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Loved ones of the mother and daughter nurses stabbed to death at 2299 East 13th Street are turning to the Facebook community for help in nabbing Russian national Nikolai Rakossi, the suspect accused of the grizzly double homicide.

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While so many popular commercial enterprises in Sheepshead Bay seem to be going belly up, one civic group is gearing up to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its annual waterfront festival — touted as Brooklyn’s biggest — and organizers need your help.

There will be a planning and volunteer meeting for BayFest — the “all-day, nonstop celebration of Sheepshead Bay” coordinated by the Bay Improvement Group (BIG) — at 8 p.m., April 27 inside the Comfort Inn’s meeting room, 3218 Emmons Avenue at Brigham Street.

Volunteers are needed for the daylong festival, which will be held May 15 along the Emmons Avenue waterfront, and will feature live entertainment, amusement rides, a basketball shootout, Martial Arts demonstrations, FDNY displays and more.

To learn more about how you can get involved, call (718) 646-9206, visit their website, or go to BIG’s YouTube page.


Photo by: Rawtalent at The BBQ Forum

We all know by now that Sheepshead Bay was named after the beloved sheepshead fish; that monster of the deep with human-like teeth that are used to crush barnacles and get at the sweet meat inside. But how many of us have ever eaten one?

Rawtalent, one of the regular posters over at The BBQ forum recently posted this picture. Damn, that looks like some good eating, but pictures can be miss-leading. What does a sheepshead taste like?

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Intersection of West 9th Street and Avenue T. Source: Google Maps

There is no shortage of tragic reminders about how dangerous reckless bicycling can be in New York.

Thirty-nine-year-old Bath Beach resident Joseph Granati was pronounced dead after the bike he was riding collided with a 2002 Nissan Altima at the Gravesend intersection of West 9th Street and Avenue T just after 3 p.m. on Sunday, according to The Daily News.

Police officers on the scene reported that the unidentified 24-year-old driver who Granati crashed into had the right of way and that Granati — whose head reportedly “smashed through the rear passenger-side window of the car” when he tried to turn onto Avenue T off of West 9th — had gone through the red light and was killed upon impact.

The driver stayed at the accident scene and was not charged with any crime.

It is unknown whether or not Granati was wearing a safety helmet.


“Knowledge is soon changed, then lost in the mist, an echo half-heard.” - Gene Wolfe.

Photo by John H., shot yesterday evening at Avenue U, facing north.

The New York Post has reported that an 83-year-old man is in critical condition after he “apparently jumped out of a window.”

While the exact cause is unknown, the senior allegedly defenestrated himself a few minutes after midnight, April 23, from one of the windows of 2565 Haring Street (reported in The Post as “Hering Street in Sheepshead Bay” [Update: Neighbors are now telling us that, contrary to the Post's report, the address was actually 2465]), down the block from the P.S. K811 Connie Lekas School at 2525 Haring Street, and directly across the street from the Avenue Z parking lot attached to the Nostrand Avenue strip mall.

FDNY officials say that the octogenarian went into cardiac arrest after allegedly jumping and was taken to Coney Island Hospital. No further information was available at press time.

Red Scare, Photo: Barry Yanowitz

I hear from many of my fellow Brooklynites, usually the Wisconsin-born hipster of the north, that Southern Brooklyn is a cultural wasteland. “There’s no dance. There’s no theater. There’s no music. There’s no food worth a damn.”

Frankly, they’re wrong. We may not have much, but what we have is pretty damn “choice.”

Last week, my wife and I were treated to a performance by Sheepshead Bay’s own Covenant Ballet Theater at Kingsborough Community College’s Leon M. Goldstein Performing Art Center of three original pieces. That’s right. Original art conceived, realized and performed – right here in Southern Brooklyn.

See more photos and read our coverage of Covenant’s performance.