We thought we’d share a little progress report about the four story building being constructed at 1733 Sheepshead Bay Road, the former site of the Bay News offices.

The 70-foot office/retail structure is taking shape, and in fairly good time. Demolition of the site began in early September. It halted a few weeks later when inspectors found asbestos on the roof, but that was cleared up quickly and construction resumed.

Here you get a better idea of exactly how tall it’s going to be (about the same size as Bally’s across the street). The building is slated for a September 2011 completion. A 68-car attended parking garage will be at the rear, and the neighboring storefront was demolished to make way for driveway access.

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Welcome back to The Bite, Sheepshead Bites’ weekly column where we explore the foodstuffs of Sheepshead Bay. Each week we’ll check out a different offering from one of the many restaurants, delis, food carts, bakeries, butchers, fish mongers, or grocers in our neighborhood. If it’s edible, we’ll take a bite.

This week I decided to tackle the upstairs lounge at Tête-à-Tête Café. Located at the intersection of Sheepshead Bay Road, East 14th Street and Avenue Z, Tête-à-Tête’s first floor offers standard coffee bar creations. Much like a local Starbucks, you’ll find your neighbors slurping down the java and munching on the usual assortments of pastries. But, upstairs in the cafe, you’ll find the real action: a full bar and a full menu featuring gourmet meals, salads, soups, paninis, burgers and desserts.

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Crikey, that’s a huge snowman! At least something nice came out of last week’s blizzard. Photo by Bridget H.

Photo of the damage by Yana Zhuravel, whose grandmother's tombstone is on the bottom right.

The bill to taxpayers from the city’s botched blizzard response continues to go up, with the government being prodded to cover the cost of Washington Cemetery gravestones toppled during snow removal.

Since Sheepshead Bites broke the story yesterday, local leaders are rushing to criticize the Sanitation Department, which piled mountains of snow against a fence bordering the largest Jewish cemetery in New York City. The fence collapsed, causing about 30 headstones to topple.

Local Councilman Michael Nelson, chairman of the Jewish Caucus, blasted the agency yesterday evening, demanding an immediate investigation and monetary relief for the families of the deceased.

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From Notify NYC:

The New York City Department of Transportation, in conjunction with the Department of Sanitation, has suspended Alternate Side Parking Regulations for Wednesday, January 5th through Saturday, January 8th to facilitate ongoing snow removal and trash collection. All other regulations, including parking meters, remain in effect.

In response to our story about the Sanitation Department toppling gravestones at Washington Cemetery, the agency issued the following statement:

Unfortunately, during ongoing emergency snow clearing operations outside of the cemetery, the fence along the cemetery collapsed due to piled snow.  The Department is reaching out to cemetery officials to provide them with the necessary paperwork to file a claim.

Apparently they intend to pay for the damages. Or at least allow people to ask for them to pay. Thanks guys!

Photo by Yana Zhuravel

When residents demanded that heads roll after the city’s shameful response to the blizzard cleanup, they didn’t mean headstones.

But that’s exactly what happened when Department of Sanitation workers packed load after load of snow and ice against the fence of Washington Cemetery on Bay Parkway, between McDonald Avenue and 57th Street. The metal gates buckled under the weight, toppling approximately 30 gravestones over the weekend.

“[Sanitation workers] were continually dumping snow there for several days,” said Washington Cemetery (5400 Bay Parkway) employee Mike Ciamaga, who added that cemetery officials first noticed the broken gravestones on Sunday morning.  “As of this morning they were still dumping there.”

Keep reading about the Washington Cemetery accident, and how one family is reacting to the destruction.

euorpa bistro romanian food sheepshead bay

La Sorrentina II, the pizzeria that previously occupied this storefront at 1652 Sheepshead Bay Road, has finally closed down after one of the longest, most drawn out restaurant deaths in history. Opening in its place is Taste Of Romania’s Europa Bistro, an Italian and Eastern European eatery.

Not to be confused with the overpriced Manhattan soup-and-sandwich chain, Europa Cafe, this bistro will offer “home smoked delicacy.” We’re not sure what that means or why foods may be better if smoked at home and not elsewhere. We’re similarly unsure how Romanian food and Italian food come together. Our guess? The pizza ovens were left over from the previous business, so the new owners figured, “Hey, why not?”

Or perhaps they’re waiting for a German restaurant to open next door so they can declare war on Glechik across the street.

Sheepshead Bay High School Track Team

Coach John Padula and members of Sheepshead Bay High School's track team proudly display their First Place trophy for beating 800 teams and coming in first at the Bishop Loughlin Games this month. (Photo: Michèle De Meglio)

Sheepshead Bay High School is under fire for what the city considers to be lackluster student achievement, but the school is more than graduation rates and Regents scores.

The school (3000 Avenue X) boasts the best track and field team in the country with 12 All-American athletes.

“We won the national championships four years in a row,” said John Padula, who is one of three coaches leading the co-ed team.

The team practices running and weight training until 5:30 p.m. every day to prepare for Saturday meets against teams from all over the country. At those competitions, the Brooklyn squad generally comes in first place. These accomplishments make the students feel like rock stars.

“It’s great to be part of the team and being an All-American is a big accomplishment,” said Richmond Ahadzi, a hurdle jumper who is a 10-time All-American, which means he placed in the top five in the country.

Keep reading about the extraordinary achievements of the Sheepshead Bay High School track team.

Source: sheilaz413 via Flickr

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One out of every five senior citizens has been the victim of a financial scam, according to a recent survey by Infogroup/ORC. He are a few suggested tips from CPAs and other tax professionals.

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