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After all the whining we’ve done about the blizzard and its paralyzing effect on lives and businesses, there’s one great thing to be thankful for: an overstock of lobsters at neighborhood staple Jordan’s Lobster Dock (3165 Harkness Avenue).

The business is now home to 5,000 pounds of the delicious crustacean, after sales were crippled by the snowstorm. Now they’re looking to get rid of the inventory – at cost – for the first time in the 40-year history.

“We run a seafood lobster market NOT an aquarium,” Manager Captain John Olsson is quoted on the business’ website.

According to Grub Street, where we first heard about this awesome deal, a one-and-a-quarter-pound lobster can be picked up for $12, and larger ones are selling at $6.99 per pound. The at-cost deal lasts until the end of the month

Well, this is one Jew that can’t wait for his treif dinner!

CompStat reports are produced by the New York Police Department on a weekly basis. We summarize the week’s statistics for the 61st Precinct reports every Friday. The 61st Precinct is the police command responsible for Sheepshead Bay, Gravesend, Kings Highway, Homecrest, Madison, Manhattan Beach, and Gerritsen Beach.

by Ethan Dante Bello

Imagine facing a $100 fine for the despicable act of riding your bike on a public street without a license plate. Can one truly envision a day when the simple act of cycling becomes a bureaucratic hassle?

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Happy Old New Year!

Just a quick note to our Eastern European neighbors: Happy Old New Year!

Well, you’ll see that in the morning if you’re too drunk to see it tonight.

For the non-Ruskies among you, “Old New Year” is the New Year according to the Julian calendar used in pre-Soviet Russia. In 1918, Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (a.k.a. – ‘dem Commies) officially adopted the Gregorian calendar, syncing with most of the rest of the world. The difference between the old calendar and the new calendar is 13 days and, thus, today is the New Year.

An interesting note is that, under the Soviet government, celebrating the Old New Year was an acceptable form of resistance against Communist rule. I guess in a government based around organizing and controlling workers to produce for everyone’s benefit (supposedly), there really is no better way to screw the man than the masses going on a two week drinking binge.

Just to bounce back real quick to the Russian readers – this was compiled after a four-minute crash course on the Old New Year. That’s my disclaimer in case you were about to blast me for not knowing what I’m talking about. So instead, why don’t you politely add to the information I’ve provided? Спасибо!

flavour clothes shopping sheepshead bay rd

Shopaholics and fashionistas, celebrate! Sheepshead Bay Road is home to a new clothing store named Flavour, selling women’s apparel and accessories.

The storefront sits at 1720 Sheepshead Bay Road, the former site of Swank Boutique, which closed in September after 20 years in the neighborhood. Though they’ve been open for a month, you’ll have to look carefully if you’re trying to spot it; they don’t have a sign up yet.

This is the third location for Flavour, with two other successful branches at 2056 86th Street and 463 86th Street.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Flavour… are you sure you don’t sell sushi?

Thanks to Gaby G. for the tip.

This is a photo of the school. We don't have a photo of the church. You get the idea.

Three Nativity figures, including Baby Jesus and Blessed Mother, were stolen from the outside creche at Good Shepherd’s Roman Catholic Church (1950 Batchelder Street) in Marine Park on Tuesday, January 4.

According to police, video surveillance shows a man walk into the church’s unlocked yard on Avenue S at around 8:30 p.m., lift the three figures and tuck them under his arm before walking off.

The suspect did not damage any property. Police canvassed the area, and the incident is still under investigation. Video is not available to Sheepshead Bites, but a still of the footage may become available soon.

*Correction: The original version of this article indicated that the incident occurred on January 5. We regret any confusion.

I screwed something up on the site, and made someone else look foolish. They said to me, “If you put this up for the puzzle, I’ll know you love me.”

Well, there you have it. Can I have that thing you were supposed to send me now?

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There are tons of songs about New York, and plenty about Brooklyn. While we’re part of the 718 crew for life, if you hadn’t noticed, Sheepshead Bay fails to get much play on the airwaves. That’s not to say we’ve been totally forgotten about. Here are the top five (who are we kidding, it’s the only five) songs that mention Sheepshead Bay:

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