Wow. Why so phallic?

It’s February, the groundhogs are out, the snow is on the ground, and that can only mean one thing: Super Bowl Sunday is here.

Sure, neither the Jets, Giants, nor even the Saints (who?) made it this year. But drown away the tears and have some fun this weekend. You won’t need to travel far, either, because a whole bunch o’ neighborhood joints are offering some great Super Bowl specials while showing the game. Bring your friends, family, and everyone in your fantasy football league to Sheepshead Bay and root, root, root for… uh… someone else’s team.

Check out the list of Sheepshead Bay bars and restaurants playing the game and offering specials.

Source: BP's office

Borough President Marty Markowitz wowed the borough yesterday with his annual State of the Borough Address. Okay, maybe “wowed” isn’t the right word. He did, however, garner a lot of media attention for riding into the event on a bike. Hah! That Marty. He kills me. Anyway, here’s the full text of his speech. I’ve bolded the parts that I thought would be most relevant to Sheepshead Bay residents.

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Photo by Lenny M.

That guy is way too happy to be working on cervices.

I mean, sure, most men find a cervix to be a wonderful thing. All us guys hang out at the bar and talk about how great the cervices in our lives are… but… Christ. I wouldn’t want this guy touching my lady’s cervix. Shoot, I’m not even sure I want him touching my pussy cat!

You know what it is? I just don’t trust guys in bow ties. That must be it.

By the way, Lenny M. and I spotted this last night on some scaffolding at Brighton Beach Avenue and Brighton 13th Street. Then we got the hell out of Brighton.

UPDATE: Yeah, we actually have an update for this story. Miss Heather of NYShitty got in touch. The guy had done some advertising up in those parts a solid 2.5 years ago.

Tropp's home (Source:

A Manhattan Beach neighbor owes more than $100,000 to the city for construction violations on his sprawling home, and now members of Manhattan Beach Community Group are saying the culprit is the former zoning chair of rival civic, Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Association.

From the Brooklyn Paper:

Michael Tropp, who lives on Norfolk Street between Shore and Oriental boulevards, didn’t bother to apply for a permit nine years ago when he connected two neighboring houses to make one huge home. He has since improved the house in numerous ways — all the while racking up fines for illegal work and ticking off his neighbors.

“His house is illegal and he’s out of his mind,” said Oriental Boulevard resident Flori Kostoff of the contentious property owner. “He’s building on other people’s property.”

On top of that, he hasn’t even paid most of his fines.

Most recently, Tropp was fined $25,000 in November for building a brick walkway between the two formerly separate homes. The city scheduled a hearing for Jan. 3, but Tropp didn’t show up, according to city records.

The city has also taken issue with his illegal raised wooden deck and above-ground pool, for which he was fined $4,000 last January.

“His back deck is sitting right above my fence,” said Susan Yellin, who lives behind Tropp on Oxford Street. Yellin added that Tropp even tore down her backyard’s fence to put up his own without permission.

Another Oxford Street dweller, Cy Schoenfeld also claims that Tropp’s two-story-high deck stretches eight inches into his backyard.

“It’s as if no one can stop him,” said Schoenfeld, whose backyard now faces Tropp’s construction site and a sign warning that he has the lot under 24-hour surveillance.

Meanwhile, the Manhattan Beach Community Group is pointing out that Brooklyn Paper missed one important detail: Tropp was the original zoning chair of MBNA when the groups first split.

They write on their website:

Read about the first zoning chairman of our rival group (MBNA). If he pays his 6 figure fines, PS 195 can rehire the 2 excessed teachers or Sanitation can buy over a hundred grand of salt for the next storm or…you get the point.

The story below is true. Will the honorable Mayor make him pay his fines or continue to raise our property taxes and water bills? Read in amazement about this man who was in charge of zoning for MBNA. Unbelievable!

Unbelievable indeed.

A “hawk of some sort” on Batchelder Street. Photo by Erica Sherman.

Opponents of a potential Walmart at the Gateway II shopping center in East New York say that the big box retailer would bring Belt Parkway and the surrounding roadways to a standstill, and they’ve produced a report to prove it.

According to the Daily News, the report states a Walmart at Gateway II shopping center “would draw 10,692 more cars every weekday than the mall’s developers predicted in their environmental study. That’s a 32% jump in traffic, they said.” It also predicts the surge in vehicles would slow traffic by 29 percent along Shore Parkway.

While Walmart has launched a massive publicity campaign to convince New Yorkers that it’s what New Yorkers want, union leaders, small business activists and local politicians are all slamming the retailer’s potential New York City opening.

What do you think? Is Walmart worth more Belt Parkway traffic?

Amity School Brooklyn Sheepshead Bay

Renderings of the new Brooklyn Amity School, at Knapp Street and Shore Boulevard

Rumors have been swirling since the close of Golden Gate Inn at the end of December, but Sheepshead Bites has confirmed the new use for the property – Brooklyn Amity School, a Turkish-owned private school currently located on Coney Island Avenue.

The deed transfers hit the net, and Amity unveiled a set of renderings of the new school on their website. It appears they’ll be using the established structure – with a few touch ups – while Department of Buildings records show that interior walls are being torn down to make space for classrooms. Amity’s website notes that classes will begin in the new location this year.

Amity School was founded in 1999 by Turkish businessmen, but that doesn’t mean its limited to students of Turkish background. They’re listed as a non-sectarian K-12 school on, with a current student body of around 222 kids. With the larger location in the former Golden Gate Inn (3867 Shore Parkway), they’ll likely be growing that number.

Paranoia seems to have gripped the neighborhood after the hotel’s closing was announced, with rumors that the spot would be used for a number of purposes that some say would’ve sparked controversy – a center for homeless kids, a Muslim boys school, a Turkish establishment (not a school), and a charter school are just some examples.

Find out what people are saying about the Amity School’s purchase of Golden Gate Inn, and view more renderings of the proposed building.

Wheelers is once again throwing its wings in the ring, signing up for The Best Wings in Brooklyn Competition.

The neighborhood staple, at 1707 Sheepshead Bay Road, will be taking on nine other Brooklyn bars and wing joints to prove itself in the contest, hosted by Greenpoint’s Red Star. It was pretty much the only biz representing Southern Brooklyn, and though it earned high marks, it didn’t take home the prize.

The totally free event kicks off on Saturday, February 12. Doors open to the public at 2 p.m. Go and root for our home team!

For more information, check out Red Star’s website.

Thanks to BrooklynQ for the tip.

Restaurant Sabor Latina Sheepshead Bay

Welcome back to The Bite, Sheepshead Bites’ weekly column where we explore the foodstuffs of Sheepshead Bay. Each week we’ll check out a different offering from one of the many restaurants, delis, food carts, bakeries, butchers, fish mongers, or grocers in our neighborhood. If it’s edible, we’ll take a bite.

Latin American food is not very well represented in Sheepshead Bay, and that’s a shame. It could be because of the mistaken notion that Latin American food is all “hot and spicy,” and “hot and spicy” is far removed from the palettes of most our residents. While some can be, most Latino food is rather tame. While every nation in Latin America has it’s own variation, this dish falls squarely in the mild category.

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Another great shot from Tinx Chan, who writes: “I caught this shot with my android phone while I was shooting the opening shot of a micro-budget indie film. The setting of the film is based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, but the director decided that the rooftops of the projects in Sheepshead looked close enough to Greenpoint…”

Like hell it does…