Some interesting street art popped up under the Sheepshead Bay Road Belt Parkway overpass. It didn’t last long, but it was cool while it was there.

Photo by Erica Sherman.

Phew, I don’t know about you, but I’m still exhausted from Saturday night’s Seaside Soiree, the Sheepshead Bites birthday party and Bensonhurst Bean launch party.

All that running around, making sure everyone’s happy, chatting people up, handling complaints (apparently live rock music is loud, free food goes quickly, and “soiree” sounds “gay”) was fun, but it really made me tired.

We’re currently sorting through the hundreds of photos that readers sent in (not to mention a huge batch from our own Randy Contello), and will be posting them tomorrow along with a rundown.

Until then, let me express my gratitude. The event was a huge success – better than we had imagined – and I had a fantastic time meeting as many of you as I could. We will definitely be doing more events, as you’ve clearly helped prove our theory: neighbors want to meet each other and share what they have in common – Sheepshead Bay.

That’s what Sheepshead Bites exists to do – build community in Sheepshead Bay, bridging the gap online and off.

Keep reading to see who to thank for making this wonderful event a reality!

Erika Sheffer with fellow playwrights Thomas Bradshaw and David Rabe (Source:

Off-Broadway theater company, The New Group, announced this weekend that, among this season’s theatrical offerings will be the production of Russian Transport, a play written by Brooklyn-born playwright Erika Sheffer, set in Sheepshead Bay:

Set in the Russian-Jewish enclave of Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, Russian Transport, according to The New Group, is a “deeply personal, emotionally charged tale of an immigrant couple, their two assimilated teenagers and the fierce and fiery upheaval they experience when sexy, mysterious Uncle Boris from the old country comes to stay with them for his shot at the American dream.”

While production dates, cast and additional creative team members have not yet been announced, you can check out The New Group’s website for the latest ticket information.


We received the below e-mail from Manhattan Beach resident Stuart Fries last night. Does anyone have info regarding the accident in question? If so, leave it in the comments section.

Don’t know if you received any pictures from a horrific car accident this morning, 6/18 [sic - should be 6/19], about 9:30 AM…I was the first car stopped at the light on Shore Blvd. and Emmons Ave, leaving Manhattan Beach…

I can’t even describe exactly what happened…

Directly in front of probably One Neptune Ave., Just off the corner of East 14th, which intersects at Emmons Ave. and Neptune Ave. I heard a tremendous screech, with a black car racing Westbound on Neptune Ave., and then a white car flying up into the air, and then I see a black car, which I suspect was parked, but not sure, also go flying and completely turn over!!!  I have no idea if people were in only one car or both.   I immediately called 911 and was hooked in to a dispatcher, and others were also calling…

I would be most interested, to find out what actually had occurred. It may be possible that the speeding car, may have caused the accident, but it sped away like lightning!

UPDATE (1:38 p.m.): Minutes after posting the above blurb, Citizen X sent in the photograph of the accident and noted, “Over heard that alcohol might have been a contribution in this crash.”

Keep sending us info!


THE COMMUTE: The MTA does a decent job when it comes to finding and returning lost property to its rightful owners, except when it comes to finding its own property.

The New York Times reported on Saturday that the Long Island Rail Road, a subsidiary of the MTA, lost track of some of its own property right here in Sheepshead Bay until it was brought to their attention earlier this month by a reporter. The property in question is a corridor at least 20 feet wide and 520 feet long between Avenue U and Avenue V and East 17th Street and East 18th Street. It was the former right-of-way for the New York, Brooklyn, and Manhattan Beach Railway, which operated on the surface for 30 years – until 1907 – to the Manhattan Beach Hotel, which was razed the same year.

Keep reading about the history of the Manhattan Beach spur of the LIRR, and how the MTA could have saved some money had they known it.


A Marine Park man has been charged with assault, intent to cause serious injury with a weapon, unlawful use of a loaded firearm, reckless endangerment and resisting arrest after opening fire on a group of teens and wounding three on Saturday.

The bloodshed began when the teens refused to leave the stoop of Thomas Dunikowski’s Stuart Street home just before midnight. Dunikowski, who has an arrest record for domestic incidents, grabbed his gun and perched himself at his second floor window, firing down on the teens. He struck two of them, and a fragment hit a resident.

The Daily News describes the scene:

A bullet sliced through the neck of a 17-year-old, and fragments from other rounds hit a 14-year-old boy, tearing into his left thigh and one of his arms, police said.

Both were hospitalized and expected to survive, police said.

The teens were rambunctious and making a terrible racket as they hung out on the stoop outside Dunikowski’s home on Stuart St. about 11:40 p.m. Saturday, police said.

Dunikowski initially told them to scram, but they ignored his warning – and he didn’t take it lightly, police said.

Incensed, Dunikowski went inside his home, fetched his semi-automatic hunting rifle and loaded it. He opened a second-floor window, took aim and began firing as if it were target practice, police said.

According to the New York Post, an innocent bystander was also struck. Yana Kaprovskaya, 21, was struck in the knee by a bullet fragment. The tabloid had a bit more about the kids and what Dunikowski did after firing:

The gang of menacing young thugs began prowling the block around 11:30 p.m. Saturday, knocking over trash, vandalizing cars and lounging on the steps of homes, residents said.

Thomas Dunikowski, 30, was among those who confronted the teens, to no avail.

He then stormed back into his house, grabbed his unlicensed Bushmaster 5.56 mm, and started blasting from a second-floor window, cops said.

Dunikowski, who lives with his wife and baby son, then stashed the gun on the roof and climbed into bed naked, pretending he was asleep, police sources said.

When cops arrived, Dunikowski’s wife at first told them he was not involved. But she eventually gave him up when they said her 2-year-old could be taken away if she covered up a crime, the sources said.

One of our readers, JH, passed by the scene shortly after it happened, and had this to say:

in the wake of last weeks shooting in brighton beach I return home from a great day at the mermade parade.After seeing my buddys Neptune Jam play  ..I go to drop off my friend on Stuart Street, and a teen was shot by the jr high school in front of her house!

It appeared that a kid was shot off his bike where there was loads of blood. Many male teens were at the scene. A man was in handcuffs..and I was told another shooter was already removed from the scene.

As I walked away it appears there were other injurys….

Please lets get these kids away from GUNS…we need gun control in brooklyn not smoking bans….put the cops where we need them.

Photo by Natalya Serebrennikova.

Can you believe it took us until now to come up with a cool name for the event, like “Seaside Soiree”? Well, that’s all because we were too busy making sure it was an awesome event with delicious food, spectacular music and one-of-a-kind atmosphere to focus on a name. But now it’s all together. So, to celebrate Sheepshead Bites’ third birthday and the launch of Bensonhurst Bean, we’re throwing our first Seaside Soiree – a waterfront party with free food, cheap drinks and live music!

Remember to come down Saturday night, June 18, anytime between 8:00 p.m. and midnight to party with fellow readers. As we previously mentioned, we’ve got food from Bassett’s Deli and Caterers and Cupcake Kings, and the Baron DeKalb Knights of Columbus has generously offered use of their beautiful pier and bar (serving $3 beers!). Pinto Novelty (2118 Avenue X) has thrown in some fun freebies to light up the night.

As for music, we’ve got the Penniless Loafers opening at 8:00 p.m. Penniless Loafers is an eight-piece band playing an hour-long set of ska and indie rock. And, hell, they’ve got horns. Lots and lots of horns! (Actually, I think it’s just two. But how many horns does your band have?) You can listen to some of their music here.

Following them we have Nelson F. & Friends (Ralph F., Mike K., Sparkie, Gary G., Stevie, Freddie F. and Barney). Veterans of the local music scene, they’ll be switching performers in and out for the rest of the evening with a variety of takes on good ol’ rock music. Want to see what I’m talking about when I say a variety? Check out these two songs, performed by Nelson F. & Friends:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Once again, the party is Saturday night, June 18, beginning at 8:00 p.m. at the Baron DeKalb Knights of Columbus (3000 Emmons Avenue, at Nostrand). You can see our Facebook event page here.

This is a totally free event, though we are asking for a $5 donation at the door to be used to replenish our freelance writer budget, giving us what we need to provide more original reporting about Sheepshead Bay. The event is open to the public and you do not need to be a member of the Knights of Columbus to come and enjoy.

The Coney Island Mermaid Parade is asking for help to promote this year’s Mermaid Parade on television early Saturday morning, requesting potential parade-goers to head into Manhattan and stand around lookin’ all fishy.

According to their Facebook page, the CBS Early Show is looking for Mermaids to come hang out for televised promos and interviews Saturday morning between 7:30 am and 9 a.m. (the above screenshot has the incorrect time). If you’re interested in being on TV and showing off your costume to the masses, head to 5th Ave and 59th Street across from F.A.O. Shwartz. For more information please contact organizers via Facebook.
Of course, for our readers, we think you should ditch the mermaid gear and grab a Sheepshead Bites t-shirt and stand around the mermaids, stealing their screen time. Mwahah!
By the way, the Mermaid Parade takes place tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. along Surf Avenue and the Riegelmann Boardwalk.

This little guy was spotted strutting his stuff on Avenue P and East 10th Street by reader ShadowLock, right around the corner from where Weiner resigned yesterday. I wonder if he smelled all the garbage that packed into the area yesterday and decided to check it out.

Unfortunately, residents weren’t too happy about it. ShadowLock writes:

I pushed some jerk cause he was throwing rocks at the poor fella saying how when it grows up it can kill someone, I was like, are you dumb… it’s a living thing and it’s a Baby look how defenseless it is.

He really ruined my morning…  :(

Raccoons may be pests, but people should call animal control to take care of them, not stone-throwing thugs.