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A sudden stomach virus has spread inside the Sheepshead Bay Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on 2840 Knapp Street.

Officials told News12 yesterday that they are keeping infected residents at the facility quarantined until the virus passes.

Those on the affected floors in the 200-bed center are not allowed to leave or have visitors at the moment. The cause of the virus is still under investigation.

Actions are in line with the Department of Health procedures for containment, and officials are looking into the cause of the outbreak.

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Bob Haggerty, whose house was nearly destroyed in a Lake Avenue fire on February 10, has a simple but powerful message for Sheepshead Bay residents: start giving a damn about your community.

During the Sheepshead Bay / Plumb Beach Civic Association Meeting last Tuesday, Haggerty took the floor to talk about the squalid conditions of a neighboring home – which he said belonged to a “slum lord” – that caught fire, spreading to his home while he napped inside. The legally blind Haggerty made it out safely and now lives up the block with his daughter until repairs can be made. But, the night of the fire, Haggerty and his daughter Melissa were incensed at their neighbor, cursing her out, and devastated by the city’s lack of action despite repeated complaints.

But on Tuesday night, Haggerty didn’t come to complain about the Department of Buildings or other city agencies for their lack of action.

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The Thunderboltin 1995. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The Thunderbolt site, once home to the famed Coney Island roller coaster built in 1920, is now up for grabs.

Thunderbolt owner Horace Bullard has put it up for sale, following a failed attempt to cash in on the property last year. The former roller coaster was torn down in 2000 after being decommissioned in 1982.

Keep reading about the deal, and what it means for the amusement district.

The Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Association will hold a meeting tonight at 8 p.m. at P.S. 195, located on 131 Irwin Street.

THE COMMUTE: Bus service is the MTA’s job, but Kingsborough can assist the MTA in improving bus service by taking the following measures.

  1. Provide security officers to assist MTA dispatchers and bus drivers
  2. Inform the MTA every time there is a deviation in the school schedule
  3. Move the bus terminal from Mackenzie Street to inside college property

The MTA cannot do the job by itself. Here is why.

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Allan Rosen sent over the following suggestion over the weekend:

Gas prices are on the minds of a lot of people.   How about asking people what they think is behind the dramatic rise in gasoline and home heating oil prices.  Gas companies are making record profits. Are prices being manipulated?  Are gas companies in collusion with one another? Can and should government step in and what can they do?  Is there a shortage? Will gas prices reach $5 a gallon by this summer or sooner?  Will prices drop again and if so why?

Rosen is right – people are concerned about rising gas prices. But I’m not so interested in hearing conspiracy theories about the cause of the inflation, or speculation about what happens next. My question is simpler and closer to home: how has the rising cost of oil affected you? How are you coping with it? Are you finding ways to keep costs down? Care to share, and help your neighbors out?

Source: NYC Mayor's Office

Even the luck of the Irish couldn’t help Mayor Bloomberg.

Mayor Bloomberg visited Rockaway, Queens, on Saturday to march in their annual St. Patrick’s Day parade, but hizzonah was not welcomed warmly. According to the New York Post, the crowd shouted “Go back to Manhattan!” and “Take the A train home!” as he marched the 30-block route.

Residents were more than a little ticked off at the mayor’s recent spate of initiatives that aren’t holding much water outside of Manhattan, especially in middle-class residential strongholds. And, in true old-school New York fashion, the folks in the Rockaways gave Bloomberg their unvarnished opinions on everything from teacher and FDNY layoffs (they chanted “Union buster” as he marched) to the latest anti-smoking bill.

“What he’s doing to our teachers and our Fire Department – it’s shameful,” said one parade attendee. “Who cares about bike lanes? He’s an idiot.”

According to the Post, Bloomberg didn’t stick around to play nice with the revelers. He and his entourage drove off as soon as he finished the parade route.

As a Brooklynite, it can be a little hard to praise Queens on a job well done. But on this one, the enemy of our enemy is our friend. Kudos to you, Queenies, for keepin’ it real and giving Bloomberg the kind of welcome he’s earned.

[via Gothamist]

Photo by Laura Fernandez.

Brighton Beach in 1901, when people were wearing too much. That’s the direct opposite of what you see today on the beach, where people are wearing too little.

And did you know that the beach once included a sign that read, “Neither indecent bathing suits nor immodest deportment will be tolerated.” (You can see this sign better when clicking the link and then clicking on ‘view hi-def image.’)

Imagine if that sign still stood today?