The dedicated team from the Sean Casey Animal Rescue. Source: KARMABrooklyn

Some heartbreaking news stories should really come with warning labels or, in the very least, a box of tissues.

The Daily News ran a piece on the overcrowded and critically overwhelmed Sean Casey Animal Shelter that, if you are an animal lover, will plainly rip your heart out and reduce you to a quivering bowl of jelly.

Run by the 30-year-old Casey, the Windsor Terrace animal shelter’s astronomically high vet bills per month are more money than some of us have ever possessed in our lifetimes. Running on an incredibly small budget and bursting at the seams, Sean Casey Animal Shelter just plain needs help… badly.

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The meek, the relentlessly picked on, and the emotionally tormented are breathing a sigh of relief as bullies will now have lesser recourse for abusing their victims, both online, and on school grounds, thanks to comprehensive anti-bullying legislation passed by the New York State Senate and City Council.

Cyber-bullying legislation sponsored by Lew Fidler was signed into law this week by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, while, up in Albany, State Senator Marty Golden managed to push a bill through the State Senate. Both bills target bullying – online and off – through schools.

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Photo taken May 24, 2011

Man, don’t you just hate it when a developers try to sell their residential units based on amenities that don’t exist?

That’s why every time I passed by 1702 Avenue Z (on the corner of East 17th Street) for the past year or so, my eyebrows raised. Dreamlife Realty, a mysterious broker that took over after bigger names abandoned the project, posted a sign in one of the upper windows advertising “Indoor Parking.”

To which I asked, “Where?!”

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A reader told me about two weeks ago that Benny’s Gourmet Pizza, at 1730 Jerome Avenue, had closed down. We got over there yesterday to check it out, and that does appear to be the case. After nearly three years in operation, the establishment seems to be shuttered.

We called the business’ number this morning and there was no answer. We’ve been hearing that kosher establishments are becoming more and more in-demand in Sheepshead Bay, and establishments like Cupcake Kings have gone out of their way to get the proper certification to cater to the demographic. So what happened at Benny’s, the only kosher pizzeria in “downtown” Sheepshead Bay?

Source: davidsteltz/Flickr

Telling Tips is a series of articles from local experts to help you save money, make better decisions and plan for a better future.

It’s summer, and you’re going to be out more, hopefully enjoying America the Beautiful. You may or may not think about it, but what do you do if your wallet or purse is lost or stolen? The first step is ‘think about it.’

What to do if your wallet gets stolen or lost, and how to prepare for the worst.

Photo by Randy Contello.

Parents of children attending P.S. 254 (1801 Avenue Y) received the following letter today, after a suspicious man approached one of the elementary school students. The man is described as a white man driving a Ford Mustang, wearing a black leather jacket and a cap or bandana. Here is the letter:

While Congressman Anthony Weiner finally lays low following the revelation of Twitter romances – and the lies that preceded his eventual confession – at least one civic group publicly expressed its support and gratitude for the embattled politician.

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Enraged parents from the overcrowded Intermediate School 303 in Coney Island are taking immediate legal action to stop a similarly cramped charter school from moving into their building, 501 West Avenue at West 5th Street, the Daily News is reporting.

Worried that an additional 270 students from Coney Island Prep, located inside the Carey Gardens public housing project at 2315 Surf Avenue, will not only cause the school to “lose all the ground it’s made up after a 2004 reorganization,” but parents also fear that “it will disrupt programs for 750 kids who attend I.S. 303, Rachel Carson High School and a school for students with special needs already located in the building.”

Department of Education officials plan to move 270-seat Coney Island Prep because the two-year-old charter is outgrowing its space in a community center at the Carey Gardens public housing project.

Butt and other IS 303 parents have appealed to state Education Commissioner David Steiner to stop the DOE’s plan on the grounds that it will disrupt programs for 750 kids who attend IS 303, Rachel Carson High School and a school for students with special needs already located in the building.

IS 303 is a once-troubled school that recovered from a state-mandated overhaul in 2004 to earn A’s and B’s on recent city progress reports.

Butt and other parents believe the city’s plan will ruin the comeback by eliminating a schedule where students spend much of their time in a single classroom — with teachers moving from class to class.

The stakes are equally high at Coney Island Prep, which has been housed in an eight-room space that is so tight students have to eat lunch at their desks.

“It’s painful to even think about staying. Our kids deserve access to a traditional public school building,” said Jacob Mnookin, executive director of the charter school.


In the wise words of the venerable 50 Cent, “Go, go, go shawty/ It’s your birthday/ We gon’ party like it’s yo birthday.”

Sheepshead Bites just had its third birthday, meaning we’ve finally outgrown our terrible twos and are ready to socialize. So now we’ve got a little sister-site, Bensonhurst Bean, covering all the news in Bensonhurst. And we’re finally ready to bring y’all together for some fun and festivities!

That’s right, to celebrate the third birthday of Sheepshead Bites and the launch of Bensonhurst Bean, we’re throwing our first event!

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