Photo courtesy of Bona Weiss

Accomplished photographer, filmmaker and Sheepshead Bites reader Bona Weiss contacted us about a cool project he’d been working on:

A few years back, I started experimenting with 360 degree panoramas and took a few around the neighborhood. There wasn’t a Sheepshead Bites then (or at least I didn’t know about it yet), so there wasn’t much of a way to share any of it with neighbors. Anyway, these panoramas may not mesh with the content of the blog exactly, but I thought readers may find them interesting.

Futuristic-looking Emmons Avenue panoramas not “mesh” with Sheepshead Bites?? Pish-posh. Click here to behold some of the coolest photos I have ever seen.

In a second correspondence, Bona — who describes himself on his Facebook page as “[s]hooting and editing visual nightmares at 24 fps” [Ed – “fps” = “frames per second”] — explains that he used a program called “The Panorama Factory,” which he says allows you to select ‘stitching points’ between photos. “That outputs a jpg of the panorama,” he explains, “usually with a few errors in the seams (mostly ghosting), which I touch up in Photoshop. Then I convert it to flash with a program called ‘PanoSalado.’”

If you want to see more of Bona’s amazing work, check out his website or “like” him on Facebook.

UPDATE (10:36 a.m.): The NYPD tells Sheepshead Bites that they are “99 percent sure” they’ve found Rosenthal. They have him in custody and are awaiting a family member to confirm his identity. Thank you for any and all help in this case.

Original post:

Authorities have issued a Silver Alert for Leon Rosenthal, an 87-year-old last seen in Marine Park.

The alert was issued just after midnight. Rosenthal suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease and may be in danger due to last night’s storms. He is described as a white male, 5’6″ tall, and 140lbs. He is balding and has brown spots on his face.

He was last seen near Burnett Street and Avenue U in Brooklyn wearing brown slacks, a white button down shirt, and brown sandals.

If you see Rosenthal, please call 911.

Sent in by a reader with the following note: “[M]y name is JoAnne, (Georgia’s daughter) I saw this beautiful cloud when I got off the train & thought I would share it.”

Photo by JoAnne, Georgia’s daughter.

Image courtesy of reader Niklas M.

’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.
Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!”

– Excerpt from Jabberwocky, by Louis Carroll

The photo you see above is a compelling enough reason why children should go to school, study hard and, for the love of all that is holy, learn how to read and write basic English.

Reader Niklas M. sent us the image of a sawhorse, situated “at the intersection of Jerome and E21, behind Rite Aid,” with the non-words “COOS SIDEWOCK” painted in white letters, and accented with baby blue paint to give it an eye-pleasing 3D effect, across the plank. Niklas writes: “On the other side, on Ave Z, is another ‘funny’ sign. It’s [sic] says something like ‘no porck’.”

We’re fairly certain there are no kosher restaurants in the area advertising “no porck” on their menus — at least not any longer — so let’s analyze a little further.

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An 18 pound, 75-year-old lobster went on display at Coney Island’s New York Aquarium this week, after being rescued from lusty seafood lovers’ dinner plates.

Though probably better fitting down the block at the freak show, the “colossal crustacean” – as the Daily News dubbed it – landed in the aquarium tanks after being caught off the coast of Canada. It was shipped all the way out to San Francisco, where a wholesaler’s bookkeeper urged her bosses to protect the lobster.

Of course, spacial dynamics also went a long way in saving the sea monster: the lobster was too big for most pots. So the bookkeeper got her wish, advertising the jumbo shellfish on an online posting that caught the eye of aquarium administrators.

“He radiates a certain charisma,” said Aquarium Director Jon Dohlin. “A crustacean charisma.”

Look at this asshole. Why did nature allow this? (Source: kainet/Flickr)

Bensonhurst Bean has picked up a story from NY1, revealing that West Nile Virus has been detected in mosquitoes in Marine Park and Gravesend, among several other Brooklyn neighborhoods.

As the Bensonhurst news blog points out, “The Department of Health is advising residents to take precautions, such as wearing long pants, dumping out or reporting standing water and repairing window screens, in order to avoid mosquito bites.”

Tests by the city have turned up positive for West Nile in Gravesend, Marine Park, Dyker Heights, Bath Beach, Windsor Terrace and Greenwood Heights. No human cases have been reported, but the city is advising residents to clear out any standing water – the breeding grounds for mosquitoes – from their property, and to report any instances elsewhere to 311 and their local community board.

Congratulations Boris Royzen, our relentless reader who campaigned to win the chance to throw the first pitch at MCU Park (Cyclones Stadium) during tomorrow’s Sheepshead Bites Night!

Royzen garnered more than 50 percent of the vote (351 votes) – besting two other candidates for the opportunity of a lifetime. And he did it all by promising to make an ass out of himself.

It was a competition to end all competitions; one that tells us much about the human condition. Readers were presented with three options: a bonafide hero, a loser begging for redemption, or Royzen, a guy who was just willing to embarrass himself the most. And, with the votes tallied, Royzen’s victory shows what our readers care about most: humiliation.

We wouldn’t have it any other way, and neither would Royzen. The former high school swimming star is pulling out his old purple Leon M. Goldstein H.S. speedos and slapping on a Sheepshead Bites sticker, then taking to the mound to throw the first pitch. And he’s got a conscience, too. Moved by the story of fellow contestant Joseph Brodoff, a local hero who, after his wife’s death, created several facilities and programs that assist cancer patients at two city hospitals, Royzen said he’ll be making a contribution to the foundation’s cause.

But, for now, it’s the game he’s looking forward to. Sort of.

“I’m nervous and excited,” said the 27-year-old owner of Gravesend-based B&T Marlboro Pharmacy (2845 86th Street). “I really hope it doesn’t rain.”

Well, we really hope only one ball makes an appearance on the mound…

Sheepshead Bites Night at MCU Park (Cyclones Stadium) is tomorrow, August 19, at 6:30 p.m. Discounted tickets for Sheepshead Bites readers can be bought here with the promo code “BITES.” There will be a pre-game presentation in which Sheepshead Bites promotes the neighborhood with videos on the jumbotron, a performance by students from the Covenant Ballet Theater of Brooklyn’s Dance Academy, a ceremony honoring St. Mark Catholic Church for it’s 150th year honoring the community, and free t-shirts launched into the crowd (shirts will also be for sale on the mezzanine).

Debtors' Prison. Read on to see how you can avoid ending up in this dingy place. Source: Affordable Housing Institute

Telling Tips is a series of articles from local experts to help you save money, make better decisions and plan for a better future.

When you can’t pay your credit card or car loan, it’s a problem. When you can’t pay the IRS, it’s a BIG problem.

Here’s What You Do First

You should always try to avoid the IRS collection process. The first things you should do are:

  1. Pay as much as you can with your return as well as with each of the notices that follow.
  2. Try to borrow from a bank, finance company, friend or family.
  3. Call the IRS, explain your situation, and as ask for an installment payment plan that you can afford. They will work with you, giving you up to five years to pay, plus non-deductible interest, of course. Always keep the lines of communication open.
  4. If the amount is way over your capabilities and you cannot pay it off over the next 10-plus years from your employment or other income, consider an ‘Offer in Compromise.’ (See below.)

In our ‘voluntary’ system of taxation, the IRS may use a ‘Levy’ or ‘Lien’ to collect taxes you owe but don’t pay. These are generally used only after a number of letters, calls, and other contacts.

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Photo by Dan Cavanagh of

UPDATE (11:53 a.m.): is reporting additional information, relating it to a bar fight incident that happened last night. Here’s what they’ve got:

Both the stabbing at channel avenue and body at the point are related incidents.

There was a bar fight involving two brothers and another group that spilled into the streets. One brother was stabbed near Everett avenue and collapsed across the street in the weeds. He was transported to a hospital and is in critical condition. The other brother was stabbed and found DOA at the point.

UPDATE (10:30 a.m.): The NYPD has issues the following statement:

On Thursday, August 18, 2011 at approximately 0725 hours, police officers responded to calls of a body in the water at 3078 Gerritsen Ave within the confines of the 63 precinct.  Upon arrival, officers discovered a M/W/28 unconscious and unresponsive on the shore of the location.  EMS responded and pronounced the aided DOA.  There are no arrests at this time, ME will determine the cause of death and investigation is ongoing.

Identification is pending.

Original post:

A body appears to have washed up in Gerritsen Beach near the point, according to

Authorities from the 63rd Precinct gathered around the corpse around 9:00 a.m. when Cavanagh,’s publisher, arrived at the scene.

This is a breaking news story and may contain inaccuracies. We will provide more information as it becomes available.

From our friends at Coney Island Hospital:


Coney Island Hospital in partnership with the New York Blood Center (NYBC) will host a blood drive for area residents and staff to help save the lives of patients in need of life saving blood and blood products.

Give the gift of life and you’ll get to choose a gift (either a NYBC T-shirt or a CIH mug!)

Time: 1:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Where: 2601 Ocean Parkway
2nd Floor Conference Center (Old Cafe Area)

To Learn More Contact:
Gregory Maizous
PHONE: (718) 616-4547