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Our friends at the Gerrittsen Beach Fire Department (yes, they spell it with two T’s) asked us to post the following:

An Emergency Medical Technician class will be held at the Gerrittsen Beach Fire Department starting October 10th through March on Mondays and Thursdays, 7-10 p.m., and on alternate Sundays, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

EMT certification qualifies individuals for employment in the field of EMS. Ambulance services and FDNY are in need of EMTs.

EMT class cost $850. No prior medical background or training is needed for either class.

To register, or for more information, call the Gerrittsen Beach Fire Department at 718-332-9292. Those who are interested should call soon, as the deadline is October 7th .

Pat Singer in the BNA's storefront, which they're scheduled to vacate. (Photo by Erica Sherman)

As the headquarters of the Brighton Neighborhood Association, Pat Singer’s colorful, tchocke-laden storefront has served as the relief center for embattled Brighton Beach tenants for 34 years. But after damages from flooding, a landlord dispute and year-after-year of budget slashes, the non-profit is vacating the space for more humble accommodations.

The tenant advocacy organization says their landlord is kicking them out. Keep reading.

Community Board 15 will meet tonight at 7:00 p.m. at Kingsborough Community College’s faculty dining room (2001 Oriental Boulevard).

On the agenda are five zoning items, three for special permits to enlarge their homes, one for an extension of time to complete construction, and one to amend plans for the enlargement of their property.

Aside from that, the Community Board will hear residents’ concerns, and local elected officials will give updates on their efforts to represent their constituents.

Source: GenBug/Flickr

It’s no surprise that the problems of the United States Postal Service (USPS) have become unmanageable over the last decade and have led to its escalating economic crisis. Despite the record 213 billion pieces of mail it processed just five years ago, “snail mail” struggles to compete — especially electronically — and, since then, its volume has dropped 22 percent and its deficit has ballooned.

Part of problem is unprofitable post offices that continually take in less than they cost to operate. Consequently, almost 4,000 post offices have been targeted for closing, starting in January, including five of the 54 that serve Brooklyn. One is the branch on Coney Island Avenue in Brighton Beach, which has been targeted for closing every time cutbacks are proposed since 2009.

We get a lot of complaints about our local post offices. Keep reading for a rundown of system-wide problems that are at the root of local-level issues.

1752 Shore Parkway, the future home of BJ's (Source:

Our sister site Bensonhurst Bean has updated its story on Brooklyn Bay Center, a planned Thor Equities development at 1752 Shore Parkway that will have BJ’s as its primary tenant.

The development has received approval from the City Council, following positive recommendations from Community Board 11 and the Brooklyn Borough President. Though the project may be moving forward, there remain some lingering complications that Bensonhurst Bean was first to report on,  including concerns about increased automobile traffic, as well as a decrease in foot traffic in the area’s main streets.

But the approval is still welcome news for local leaders, who continue to tout the 250 unionized construction jobs the development will bring, in addition to the retail positions once it opens – not to mention the renovation of a currently dilapidated waterfront space, opening it up to the public.

To meet concerns about the traffic, Bensonhurst Bean reports, Assemblyman Peter Abbate is trying to nab state funding for traffic mitigation. Possible measures include relocating the Belt Parkway’s Bay Parkway exit east of its current location.

No word yet on Markowitz’s demand that Thor include a “destination restaurant” as a tenant on the property. We’re betting there won’t be one.

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Photo by Igor Lyutin

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Sheepshead Bites is proud to present A Taste of Sheepshead Bay, the first time in recent history that residents and food critics will be able to sample offerings from 20 local food establishments in one place for one price, while also enjoying live entertainment and affordable drinks.

Our mission is clear: to put Sheepshead Bay back on the map as one of the city’s most diverse and delicious culinary hotspots.

The event is designed to keep to the overarching philosophy at Sheepshead Bites that strong democracies are built on strong neighborhoods, and strong neighborhoods are built on strong local businesses. A Taste of Sheepshead Bay will shine a spotlight on the neighborhood’s best restaurants, by exposing residents and the city’s food critics to the varied but unheralded food establishments spanning our community, increasing their profile and bolstering local commerce.


The event will include:

  • Samplings of dishes from local restaurants
  • Live music throughout the evening
  • Full cash bar
  • Free valet parking
  • Limited edition restaurant guide, featuring the event’s participants
  • And more!

The event is sponsored by Il Fornetto, Sheepshead Bay’s premiere waterfront restaurant, and will feature other neighborhood staples like:

  • Chicken Masters
  • Liman Restaurant
  • Randazzo’s
  • Arbuz
  • Coney Island Taste Peruvian Restaurant
  • Anthony’s Place
  • Jay & Lloyd’s Kosher Deli
  • Top Brgr
  • and many more.

Attendance for the event is limited to 250 and tickets are now available here.

SPECIAL OFFER: The first 50 customers to buy tickets online will receive a $5 discount per ticket, reducing the price to just $20 for 20 restaurants! SOLD OUT!

After the first 50, the remaining tickets can be purchased online for $25, or at the door for $35 (cash only at the door).

WHEN: October 27, 2011 at 7:00 p.m.
WHERE: Baron DeKalb Knights of Columbus (3000 Emmons Avenue)
COST: $25/advance; $35/door

This is getting to be an old story for me. The rare trip out of town, the uncommon unplugged weekend, the incommunicado expeditions. I can count on one hand how often this happens. One hand that’s been mauled by a bear.

But when it does happen there’s always a slew of big stories that, of course, wouldn’t have happened on any weekend I was here. This time it was a shooting death, a major fire, and a car versus building. Two of the three we now have stories published, but they didn’t come with the usual flurry of breaking updates and on-the-scene observations that Sheepshead Bites excels at. For that, I apologize. But everyone needs a break, right?

There is, of course, a way you can help. We did receive e-mails from readers, almost all with a link to a news story or a one-line tip that read, say, “Mad fire at East 21st St.” This is a big help, but not when I have no connection to e-mail. That’s why we’ve created a dedicated tips e-mail address that will forward the tip to multiple Sheepshead Bites writers, allowing us to get information out there faster.

Please save tips [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com to your contact books and in your phones. You can – and should – send text, video and photos via e-mail or text messaging to this address.

That said, while any information is helpful, more is more. Snap photos with your cell phones, and e-mail us descriptions of the scene. Don’t just tell us there’s a fire, tell us that the fire has drawn four firetrucks, and that the smoke is choking the streets. Tell us what roads are closed off, or where police are gathering at the scene of crime. Let us know how people are reacting, and if the situation poses an inconvenience or danger to others in the community. That kind of information allows us to get a story out even faster, keeping other readers informed about neighborhood conditions, and allowing them to act accordingly.

Tips [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com. Save it. Now.


It rained cats and dogs on Friday, but a break in the weather on Saturday made for an unseasonably warm autumn day for canines, owners and observers at the seventh annual Canarsie Lions Club Doggie Olympics in Marine Park.

Keep reading and view a photo gallery.