The following is a paid announcement from Massey Knakal Realty Services, a diversified real estate company, specializing exclusively in representing owners in the sale, retail lease or financing of their properties in the New York metro area.

Massey Knakal – NYC’s Top Building Sales Firm – seeks a full-time Associate to work in our Southern Brooklyn Property Sales Division.

An Associate works under the direction of our seasoned sales agent, Brian R. Hanson, and provides support within the Southern Brooklyn territory on his listings.  An Associate assists in all daily brokerage activities, learning the ins and outs of Commercial Real Estate, while undergoing training to develop sales skills and Real Estate knowledge.  The role is typically an 18-24 month program after which an Associate has the opportunity to transition to the next level of their career by taking over their own territory.

This position entails all facets of brokerage support including, feasibility analyses, studying market trends, handling marketing efforts on exclusive listings, and giving tours of buildings to prospective investors.  Preferred qualifications are: demonstrated ability in sales/business development, previous leadership/entrepreneurial roles and team-oriented disposition. Access to a car is preferred and proficiency in Russian and Chinese languages is helpful.

Massey Knakal will continue its growth allowing significant opportunities for advancement and leadership.  Please visit for a full position description, a company overview and to read about our Sales, Leasing, and Mortgage Brokerage services.

*Please send résumés to: Jasmine Mele, HR, @

The above is a paid announcement by Massey Knakal Realty Services. Sheepshead Bites has not verified the claims made in this advertisement. If you own a business and would like to announce a special offer to tens of thousands of locals, e-mail us at advertising [at] sheepsheadbites [dot] com.

Source: Golden's office

Brooklyn State Senator Marty Golden and several other legislators are working to stop the Department of Education from prohibiting churches from using schools for a place of worship, according to NY 1.

Golden introduced a bill that will allow churches to gather and worship in schools when classes aren’t in session. State Senator Ruben Diaz and six other lawmakers are backing up Golden by working on getting more support for the bill.

The legislation comes at a time in which the Supreme Court ruled against hearing a case that would give churches permission to use public schools. The Department of Education will plan on banning religious worship inside public school based on a previous ruling.

Sixty churches have until February 12 to find another location to hold their practices.

The 61st Precinct Community Council will meet tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the Sephardic Center, 1901 Ocean Parkway (near Avenue S).

The Community Council is comprised of concerned residents and top brass from the 61st Precinct, and offers neighbors an opportunity to ask questions and express concerns about crime and safety issues in the area. The monthly meetings are attended by Deputy Inspector Georgios Mastrokostas, the commanding officer of the precinct, who will present a report on incidents and trends in the neighborhood, and speak face-to-face with neighbors about specific concerns.

Do you have a crime or safety concern you want addressed? Attend tonight’s meeting!

City Councilman Lew Fidler has made what appears to be his first public pitch for why he should take the seat of disgraced State Senator Carl Kruger, though he noted that he has yet to make a formal announcement.

The stump speech was delivered to the Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Association on Monday night, just hours after Governor Cuomo announced a March 20 special election to fill Kruger’s seat. The Brooklyn Democratic Party leadership has not yet officially selected Fidler as their candidate (parties choose candidates for special elections), barring the pol from saying he’s taking the spot. And, besides, Fidler said he would “never come to a civic meeting to announce that I was running for political office.”

Still, the Monday night appearance had all the makings of a campaign speech.

Keep reading, and view the Q&A portion of Fidler’s appearance.

THE BITE: Last week, Ned let you know about an article that The New York Times had published about Coney Island Taste (2580 Coney Island Avenue).  What he didn’t tell you was that we both stopped in the day before for lunch. It seems Peruvian food has been declared the next hot ethnic food and the old Grey Lady is jumping on the bandwagon. But as usual, your intrepid food editor and wondrous publisher have already been there long ago. C’mon, Times, try and keep up.

At Coney Island Taste, Fabiola and Jesus Roa serve up an outstanding lunch special. For only $7 you can choose from up to three meat dishes which are served with your choice of rice and peas, beans and/or potatoes. Just for good measure, they throw in a bowl of soup and a can of soda. This is a deal that’s hard to resist.

At our visit last week, I chose the pork chop for my meat, along with rice and peas and beans. The pork chop is roasted with Fabiola’s “secret” spices along with some tomatoes, onions and garlic. I could taste salt, pepper, garlic, but there was a little something-something that gave this pork chop a unique flavor. Was it Aji Panca, the dark red, mild pepper with a smokey, fruity taste so often used in Peruvian cooking? Fabiola wouldn’t say, but I will say it was delicious. Look at that picture, with such a wonderful sear on the pork chop, the Maillard reaction boosted the unami effect that raised this chop to near perfection.

What about the soup and sides?


Did you know Carl Kruger had changed his name from Carl Tack? It’s true, though some New York Magazine readers doubted it, leading to the publication of the above yearbook photo.

For those who don’t follow our Facebook feed, we recently shared a link to a New York Magazine profile, dubbed the “gothic saga” of Carl Kruger’s past. The article’s writer sat down with the former state senator – and his lawyer – days after his resignation and guilty plea, in a quest to find (as the author himself put it when he called me up about it months ago) the “human side” of Carl Kruger.

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From the photographer (and by “photographer” I mean the person who provided us with the photo, since I believe that person is actually in the photo as one of the children):

This one was taken on one of the piers, looking east….I particularly like the tree line along Emmons Avenue…..that stretch is probably about where the Loehman’s/Sunrise Assisted Living complexes are now…..

What a beautiful, classy woman, and such cute kids. You can learn more about this lovely lady, sadly no longer with us, here.

Photo courtesy of Bruce Brodoff

We’re still months away from the New York presidential primaries – slated for April 24 – but watching all the action in Iowa and New Hampshire has us feeling a little jealous.

The Sheepshead Bay area is becoming increasingly known as one of New York City’s most politically conservative neighborhoods since Republican Bob Turner won the special election to replace Anthony Weiner.

So, since we’re all obviously conservatives over here (obviously), let’s try to get a gauge on what kind of conservative we are. Who do you think is the Republican Party’s best candidate for the 2012 Presidential elections?

Casinos haven't yet come to New York, but New York went to casinos...

Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz is on the move to take advantage of Governor Cuomo’s plan to legalize table gambling in the state.

“His support for a constitutional amendment allowing casino gambling, would bring jobs and revenue to potential locations in New York City, especially Coney Island, which is a natural,” said Markowitz in a press release.

The proposed vision of a revamped economic frontier on Coney Island has some residents and local officials excited, but also well aware of what casinos may bring to the community.

In 2009, Mayor Bloomberg’s controversial rezoning of Coney Island, which slated large areas for condominiums and housing projects, has some residents clamoring for a plan of having a casino in those lots instead.

“It could be the savior for Coney Island as a major destination,” Dick Zigun, director of Coney Island USA, home of the sideshow attractions, told Brooklyn Paper. “I’d like to rezone the rezoning — to take that from condos and turn it into casinos.”

It is unclear how much Bloomberg’s administration supports the building of a casino in Coney Island, as some concerns remain over New York City’s revenue sharing with the proposed plan.

There are some residents and officials that have concerns over bringing a gambling hub to the neighborhood, including Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz.

“While we might be looking at an economic engine that could generate over a billion dollars annually for the state, thousands of new jobs and increased recreational venues for New Yorkers, we are also looking at a substantial increase in problem gambling,” Cymbrowitz said.

Cymbrowitz has demanded that any legalization of gambling also include an expansion of treatment programs for gambling addicts.

Cuomo’s plan must pass the state legislature and then pass the referedum process in order to legalize table gambling in the state. The plan wouldn’t come in front of voters until 2013 at the earliest.

Taylor Reynolds

Source: BSH Shooter/Flickr

There is going to be beef on this block. Roast beef. And maybe corned beef. Probably pastrami, too.

Randazzo’s Clam Bar (2023 Emmons Avenue) is opening up a sandwich shop on Sheepshead Bay Road between East 15th Street and East 16th Street, putting the shop, set to open up this month, within a five block radius of several key sandwich places in the area.

“People will be able to get a quick bite to eat [at our sandwich shop], but it’s still going to be high quality because the products are going to come from Randazzo’s,” said Joey Randazzo in the Courier’s Life Brooklyn Daily article.

The famous seafood restaurant is hoping to target the commuters along Sheepshead Bay Road.

“There’s a lot of people coming and going [along Sheepshead Bay Road],” said Randazzo. “We think it’s a great location.”

Sheepshead Bay already has Jimmy’s Famous Heroes, Bassett Deli & CaterersRoll-N-Roaster and Brennan and Carr, but Randazzo sees it differently.

“There’s no place to get a good hero in Sheepshead Bay,” he said.

Even with Randazzo’s expansion and the owner’s fighting words, some in the community are willing to accept the challenge.

“As long as the quality remains the same, our customers will keep coming here,” said Frank D’Antonio, a manager of the Bassett Deli.

Tell us where you guys are planning to eat at. Let us know where you’re loyalty lies!