Cans haven't helped the situation under the Sheepshead Bay subway tracks. Do they help above the tracks?

As the city’s trash problems continue to worsen, and with servicing public trash bins carrying a heavy economic toll,  a few experiments have broken out throughout the city to try and curb litter by removing garbage cans from public spaces. Subway platforms could become the latest litter laboratory.

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Weiner is requesting money to implement long term solutions to Plumb Beach erosion

Dozens of scientists, educators, environmentalists and public servants met last Thursday evening at Brooklyn College for the third annual Jamaica Bay Research Symposium, a forum focused on issues of water and shoreline health throughout the bay. Jamaica Bay’s history, current state, and future improvement plans – including a new State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) and NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) draft agreement to reduce sewer overflows into the water – were discussed.

Read about the health of the bay, and what new initiatives are being rolled out.

The intersection of Neptune and Brighton 8th. Source: Google Maps

From Notify NYC:

Silver Alert issued 10/25/11 at 12:20 AM. NYPD has issued a Silver Alert for Stuart Springer, age 67. Mr. Springer is described as a white male, 5’8″ tall, 165lbs, gray hair and hazel eyes and was last seen wearing a blue vest and khaki pants. He was last seen 10/24 at his residence near Neptune Avenue and Brighton 8th Street in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. If you see this individual please call 9-1-1.

I thought it may have been the Palestinian-style follow-up to the infomercial sensation, “Mob Hits.”

As to why it was dangling outside of an SUV’s rear passenger door near Avenue Z: no clue.

Photo by Erica Sherman

Ever seen a helicopter land on Brighton Beach? Like, actually on the beach? If not, watch the above video, because then you can say you have!

According to a Fox report, two people were stranded in the waters off Brighton Beach on Saturday. NYPD choppers arrived at the scene and plucked one of them – a 46-year-old woman – out of the waters using a basket. Police divers helped the other person – the woman’s 21-year-old son – swim to shore. They were both taken to the hospital but are expected to be fine.

Anyone have any information on how they got all the way out there? Did you witness the incident? Let us know!


We’re just four days out from our big shebang this week, A Taste of Sheepshead Bay!

We’re expecting to sell out – or come damn near it (in fact, we’re damn near “damn near it”) – so be sure to buy your tickets online now.

Also, winners of this weekend’s ticket contest have been selected and will be notified later today.

Open thread is open…

Following a request by Community Board 15, the Department of Transportation will make its second appearance before the board tomorrow evening to address concerns about the Select Bus Service route planned to replace the B44 Limited along Nostrand Avenue.

Allan Rosen has been doing a tremendous job covering all the concerns – and some benefits – that Select Bus Service (a.k.a. Bus Rapid Transit) will have along Nostrand Avenue, particularly focused on the Southern Brooklyn portion of the route. After some delays, the city is expected to begin implementation in early 2013, but has yet to answer all of the questions raised by the community.

One of the important considerations is parking, for which the DOT has given differing answers on how it’ll affect the area. At a hearing late last month, a DOT spokesman to Sheepshead Bites that only 5 to 10 parking spaces would be eliminated in the neighborhood. But another DOT rep at the same meeting told Rosen that there would be no net loss to parking, as spaces that are eliminated below the Junction will be replaced by new spaces as some bus stops are eliminated.

When the DOT last appeared before the Board – in May 2010 – they were faced with an antagonistic crowd concerned the larger buses would eliminate much needed parking spaces, that the benefits are being overstated, that the costs and nuisance are not worth the four-t0-eight minute cut in commute time, and that fare evasion will sky rocket with the off-board payment system. We’ll see tomorrow if residents have warmed up to the proposal – which has gone relatively unchanged – in the 17 months since their last appearance.

The meeting will be held Tuesday, October 25, at 7:00 p.m. at Kingsborough Community College (2001 Oriental Boulevard) in the Faculty Dining Room.

*The original version of this article stated that an MTA representative told Rosen that they were unclear of the net loss. That was an error. The correct information is now published above.

Surveillance video has surfaced of the gun-wielding cyclist moments before fatally shooting 65-year-old Alla Kamenev in Brighton Beach last Thursday.

According to News 12,

Officials say the man was riding a bicycle when he pulled out a gun and shot 65-year-old Alla Kamenev near Sea Breeze Avenue and West 2nd Street.

Police describe the bicycle as a girl’s bike with a red basket.

The victim, who lived three blocks from where she was killed, was found lying on the ground at 11:50 a.m.; she was pronounced dead at Coney Island Hospital.

Police are still investigating this matter and are asking anyone who has information regarding this case to call the Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS, or text CRIMES and then enter TIP577, or visit

PayPaul sent in the photos and the following report, which seems to say it all:

Before 6:30 a.m. today there was a fire at the J&M Pizzeria on 14th Street and Avenue U. 2 Ladder trucks, 2 fire engines and a tanker truck were on the scene this morning with the addition of at least 2 more smaller fire vehicles, the Fire Marshall and 2 police cars. Residents on the second and third story of the building on that corner had their windows broken and I presume they were evacuated. It wasn’t apparent if anyone was injured as no ambulances were on the scene. The restaurant was gutted and a Chinese Herbal shop was damaged.

We’ll let you know if J&M will reopen anytime soon, but the prospects don’t look too great right now.

View more photos from the fire.


Source: Roosevelt Islander

THE COMMUTE: If you do not have an unlimited pass and there are insufficient funds on your MetroCard, do not attempt to pay your bus fare by combining two cards. The MTA will deduct the remaining amount from the first card and a full fare from the second card, not just the amount you are short. That’s what Queens Assemblywoman Grace Meng discovered last week.

That is because the system was not set up to allow you to combine cards but to use cash to complete your transaction. This is not a problem on the trains since turnstiles do not accept cash. The system works fine if you are short just a quarter or so. But what if you are short $1.30? (Few people will have that amount of exact change in their wallet.) You would lose $0.95 and therefore would be paying $3.20 for a $2.25 ride if you use a second card. The problem is more serious on express buses where you could lose $5 if you do not have an extra $0.50 if you think using a second card will deduct only the money you still owe.

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