A screenshot from the MTA's 2011 bus satisfaction survey

THE COMMUTE: The MTA just released the results of another Customer Satisfaction Survey approximately one year after its 2010 survey I reported on. According to the survey, the vast majority of customers are satisfied with the service they receive, at least for local buses. Does that sound right to you?

Check out Allan’s analysis of the results, and what was missing from the survey.

Screw the Anthony Weiner mask this Halloween. Instead of being the guy that takes photos of his own business, go as they guy that takes photos of everyone else’s!

The above “Journalist” Mask has been floating around Facebook for the past week or so, depicting GerritsenBeach.net’s Danny Cavanagh, the blogger who posted photos and videos of more that a dozen beachrats throwing eggs, rocks and potatoes at cars last Halloween.

Personally, I think everyone in Gerritsen Beach should be wearing it today. It’ll let the real Cavanagh move around more freely, and an army of Cavanaghs seems appropriately creepy anyway.

An offer to help keep Gerritsen Beach safe from a redux of last year’s teenage Halloween hooliganism was rebutted by neighbors and police, as the community made last-minute plans for the holiday.

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Photo by Katie McNish

Contractors for the MTA began work to remove lead paint from the platforms at Sheepshead Bay train station this morning. They have posted signs and closed off parts of the platform with caution tape, warning of hazardous materials.

ShadowLock sent this in over the weekend, after stealing a stack of our stickers from a table at A Taste of Sheepshead Bay. Yup, that’s his work computer. And, yup, that sticker in the top right corner? That’s gonna be our new logo. We’re changing our name to Sheepshead Butts.

Got fan art for us? Send it to photos@sheepsheadbites.com!


Notify NYC has issued the following alert:

ALERT issued 10/29/11 at 8:00 PM. No one should enter any City Park until further notice. Heavy snow and strong wind gusts, combined with full leaves still on trees, are damaging thousands of trees in parks throughout the City. This is creating an elevated and ongoing danger of falling branches and trees. City crews are working to address the damage and will continue throughout the storm.

Stay home tonight folks. Or at least stay out of the parks.  It’s dangerous and slippery out there.

Notify NYC has issued the following alert:

Notification issued 10/29/11 at 2:45 PM. The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for NYC until 2:00 AM tomorrow morning. MTA customers should anticipate possible disruptions to subway, rail, and bus service. For specific information, please visit www.mta.info.

Well, folks – I’m about to get on the subway. See you Monday!

Oh, here’s a talking point while I’m gone: how is the weather disrupting your weekend?

Photo by Boris Shekhman

We all know by now that one of the biggest problems with Jamaica Bay – and the parks and beaches that comprise it like Plumb Beach – is that there are too many cooks in the kitchen.

Many of the smaller recreational areas have elements that are overseen by a hodgepodge of federal, state and city agencies – and the lines of what belongs to whom are sometimes blurred. That’s why in Plumb Beach, when long-term solutions were called for, all of the agencies claimed it was all of the other agencies’ jurisdiction, not theirs. And, amidst the finger-pointing, not much gets done.

Good news, everyone! Mayor Michael Bloomberg joined U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, and a host of other city and federal officials, at the Salt Marsh Nature Center in Marine Park yesterday to announce that all of the stakeholders are hammering out a formal legal agreement detailing how the city and federal governments will manage Jamaica Bay and its various elements. That means we’ll know exactly who to point the finger at!

Keep reading for the details, and also find out why he-who-shall-not-be-named deserves some credit.

We reported about Dee & Dee closing in February. Then we reported in August that the space was being renovated and would become a Family Dollar. Now we’re reporting that the sign is hanging at the 3710 Nostrand Avenue storefront, and it looks like renovations are just about complete.

That’s a little thing called “follow-up,” folks.