The application deadline for public school pre-kindergarten programs for the 2012-13 school year has been extended to April 10, 2012. According to the Department of Education’s Elementary School Enrollment Team, you can apply to public school pre-k programs online or in person:

  • Online: If you would like to apply online, you must submit your application by 11:59 p.m. on April 10.
  • In Person: Visit your local enrollment office to fill out a paper application or work with a counselor to complete the online application. The deadline to apply in person at an enrollment office is April 10 at 3:00 p.m.

Community-based organization (CBO) pre-kindergarten programs have no specific application deadline. If you’d like to apply to CBO programs, deliver the CBO application directly to each CBO site to which you would like to apply.

To learn more about pre-kindergarten admissions — and for a list of public school and CBO pre-kindergarten programs — go to or review the 2012-2013 Pre-Kindergarten Directory.

Nakwon Foxworth, the ex-con apprehended for shooting four members of the NYPD early Sunday morning in Sheepshead Bay. Source: MySpace

Four officers from the NYPD’s elite Emergency Service Unit are recovering from non-life-threatening gunshot wounds after Nakwon Foxworth shot all of them early Sunday morning during a standoff at 3301 Nostrand Avenue, less than a block away from where Sergey Mamontov chopped up his dead roommate in a bathtub at 3395 Nostrand Avenue.

Since being released from prison in 2010 after a 10-year stint for attempted murder and selling drugs behind bars, Foxworth, a 33-year-old Sheepshead Bay resident and father of a 4-year-old, has struck again. In a heated clash with some moving men who were obstructing the building’s service entrance, according to The New York Times, Foxworth brandished a firearm while walking home with his 22-year-old pregnant girlfriend and their child in a baby stroller.

The four officers — Captain Al Pizzano, Detective Kenneth Ayala, Detective Michael Keenan and Officer Matthew Granahan — showed up at 12:30 a.m. to Foxworth’s sixth floor apartment after being reported by a witness. The girlfriend and 4-year-old child were being held hostage but managed to escape two hours later, leaving the door to the apartment open. According to various reports, Foxworth, brandishing an illegal 9mm Browning semi-automatic handgun, then unleashed a hail of 12 bullets, which hit all four of the officers from within a range of 10 feet according to Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, during a violent gun battle. All of the officers are recovering with non-life-threatening injuries, with three shot in various parts of their legs, and one of the officers grazed by a bullet in the face.

Foxworth was shot in the abdomen and is reportedly in stable yet critical condition at King’s County Hospital.

Keenan, 52, recovering in Lutheran Hospital from a gunshot wound in the calf, insists that he would not be here, were it not for Ayala:

Keenan and Ayala were sharing a room yesterday, and Keenan would tell every visitor how Ayala “was a hero,” sources said.

But Ayala humbly waved off the praise and repeatedly insisted, “I’m not a hero.”

Another source said of Ayala, “He definitely saved their lives.

NY1 reports that several illegal firearms and rounds of ammunition were discovered in Foxworth’s apartment after he was taken into custody. Kelly told reporters during a press conference with Mayor Michael Bloomberg at Lutheran that “Inside the apartment, we’ve uncovered a cache of weapons that speaks volumes about illegal guns. The 9mm that Foxworth used to shoot these officers was part of a multiple-gun purchase in Wilmington, North Carolina. A sawed-off military assault rifle quipped with a scope and had been stolen from Florida, and a defaced, .22-caliber revolver, fully loaded” was also found.

Meanwhile, the shooting of four police officers brings the number up to eight in the number of law enforcement officials shot while in the line of duty since the beginning of 2012.

A furious Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a passionate advocate for getting illegal guns off the streets, is calling for stricter laws against black market firearms:

“Here we were very lucky,” Bloomberg told members of the press gathered at Lutheran. “It could have been a great tragedy. Until Congress wakes up and finds some courage to stand up to the gun lobby, illegal guns will continue to end up in the hands of dangerous people, like tonight’s shooter.”

In an Op-Ed piece in the editorial section of today’s Daily News, Bloomberg praises the work of Kelly and the New York Police Department for making New York City “the safest big city in the country,” stating that crime “is down 35% over the past decade, and murders are at historic lows,” but insists that gun violence, particularly against members of New York’s Finest “…will happen again — and again — until those in Washington stop cowering before the gun lobby.”

From the photographer:

Just in time for Easter, this large blow-up rabbit greets passersby on Brigham Street, north of Avenue X. Maybe if you ask politely, he’ll give you the answer to “What’s up Doc?”

Photo by Neil Friedman

We received the following e-mail this morning. If you have any information, please help out:

My name is Masha, I wanted to let your blog know about my mother in law who has been missing since Tuesday (4/3/12) night.

Her name is Ludmila Tulman, well known in the Russian community as the previous owner of Restaurants Stolovoya/Pelmennaya on Ave U and Da-I-Net on 86th Street.

She is about 5’7, 160lbs, short red/brown hair, light eyes. Last seen on Brighton.  Left home at around 12am and never returned.   I am attaching a picture, if there is anything you can do to help us find her, it would be greatly appreciated.

You can contact me via email ( or cell 917-699-7576.


Shot with a Leica M6 and Arista Premium 400 film on Brighton 11th Street.

Photo by Boris Shekhman

Detectives examine the body in an alley next to the day care.

YOU READ IT HERE FIRST: While putting out a fire at 2281 Ocean Parkway, firefighters discovered a man who appears to have shot himself in the head.

According to an FDNY EMT on the scene, it appeared the man sparked a fire in the building’s third floor attic before turning a gun on himself.

An acquaintance of the victim was on the scene and told Sheepshead Bites that a forced change in his living situation had recently put the victim in a tough spot.

“I knew he was upset about having to move,” the acquaintance said. “I didn’t think he would do anything like this.”

Another friend of the victim refused to talk to Sheepshead Bites, but noted, “He was a good guy. He wasn’t a bad guy at all; he was a good guy.”

Neighbors said a man in his mid-40s has lived at the location for several years, above ABC Plus Day Care and a gastroenterologist’s office.

The day care center was closed for the holidays, and the EMT said no one else was in the building.

Police have not yet confirmed that it was a suicide, as homicide detectives examined the body behind a white sheet in an alley beside the building.

This is a breaking news story and may contain inaccuracies. We will update it as more information becomes available. If anyone has more information or additional photos, please send them to tips (at) sheepsheadbites (dot) com.

Photo by nolastname

It’s so rare that Easter and Passover actually line up, putting two of the most important holidays of two of the largest faiths (in our coverage area) in sync. Since it feels like it almost never happens, I was looking for a truly appropriate photo for this post that would balance out both holidays. Maybe a bunny eating some matzoh. Or a bunny with a yarmulke. Or, I don’t know… a bunny escaping some  ancient Egyptians.

But, alas, the pool of creative commons-licensed photos was not quite that large. Luckily for us, reader nolastname sent in the above photo, taken this morning, that’s quite appropriate. It’s got a cross in it. And a star. Some people call it the sun, but I think it’s actually the Star of David. Creative license. Work with me, people.

Have a terrific weekend and a happy holidays, dear readers. We’ll see you Monday, and you can tell me about all the amazing food you didn’t invite me over for.

UPDATED (4:58 p.m.): We’ve just posted a more accurate version of this story here: Ocean Parkway Man Sets Fire To Home, Commits Suicide.

Original post (note: there are inaccuracies in this version!):

We’ve received word that there is an all hands fire at 2281 Ocean Parkway, between Avenue W and Gravesend Neck Road. It is a two-story house, and about 60 emergency responders are on the scene, according to a tipster.

EMS is reporting that there was one person dead on the scene when they arrived, and the victim has now been removed from the scene, according to scanner reports.

UPDATE (3:42 p.m.): NYPD is now reporting that the death was from a shooting and that the gun has been recovered. A crime scene is being established. It is not yet clear if the shooting and the fire are related, but the reports are giving the same address for both incidents.

This is a breaking news story and may contain inaccuracies. We will update it as more information becomes available. If anyone has more information or additional photos, please send them to tips (at) sheepsheadbites (dot) com.


Nelson scored a perfect 100 on NYLCV's Environmental Scorecard, and also sponsored two of the bills on which other councilmembers' votes were evaluated.

If you listen to the putzes up in “the city,” our little corner of Brooklyn is full of backwards yokels, intent on destroying the environment through our frequent opposition to bike lanes and our love of automobiles. In fact, another neighborhood website publisher once told us that most other “bloggers” call Sheepshead Bites the anti-bike blog.

Well, I don’t buy it. Never have, never will, and now we’ve got some backup: the New York League of Conservation Voters.

The NYLCV is a statewide environmental advocacy organization that publishes a scorecard evaluating the voting records of elected officials throughout the state. They just wrapped up their New York City Council scorecard, and found that Southern Brooklyn’s representatives are among the most environmentally-concerned folks in the legislative body. And that’s saying a lot – the Council’s average score jumped to 90 this year – up from 68 in 2009 and 45 in 2005 – making it the “most pro-environment Council in recent memory,” the report states.

The group evaluated the votes on 11 bills, including two pieces of legislation introduced by local Councilman Michael Nelson that requires various city departments to make a plan to curb illegal dumping in the waterways, and increased the fines for such illegal dumping.

Speaking of Nelson, he scored a perfect 100. As did Lew Fidler. And Jumaane Williams and David Greenfield.

In fact, the only council person in the vicinity of Community Board 15 that didn’t nail a perfect score was Domenic Recchia, who scored an 82 after missing the vote on Nelson’s waterways bill, and voting against a bill not sponsoring a bill requiring an increase in storm water-tolerant native vegetation in order to reduce combined sewer overflows. [ADDITIONAL INFO PROVIDED BY RECCHIA'S OFFICE BELOW]

In all, 22 of the council’s 51 members received perfect scores. The three worst scores were Councilmembers Helen Foster (36), Annabel Palma (64) and Larry Seabrook (64) – all representing the Bronx.

UPDATE (4/12/2012): Domenic Recchia’s office got in touch to let us know that the bill mentioned above, requiring an increase in storm water-tolerant vegetation, never came up for a vote and so he did not vote against it. “Intro 75 is still laid over in the Committee on Environmental Protection of which Councilman Recchia is not a member and therefore could not cast a vote,” his office told us. His office added that not all of the bills the NYLCV evaluated actually came to a vote, and the ones that did not were evaluated by whether or not the councilmember was listed as a co-sponsor. And since the bill never came to a vote, the councilman was unfamiliar with its contents and so could not say whether he would have voted for it or not.

Two vandals struck Monica’s Bridal at 1637 Sheepshead Bay Road, ripping out one of the store’s solid brass light fixtures and destroying two others.

The incident occurred at approximately 4:00 a.m. Monday, dealing out approximately $1,000 worth of damage, the store’s owner told Sheepshead Bites.

But the thugs weren’t all that bright. Located just feet away from one of the light fixtures was a surveillance camera, which snagged a clear photo of the vandals’ mug. Having recognized at least one of the men, Monica’s is working with the perp’s employer to confront him about paying for the damage rather than going to the police.

The disrespect from another resident is a shame. Not only is Monica’s a true family-owned business, having been handed down through three generations since the 1980s, its storefront one of the finer examples of architecture that respects its surroundings. Reconstructed in 2008, Monica’s glitzed up facade does such a good job of conjuring up an earlier era of architecture that even the often-spot-on Kevin Walsh of Forgotten NY mixed it up, saying that at one time it was “likely another theatre, or was it possibly one of the old hotels?”