A new 99 cent store will soon open at 2610 East 14th Street, just south of Sheepshead Bay Road.

The location was previously occupied by European Grocery Store, a long-lived market selling Eastern European goods. They closed several months ago.

No word on when the new business will open – a glance inside revealed a lot of interior work still needs to be done.

We all know by now that some of the weirdest things in the city can be seen on the sands of Brighton Beach. But if you were idling around the boardwalk in mid-January and saw ancient sea gods and mythical creatures rising from the waters, you needn’t have worried – it was not an army of evil sea monsters arriving on the shores to exact vengeance for years of polluting their habitat.

It was just, you know, a sea creature party.

Blending the frigid dips of the Polar Bears with the colorful costumery of the Mermaid Parade, a group of lunatics revelers took to the beaches in mid-January for some fun in the sun and, er, snow.

The video above, shot by a BronxNet reporter, recently hit YouTube, alerting us to the fact that this thing even exists. Though the video only just now hit the net, a related Flickr slideshow says the event took place January 14.

Anyone looking forward to next year’s?

Photo by David T.

In the ongoing war between private and public transportation, there is no compassion, no kindness, no mercy. No one is spared, not even innocent bus shelters standing by the side of the road, doing nothin’ to nobody. Everything is fair game, and curbs mean nothing to menacing, bloodthirsty vehicles out to slay their public transit counterparts and claim dominance over the roadways…

Hey, maybe we’re jumping to conclusions. Perhaps a cyclist did this?

Avenue Z and East 13th Street, around 7:00 a.m. Thanks to David T. for the tip and photo.

A lovely, well-composed iPhone photo. I’m guessing from the vignetting and vintage-y looking colors that it was shot using the Hipstamatic app.

From the photographer:

Sunday morning. Or was it saturday? Don’t remember

I think we all have days like that. I know I sure do. In either event, according to the EXIF info, it was shot in the early afternoon of Sunday, February 26.

Photo by Michael Proekt

The sometimes-ally of the United States, Vladimir V. Putin, was kinda-sorta-maybe elected to be president of Russia yesterday, winning 63.75 percent of the vote.

And, today, thousands took to the streets to denounce the victory, and international observers slammed the election, saying Putin faced no real competition while receiving a bevy of government funds for his campaign.

Putin is sometimes hailed and sometimes hated, having kept a solid grasp over Russia’s affairs – as president, then prime minister, and now president again – for a dozen years. His relations with America are frequently described as “prickly,” and some observers say he has done much to benefit Russia, but has also exercised a level of government reach comparable to the Soviet era.

Considering the large amount of Russian-Americans among our readers, what do you think of Putin’s win yesterday? Is this a step forward or backwards for Russia, and what does it mean for America?

An example of the graffiti left near the Hockenjos' home.

A Sheepshead Bay man accused of attempting to run over a cop had the charges against him tossed last week, after surveillance video suggested the arresting officer may have fabricated the incident.

The Daily News reports:

Felony charges against John Hockenjos, 55, accused of driving at a “high rate of speed,” causing the officer “to jump out of the way,” were thrown out after a surveillance tape showed the Brooklyn man slowly pulling into his driveway and the cop not even flinching.

“I was very worried. These were very serious charges against me,” the MTA engineer said after his ordeal ended. “I was facing seven years in prison.”

Officer Diego Palacios made the allegation Feb. 5 after responding to a call by Hockenjos’s neighbor.

… “The people are moving to dismiss for lack of evidence and in the interest of justice,” prosecutor Danit Almog said in Brooklyn Criminal Court Thursday morning.

“There’s a larger issue here,” said Hockenjos’ lawyer Craig Newman. “You have a police officer who doesn’t have the right temperament or judgment to be wearing a badge who’s still out there.”

The NYPD has confirmed that the Internal Affairs Bureau is looking into the matter.

Meanwhile, the Hockenjos’ told Sheepshead Bites that they feel unsafe and unprotected, afraid to call police in the case of an incident. When a vandal left graffiti on their home in late February that they interpreted as threatening in light of their ongoing feud with a neighbor, they told us they could not rely on the police to provide help.

Photo by nolastname.

Following complaints from neighbors that the home used by a dog hoarding couple busted by the city still stinks after several weeks, contractors were dispatched over the weekend to haul away hazardous garbage and trash that was crammed into the home.

The couple hoarded 23 dogs – mostly Shetland Sheepdogs – in two Sheepshead Bay dwellings. In addition to their primary residence at 4215 Bedford Avenue, the couple had a second home at 2713 Avenue Y that housed 10 of the pups without heat, electricity or running water.

When city officials entered the home on February 16 to recover the dogs, they said the home was filled with garbage and waste and deemed it hazardous. To ensure the authorities’ safety, firefighters had to access the roof to look down into the home and guide Animal Care & Control workers through the residence.

As of late last week when we checked in with the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, charges had not yet been filed against the couple and dogs remain in the city’s care for observation. Once their condition has been fully assessed, the DA will determine whether or not to charge the couple.

Saunders, middle, and the artists of BSAG (Photo: Emel Stebleva)

The Brooklyn Streetcar Artists’ Group (BSAG) presented an award to Coney Island Hospital administrator James Saunders on Wednesday for his efforts to showcase their artwork at the hospital.

Saunders, the hospital’s associate executive director of public affairs, recently announced he would be leaving the hospital to work elsewhere in the public hospital system, and the artists said they wanted to acknowledge his contributions in bringing art to the institution’s hallways before he left.

The award ceremony kicked off BSAG’s sixth showing at Coney Island Hospital (2601 Ocean Parkway), in which the facility’s second floor hallways get lined with scores of original works from local artists. The group presented Saunders with an award for his involvement and hospitality.

“We couldn’t have done it without him,” said BSAG Director Arthur Melnick. “James brought us into Coney Island Hospital and helped us establish the gallery at the hospital…we have a home there, thanks to him and above all he’s been a very good friend to us.”

The event held at Coney Island Hospital exhibits a wide range of works, including drawings, paintings and photography. Each opening event is accompanied by entertainment from local singers, actors and musicians.

“Its an honor and a privilege for the staff to come to this floor, walk down that hallway and be surrounded by the incredible works of art that all of you produce, so its our privilege to actually be in the same environment as your work,” Saunders said.

Saunders and BSAG Director Arthur Melnick (Photo: Emel Stebleva)

Singer Sheila Smalls performed at the exhibit's opening (Photo: Emel Stebleva)

Abraham Lincoln High School. Source: Google Maps

He’s lucky he doesn’t live in Zimbabwe.

An Abraham Lincoln High School student was hauled away from his home in handcuffs on Thursday after leveling a “terrorist” threat — via Facebook — to blow up his school, 2800 Ocean Parkway between West Street and Shore Parkway.

According to The New York Daily News, counter terrorism investigators found “no evidence” that the 15-year-old — whose name is being held on account of his being a minor — was in possession of bomb-making materials, nor was the school evacuated or searched. The young man was allegedly warned by a friend that “making such comments [on Facebook] would get him into trouble.” He also threatened to bring a gun to the school, last week. As of Friday, the threatening post had been deleted from Facebook.

The teen — who, in his Facebook profile photo, was described by The News as “flashing his chubby middle finger and wearing a red T-shirt that reads: ‘I see dumb people’” — was charged as a juvenile and his case will be referred to Family Court.

Department of Education spokesperson Margie Feinberg said that the agency is cooperating with the police department.

The following is an announcement from our friends at the Sheepshead Bay / Plumb Beach Civic Association: