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Photo by Vladimir Korostyshevskiy

Photo by Arthur Borko

The following is a press release from the Department of Transportation:

New York City Department of Transportation Commissioner (DOT) Janette Sadik-Khan today announced the completion of the first phase of a $365 million contract started in 2009 to reconstruct three significantly deteriorated bridges on the Belt Parkway, which carry 150,000 cars a day through Brooklyn and Queens to John F. Kennedy International Airport and Nassau County to the east and to the Gowanus Expressway and Verrazano-Narrows Bridge to the west. Once notorious for their rough condition, the bridges at Paerdegat Basin, Rockaway Parkway and Fresh Creek Basin are the first of seven structures undergoing complete reconstruction. Eastbound traffic this week shifted onto the first of two new parallel structures passing over the Paerdegat Basin. Westbound traffic is scheduled to shift onto the formerly eastbound span on December 28 to permit construction to begin on the parallel structure which is expected to be completed in 2013. In another contract milestone, westbound traffic was shifted onto the new bridge over Rockaway Parkway on December 5.

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Readers of Sheepshead Bites might be surprised to learn that some people still pay for news. Not only that, this news is actually printed (yes, printed!) on sheets of pulped, chemical-laden murdered trees! They kill trees to produce news for you to pay for! Injustice!

Well, one such place that sells these antique news delivery systems is Just In Time Pharmacy at 2126 Knapp Street. And the buggers have found that a bunch of fools who think paper grows on trees (wait, huh?) are just taking them! Without paying for them! Paying for the news! They didn’t pay for the news!

Be still, my beating heart. Though nothing could be so tragic as the idea that citizens could be coerced  to pay – to pay for news! – through tricks originating from the most deviant, obscene recesses of a publisher’s dark, insipid mind – yes, though all of this may be true in its own sick, twisted way – we take comfort. We take comfort in the fact that a lone hero stands on the side of citizens and democracy, providing information daily and for free. Yes, a hero, a media messiah, if you will, which may one day perish for all publishers’ sins (and they, believe it, are many), for now rides high on the horizon, casting the warm, comforting glow of knowledge upon its unappreciative public at no charge.

And, yet, there are scoundrels who steal by forcing those to pay – to pay for news! – and then there are those scoundrels, in turn, thieving from the thieves. Who here is the greater villain? Who is the douchiest douche of them all?

Oh, right, the dog walkers and bicyclists who are stealing from a locally-owned small business. That’s pretty douchey.

Photo and tip courtesy of Rob S.

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CompStat reports are produced by the New York Police Department on a weekly basis. We summarize the week’s statistics for the 61st Precinct reports every Friday. The 61st Precinct is the police command responsible for Sheepshead Bay, Gravesend, Kings Highway, Homecrest, Madison, Manhattan Beach, and Gerritsen Beach.

Kruger's name was removed from his district office Wednesday morning. (Photo by Robert Fernandez)

State Senator Carl Kruger’s resignation and guilty plea on Tuesday may have been a last minute decision, as indicated by the fact he mailed his usual newsletter just days before.

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Two readers sent in photos of an accident this morning on Avenue M and Ocean Avenue that left two cars damaged on opposite sides of the street.

The incident occurred at approximately 7:30 a.m. It’s not entirely clear what happened, though the above photo, sent in by Richie, shows one of the cars tossed to the southeast corner of the intersection, with its hood up and damage to the front. The photo below, taken by Rob S. in a passing bus, shows a different view of the same vehicle.

Rob explains that there is a minivan with a mangled front end on the northeast corner, suggesting that these two cars collided head on.

It is unclear if anyone was injured, and we have no further information at this time.

Shot at Jonah’s 99 Cent Store on Sheepshead Bay Road.

Photo by Erica Sherman

Source: mikealex/Flickr

Governor Cuomo signed into law this week a bill that will create a new class of metered taxis that service the outerboroughs and upper Manhattan. We decided to check in with Arthur Borko, Sheepshead Bites’ resident livery cab kvetcher to find out what he thinks of the development from his point of view as a car service driver.*

The New Livery Cab Expansion Bill is a bunch of Bull. Yes, I said it, and let me tell you why.

The city claims that there is a major issue because metered yellow cabs do not routinely pick up fares outside of Manhattan. Most of you will know that to be the case because most yellow cabs refuse to bring passengers out there to begin with. The reason is because there’s nobody to pick up!

They won’t make any money on their return trip to the city. For many years, there’s been a status quo where yellow cabs patrolled Manhattan, and the other boroughs were serviced by private door-to-door car services. There were two types of licenses (for both driver and car). In the city a person can walk outside and hail a cab, but out here in a place like Sheepshead, the car service rules. Most customers simply call one, and get taken to their destination for a pre-arranged fare.

Easy right? Well, no, not really. This bill creates a confusing type of third class of cab.

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What’s better, the gift or the party? Well, over at the Brighton Neighborhood Association, the gift is the party!

The group held its annual holiday party last Thursday, December 15, at the Millenium, throwing it down with some end-of-year merriment. The event, organized by the tenant advocacy group, is a giveback to the community. Our own Erica Sherman was there to shoot it, and here’s what she had to say:

There was lots of lively dancing and music courtesy of DJ Peter Joseph; delicious cookies, pastries and candies; soft drinks; raffles with some pretty awesome prizes (one kid won a very popular name brand winter coat, and at least two won bicycles), and lots of political appearances: Councilman Michael Nelson, Councilman Lew Fidler (on the same night as his mega toy drive), Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz (he shared the mic with a bunch of the kids in the crowd), and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer.

It was, altogether, a great event.

Check out the photos!

The following is from our friends at the Shorefront Y:

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