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It’s been a while since we’ve caught an accident in accident-prone Manhattan Beach, but this one landed in our inbox shortly after midnight on Sunday. Reader Sasha V. sent in this photo of an accident cleanup. She wrote: Huge car accident on oriental blvd & girard on manhattan beach. 2 cars. Both totaled. I don’t […]

We received the below e-mail from Manhattan Beach resident Stuart Fries last night. Does anyone have info regarding the accident in question? If so, leave it in the comments section. Don’t know if you received any pictures from a horrific car accident this morning, 6/18 [sic - should be 6/19], about 9:30 AM…I was the […]

We just received word that there has been another accident on Shore Boulevard near Exeter Street, and it seems at least one person is injured. FDNY and EMS are on the scene, and it looks like the driver of an SUV took the turn too quickly, slamming into the rear of a parked car. Shore […]

BREAKING: Another Manhattan Beach Car Collision

by Ned Berke on May 12th, 2010

An accident involving at least two cars occurred on Shore Boulevard around 3 p.m. today. A reader who passed by and took these photos said he did not see any ambulances or anyone who appeared severely injured, though one of the cars looks totaled. He added that Kingsborough security vehicles were on the scene, indicating […]

“Bullet Points” is our format for Community Board 15 meeting coverage, providing takeaways we think are important. Information in Bullet Points is meant only to be a quick summary, and some issues may be more deeply explored in future articles. Ed, Immortal: Community Board 15 unanimously voted to support a proposal to co-name Kensington Street at Oriental Boulevard after […]

Casualty Losses, And How To Benefit From The Tax System

by Joseph S. Reisman on Aug 25th, 2011

Telling Tips is a series of articles from local experts to help you save money, make better decisions and plan for a better future. With Hurricane Irene around the bend and an earthquake just behind us, perhaps it’s time for a little discussion about property losses and how to mitigate the pain through the tax […]

Tomorrow: MBCG Discusses Senior Cut Day And More

by Ned Berke on May 17th, 2011

The Manhattan Beach Community Group will meet tomorrow, May 18, at 8:00 p.m. in the P.S. 195 auditorium (131 Irwin Street). On the agenda is senior cut day, the annual tradition in which high school seniors give themselves the day off and invade the city’s beaches, parks and shopping centers. Manhattan Beach is always a […]

College students descended on Manhattan Beach this morning, as Kingsborough Community College kicked off the spring semester. And neighbors are not pleased. It’s not at all a new situation. Tensions between Manhattan Beach residents and the thousands of students (more than 17,000, at last count UPDATED 3/17) that commute into the neighborhood during class time is an […]

Accident On Shore Boulevard Near Oxford Street

by Ned Berke on Dec 1st, 2010

At least one individual was left seriously injured after a car accident in Manhattan Beach around 9:00 p.m. tonight, according to a Manhattan Beach resident who spoke to police. The accident occurred on Shore Boulevard between Pembroke Street and Oxford Street, and involved a student from Kingsborough Community College. One of the cars involved was […]

Two Major Accidents Near Kingsborough

by Ned Berke on Apr 28th, 2010

UPDATE (9:25 p.m.): It appears there were two accidents. The Manhattan Beach Community Group has reported on the incidents on its website, saying that both accidents appear to have involved Kingsborough Community College students. MBCG has been struggling to improve traffic safety on Oriental Boulevard for years, and often wrestles with the large influx of […]