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6 A Merry Christmas To You…

Sheepshead Bites wishes our readers a truly Merry Christmas, and a joyous season’s greetings. As a side note, the site will have a lighter-than-usual publishing schedule between Christmas and New Year’s. Be well, be warm, be happy.

Site News
11 Open Thread Mondays: And We’re Back!

Our planned site maintenance appears to have gone well. We’ve still got a lot of back-end tweaking to do today to ensure the best experience possible for you readers, so we’re going to focus on that. If you see anything…

Site News
25 Open Thread Mondays: Labor Day 2011

Sheepshead Bites wishes everyone a  happy, healthy Labor Day. We’re going to take it easy ourselves and catch up on some behind-the-scenes work. We hope you use the day to get some rest or do whatever it is you enjoy…

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