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0 Birds Hanging Out At The (Sand) Bar

Have you ever noticed water this shallow in Sheepshead Bay? Well, these swans found a sand bar to rest their feet. Reader Kathleen Higgins speculates that the sand bars formed due to Superstorm Sandy’s redistribution of resources in the water.…

Bits & Pieces
8 Open Thread: Damn This Weather

I’m sick again. Standing outside in not-enough-clothing while the sky spat on me and the wind chilled me, I got sick covering Bayfest. Now, less than 24 hours later, it’s warm and humid. And that’s causing problems, too. Why can’t…

Bits & Pieces
21 Open Thread: Apartment Hunting Sucks

Apartment hunting sucks. Obviously I think Sheepshead Bay is one of the most amazing neighborhoods in New York City. But landlords around here all seem to think their mildew-lined windowless basement apartments are on par with penthouses in Frank Lloyd…

Bits & Pieces
10 Open Thread: I Think She’s On To Me

My girlfriend just sent me a link to this article. It starts: According to sources, local boyfriend Martin Daniels was compelled to display secondhand outrage Monday as his girlfriend, Linzi Rosario, vented about a recent incident in which a coworker…

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